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  1. The quick summary is that there will be one more MCU film in his own trilogy, one more appearance in a non-Spidey MCU film (kind of clear it's either Fantastic 4 or the next Avengers), and Holland's Spidey will appear in at least one of Sony's Venom-verse films. Also apparently this is a bridge solution for the next few years. I think Sony sees the writing on the wall that Fiege is going to take over for Kennedy at Lucasfilm and want to wait to see how that shakes out before they go for a longer deal.
  2. This is an attitude that I don’t understand at all. I enjoy growing old, not having to do what young people do, and don’t want anything about me to potentially be confused with a teenager. My brother in law, who is 5 years older than me, has a similar mindset about wanting to be young, despite being in his mid-forties. I’m also pretty sure I haven’t peaked, though. I get better with age. Whenever I look at old pictures or things I'd wrote, I certainly see an idiot who hasn't learned a lot yet or hasn't gotten a healthy sense of jadedness. I think I'm able to apply the things I've learned
  3. So, I turned 35 a few weeks ago. Back throughout the past year, I'd been on the verge of depression because I couldn't really handle it very well in my head. Things like obviously not being as good looking as I once was, feeling left out when younger people were doing things without me, stuff like that. Lately though, I don't even care. I'm still in my early 20's in my head, and my office in my house still looks like it could belong to a teenager. I'll keep doing my thing.
  4. In my head, I pictured the State Park that Randall and Amy visit as this place: https://www.amicalolafallslodge.com/ My wife and I went there a few years ago, it's at least an hour and a half way from anything and the views there on top of the mountains near the waterfalls are awesome. It's also the unofficial starting point of the Appalachian Trail.
  5. Some of Apple's stuff looks like of cool and their price point is nice, but all you get is their proprietary shows, right? Disney can get away with that because they have a decades old library with ton of acquired stuff, but I'm just not down for another subscription just to watch a Jason Momoa or Ronald D. Moore show that might be alright, especially when there's so much other good stuff to see elsewhere.
  6. Dude, I had an idea for the best reboot ever years and years ago. Smokey and the Bandit with Matthew McConaughey as Bo, Reese Witherspoon as Frog, John Goodman as Smokey, and Johnny Knoxville as Snowman. This was forever ago though, everyone's either gotten too old or too famous at this point.
  7. Other good "Southern Gothic" songs I'd suggest: ​Methamphetamine - Old Crow Medicine Show High Ball Stepper - Jack White I Can Feel a Hot One - Manchester Orchestra Snowden's Jig - Carolina Chocolate Drops Out of My System - My Morning Jacket Gimme All Your Love - Alabama Shakes Blood Bank - Bon Iver Codeine - Trampled By Turtles 24 Frames - Jason Isbell Red Eyes - The War on Drugs Like a Mighty River - St Paul and the Broken Bones
  8. That stuff in Season One of True Detective is no joke, rural Louisiana is creepy as hell.
  9. Just brainstorming along with you: If you're looking for something with a high concept and a horror or occult edge to it, and also are putting it into a "Dirty South" setting, how about injecting some sort of current social commentary with it? Kevin Smith did something like this around a decade ago with Red State, but he went purposefully into satiric horror territory and he didn't totally land it. I feel like there's a lot of ripe territory that could be used to heighten tension, just as long as it kinda stays relatively subtle. Also, some of your descriptions of wanting some sort of cri
  10. Years ago I wrote a really lengthy project that I was super happy with, but I've just let it sit in my Google Drive ever since. I knew it needed a lot of polishing and rewrites, but I was really proud of the basic sci-fi idea and universe I'd written for it. I was reading Ready Player One about the same time, I never even finished it because I was just really annoyed by Ernest Cline's writing style. He had done some awesome world building, but his characters and dialogue were cringey as hell. I realized I had the exact same problem. I spent the better part of three or four months puttin
  11. Back in May, we took my five year old niece to a concert in Atlanta. I was a little worried that she wouldn't be into it or that she'd get bored and cause a scene. She didn't like it so much during the day when it was a little hot, but she had an awesome time dancing around and making new friends when it got dark and cooled off. When we were walking back to our hotel, she was pulling on my hand and starting to complain. Or at least I thought she was. I kept hearing "Daniel, I gotta go potty." I told her we'd be back to the hotel in five or ten minutes if she could hold it. She said, "NO
  12. The wife's new ride we got a few weeks ago, I swipe the keys for it when I can. This is the first time we've had a nicer or European car, we're spoiled now.
