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  1. It doesn't need to be a strong New Republic, it just needs to be strong leadership. Why has the NR in this show already resorted back to a panel of Senators making mundane military decisions? The NR would still be a largely military-lead/military-hierarchy organization in the years following ROTJ.
  2. Errr, yeah, I was kind of shocked to see the rotten tomatoes rating. Not that it matters. The human villain was boring as hell. AI as the main threat is goofy. The interplay of gadgetry and heist planning felt non-existent or really under-thought. The movie felt oddly small stakes and low budget for being a world-ending scenario. However, my standards are so low for summer blockbusters now that I just (at the bare minimum) deeply appreciate that nothing looked like CG/cartoony crap in it. And the ending (the whole setpiece is ****ing fantastic and worth a matinee ticket) was just a train going off a cliff and not a whole city block getting sucked into a blue laser. Yyyep. Oh, and also because I'm not particularly invested in the overall plot developments, and mostly can't remember, when did Kitridge come back? The last one? I vaguely remember him in one of the last two, but when the meeting scene happened at the beginning of this I was like "didn't he die in the first one, the hell?" Also also: can we stop with the whispy, silent, lady assassin thing, please? I DID like the woman in this okay, but it's getting tiresome.
  3. Is the mcguffin going to be a CG face replacement device that will allow Harrison Ford's likeness to keep playing Indiana Jones for the next thousand years?
  4. I really enjoyed it. It felt like the people making it all wanted to be involved and had a lot of fun... which is about the highest praise I can give a movie these days.
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