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  1. Cobra Kai existing had brought up stories i would have never even sought it. I never knew that the reason Daniel and Jessica were never me than friends in KK3 was because the actress that played Jessica was 16 when they were filming. Macchio was 27 and the producers thought that was too creepy.


  2. One of the things you do when your ratch NXT(or AEW to an extent) is figuring out if a wrestler will become a star. Example, i thought Damien Priest had the build, but was weary of his look. The S&M tights for the most part. Since his call up he's been very good. Pairing him with a rapper hasn't hindered him. He has a lot of potential.

    Along with Priest, Rhea Ripley was called up as well. Other than the Royal Rumble, she has yet to make a television appearance. Now all of the wrestling sites are calling out WWE predictably. Since we're saying they've ruined her before she even debuts. 

    I'm going to make a different observation. Ripley had struggled since she lost to Charlotte at WrestleMania last year. Not because of Charlotte, but because she hasn't been compelling outside of the title picture. She excelled chasing Shaina. She was the next big thing that conquered the beast. She was good going after Io Shirai. Even though she was never suppose to beat Io, i came out of that thinking it would have been a crime if she did best Io. Her goal was to put over Raquel Gonzalez and she did. Now knowing she is in the main roster i can't see a place for her....yet. She didn't go after Charlotte now so it's a good idea to put her on SmackDown. Where does she for in though? Inserting her into the title picture diminishes Belair. Is she good enough to carry a mid card story? Is she Matt Riddle or Keith Lee? If you want hey to be Keith Lee then you have to hold her out until Mania. Thrusting her into a title picture if you're not going to give it to her. 

    I'm still of the opinion the women need a show their own with the main parts making it into Raw and SmackDown storylines.


  3. 16 minutes ago, Fozzie said:

    The main benefits I’m looking at are size and amount of hot water. We are already at a point where we run out of hot water in the middle of showers, but I don’t want to replace our tank with an even bigger one. Especially since current tanks are better insulated and therefore already bigger than what we currently have.

    We have a 40 gallon gas unit and have never had that problem. A couple of my neighbors have thought about it, but ultimately ended up getting new tank heaters.

  4. One of the other season pass honest that sit in our section text me and asked how much he thought the tickets would go up for next season lol.

  5. So my grandson's other grandmother works these super bowls. They have to provide their own travel and hotels. I'm exhausted they get to work seeing you the field, sidelines, and halftime shows. A few years ago sure got on television by being behind Bill Belichick during America the Beautiful. She also got on television being front row of the stage when Bruno Mars performed. Don't know if she'll get on TV today. My son in law asked her to grab him some confetti if they Bucs win today. I asked him if he was going to frame the confetti. 

  6. We didn't get chosen in the lottery so no tickets. Not the worst thing. By announcing by Monday they made it that much harder to flip the tickets. They also set penalties on selling the tickets. 

  7. Watched it this morning. The women's rumble was entertaining and Belair was the right call. It wasn't until Strowman came out they i realized thatv Keith Lee wasn't called. I'm wondering if he tested positive for covid. That or maybe they thought having him in there if he wasn't going to win would hurt him more.

  8. The Rumble should be interesting tonight. As for surprise entrants the word had been that Rhea Ripley was called up a couple of weeks ago. Damien Priest had been called up to be part of the KO-Reigns feud, but they nixed it. So both should appear tonight. 

  9. Are we taking style or choreography?  Qui- Gon, Obi-Wan, and Maul was beautifully staged. Everything after that was just boring excess. I think the only duel of the ST worth anything was Ren and Rey versus Snoke's guard. The OT battles stand out because they were one meaningful, and two rare. There were four of you include the sail barge.



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