  13. I don't disagree that Disney is bordering on monopoly territory, but I do disagree with the idea that they weren't due a bigger cut. If I were the head chef of a restaurant working on making a profitable dish that everyone loved, I'd certainly want more than a dime for every dollar made too.
  14. I'd be curious to know the specifics of how that would work. It could be theoretically argued that Miles is a Spider-man, not the Spider-man.
  15. I'm on the train of thought with Disney just playing hardball and weaponizing public outrage. Sony built up a lot of goodwill with Spider-verse, but backwards engineering a new offbrand MCU out of Venom isn't going to fool anyone. No way a deal doesn't eventually happen. *IF* a deal doesn't get done, I wonder if Marvel and Disney would technically have the rights to the Miles version of Spidey.
  16. Ignore it. The ISP is just doing their due diligence to cover their own ass in case Disney pressures them further in the future. Those kinds of cases rarely if ever amount to anything to the end customer because there are so many ways that an allegation like that can be questioned or disproven. Whatever you're downloading, it's not a bad idea to invest a buck or two a month in a solid VPN. It isn't the business of your ISP or anyone else what your data traffic is.
  17. There was a little bit of a learning curve to it, but it's not that bad. You just kind of have to plan a route ahead of time so you don't have any sharp turns in the city and over curbs and such. I'm not sure how it works in other states, but in Alabama you can have the title converted to an RV. So I don't have to get a commercial license, and it saves me a ton on taxes too.
  18. This is where I think a lot of our problems are coming from. We're starting to close the door on one era where just being a white male bought privilege, and it just seems like there's a portion of that population who are losing their **** over it. Take for example another story that was a blip in the news this week. A bunch of young frat-bro supporters or interns for Mitch McConnell posted a photo online where they were miming groping and choking a cardboard standup of AOC. That kind of response is indicative of their real feelings on her, they're threatened. She's a woman of color from
  19. I wish I could cite the source, but a few days ago I read something that stick with me: Conservatives in America tend to believe that their rights and natural laws aren't something given or inherited, they're something that have to be constantly defended. If they're not defended, they're in danger of being lost. They tend to perceive their ownership of whatever gun they'd like to have as something that is a God-given natural right, which is typically why they become so defensive in this same cyclical national conversation we always go through after a mass shooting. This is totally personal
  20. Damn. All you guys have got kids going back to school, and I'm just over here like what bar are we going to after work.
  21. This has been my biggest project in the past two years: The short version of the story is that my wife and I have been going to the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee for about seven years straight now. We camped next to the couple who originally owned this bus three years ago, and my wife bought it from them when they retired and moved to Florida. We had a small RV before this, but basically traded up when she decided to get it. It's huge, but fits snugly in the side of our yard without taking up driveway space. The inside of it has been gutted and has some tables, couches, and a hug
  22. I'll be back in November! And probably more soon. We're honestly thinking of moving out there, we're ready for a change. I've got a good buddy that lives just south of the Bowl, we visited her a few weeks ago and I loved the neighborhood. It's less than a mile away from the insanity of Hollywood Boulevard, but far enough away to be quiet and surprisingly affordable. We're putting some thought into trying it out.
  23. Sorry if this is lengthy, but this is something else I thought of lately. Aside from my wife and a few other people, some of the people who have been on Nightly for the long run have been some of the most constant people in my life in the past two decades. My parents went through a brutal divorce almost ten years ago, and none of my extended family was ever really the same after that. Friends from high school or college have also moved on to other things or other towns, but I still seem to check in with or see people from here often enough. Meanwhile, I still keep up with many of the peop
  24. Nineteen years ago, I stumbled across this place as a bored tenth grader looking for any prequel spoilers I could find. Now I've been married thirteen years and work at NASA. A lot of the circumstances have changed, but I'm probably still the same nerdy punk kid. Hopefully just a little wiser. I think the biggest thing I've gotten from Nightly is that it was the first place I was exposed to other ideas online when I was a kid. It's safe to say that The Lyceum and other conversations in the Cantina molded much of my politics and world outlook. I may have found it elsewhere later, but I'm
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