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  1. This is where I think a lot of our problems are coming from. We're starting to close the door on one era where just being a white male bought privilege, and it just seems like there's a portion of that population who are losing their **** over it. Take for example another story that was a blip in the news this week. A bunch of young frat-bro supporters or interns for Mitch McConnell posted a photo online where they were miming groping and choking a cardboard standup of AOC. That kind of response is indicative of their real feelings on her, they're threatened. She's a woman of color from
  2. I wish I could cite the source, but a few days ago I read something that stick with me: Conservatives in America tend to believe that their rights and natural laws aren't something given or inherited, they're something that have to be constantly defended. If they're not defended, they're in danger of being lost. They tend to perceive their ownership of whatever gun they'd like to have as something that is a God-given natural right, which is typically why they become so defensive in this same cyclical national conversation we always go through after a mass shooting. This is totally personal
  3. Damn. All you guys have got kids going back to school, and I'm just over here like what bar are we going to after work.
  4. This has been my biggest project in the past two years: The short version of the story is that my wife and I have been going to the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee for about seven years straight now. We camped next to the couple who originally owned this bus three years ago, and my wife bought it from them when they retired and moved to Florida. We had a small RV before this, but basically traded up when she decided to get it. It's huge, but fits snugly in the side of our yard without taking up driveway space. The inside of it has been gutted and has some tables, couches, and a hug
  5. I'll be back in November! And probably more soon. We're honestly thinking of moving out there, we're ready for a change. I've got a good buddy that lives just south of the Bowl, we visited her a few weeks ago and I loved the neighborhood. It's less than a mile away from the insanity of Hollywood Boulevard, but far enough away to be quiet and surprisingly affordable. We're putting some thought into trying it out.
  6. Sorry if this is lengthy, but this is something else I thought of lately. Aside from my wife and a few other people, some of the people who have been on Nightly for the long run have been some of the most constant people in my life in the past two decades. My parents went through a brutal divorce almost ten years ago, and none of my extended family was ever really the same after that. Friends from high school or college have also moved on to other things or other towns, but I still seem to check in with or see people from here often enough. Meanwhile, I still keep up with many of the peop
  7. Nineteen years ago, I stumbled across this place as a bored tenth grader looking for any prequel spoilers I could find. Now I've been married thirteen years and work at NASA. A lot of the circumstances have changed, but I'm probably still the same nerdy punk kid. Hopefully just a little wiser. I think the biggest thing I've gotten from Nightly is that it was the first place I was exposed to other ideas online when I was a kid. It's safe to say that The Lyceum and other conversations in the Cantina molded much of my politics and world outlook. I may have found it elsewhere later, but I'm
  8. My favorites the past few years. Tame Impala - CurrentsOdesza - A Moment ApartLCD Soundsystem - American DreamFather John Misty - I Love You HoneybearChildish Gambino - Awaken My LovePond - The WeatherGlass Animals - ZabaMy Morning Jacket - The Waterfall
  9. SPOILERS BELOW I absolutely loved this movie, for the most part. It was full of fanservice and callbacks without being hokey, it was hilarious without shifting the tone too much, it gave closure to so many almost decade-long story arcs, and it delivered a lot of the epic splash page goods that I've wanted to see ever since an Avengers movie was announced. It's insane that this movie can even exist. Some of the characters and scenarios on screen would have been laughable even as recently as five years ago. But with all the MCU setup we've been given, it all feels believable, organic, and dam
  10. I was in Chicago exactly a week after this was over and regret it.
  11. When it comes to the slow box office, I agree that Disney shot themselves in the foot. They never should have expected this to be a blockbuster, as it's largely a meaningless but fun romp and has no large implications for the canon. Something in line with the lower-tier Marvel films like Ant-man or Doctor Strange is what should have been more realistic. Also, it should have never been released in May. Not only are people overexposed to Star Wars, geeky audiences just got emotionally exhausted from Infinity War. They would have gotten far more bang for their buck if they released it in Au
  12. I'm as diehard as many of you, but not necessarily a purist. I don't think the two are mutual. I'm fine with this kind of retconning. Chewie existing in some flavor of slavery to Han never felt quite right. The two of them becoming bros because they're BFF's that watch each others backs just comes across as a way better relationship dynamic.
  13. After the firing of Lord and Miller, I fully expected this to be a trainwreck. Alden Ehrenreich seemed like a terrible casting choice, the tone seemed way off, and there didn't seem much a point to the entire concept of the movie anyways. I was so pleasantly surprised to actually love the hell out of this. Ron Howard pulled off a minor miracle to save the movie, Ehrenreich managed to be Han without just doing a Harrison impression, and while it was mainly a fun scoundrel adventure, the overall story had a bit of a message and point buried in there. This was also the most "Star Warsy" movie
  14. So, isn't Nightly technically twenty years old in the upcoming year or so?
  15. I really wanted to like this movie. I loved the idea of the book, but hated how it was written. It just felt like a seventh grade was handed a great concept for a literature class project and rushed it in a week. I'd hoped Spielberg would fix it's problems, and he did fix many of them, but the source material is just so weak that not even he could fix all of the issues. It's just all style with no substance.
  16. I would love this. Whether it be through the Force or not, Finn has already proven himself to be a capable badass. His Vegas side quest in TLJ was fun, but mostly expendable. I want to see him really play into things in a more major way.
  17. I'm no Rian or JJ, but if I was tasked with an outline, here's the main points I'd hit on. Time Jump - This would allow for some natural plot progression, but would also be a sensible and respectful way to explain why Leia isn't around anymore. Perhaps the Rebellion has built up a little more strength and Rey has started to train a padawan or two. Rey - I think her story from here is the most interesting plotline that could be explored. Now she really is the last Jedi and is the last student of Luke who hasn't turned. That's pretty heavy for a twenty year old kid to deal with, she'll have t
  18. I caught a few minor to medium spoilers, and then some somewhat big ones that could just as easily be true or made up. Disney has done an amazing job to keep it as tight as they have, but I'm going dark until I see it Thursday night.
  19. That one episode with Alara going through the holodeck simulator was really similar to the TNG episode where Dr. Crusher gets stuck in the spacetime bubble, but other than that I've thought they've been pretty original so far.
  20. I have been absolutely loving it. It was poorly marketed as a whacky parody of TNG, but it is in every way a spiritual successor. It has a lot of goofball humor that sometimes misses, but it really feels like it's not trying that hard to be funny very often. Which, in a weird way, works well. The first act or two usually has a handful of jokes and gags, but when it gets to the great TNG style SciFi plots, those usually get dropped pretty quickly. I know others feel differently, but I personally think it's walking that tightrope pretty darn well.
  21. I've got three different elevator pitches: Birth of the Jedi - This would deal with the very beginning of religion in a very early Star Wars universe that would be in their version of the Industrial Revolution, with none of the same technology present. The first episode would deal with a Cain and Abel type feud with two brothers that would become the Jedi and Sith. Each would bring along cult members, build temples, and then destroy one another in the last episode. Lost Galaxy - A ship full of explorers is tired of the drama of home and leaves the Star Wars galaxy to find habitable planets
  22. I really hate to say it, but I've kind of stopped paying attention to it at this point. Once political players saw that they could weaponize the social movement of these accusations, the meaningfulness of them has kind of been swept away. I've seen more than enough of my share here in this embarrassing state. It's all just become ammunition in the minds of many and nothing more.
  23. My wife and I had a dumb idea for years for a movie remake of Smokey and the Bandit with Matthew Mcconaughey, Reece Witherspoon, and John Goodman in the main roles. I think the time for those kind of movie remakes has passed and all three of those actors are too big for that kind of thing now. It might could still work as a fun half hour network TV show now. If they did Rush Hour and Lethal Weapon, might as well give it a shot too.
  24. My ranking for anything like this changes all the time, but this is how I'd put it today: 1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Iron Man 1 3. Thor: Ragnarok 4. Avengers 1 5. Spider-man: Homecoming 6. Doctor Strange 7. Captain America: Winter Soldier 8. Guardians Vol. 2 9. Captain America: First Avenger 10. Ant-Man 11. Thor 1 12. Iron Man 3 13. Captain America: Civil War 14. Thor: Dark World 15. Avengers: Age of Ultron 16. Iron Man 2 17. Incredible Hulk
  25. I've gotta let it settle in, but I feel like Thor Ragnarok is in at least the top five for me now. That was the most batshit and badass thing I've ever seen.
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