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  1. You son of a bitch. That was totally a lucky guess based on some breadcrumbs I picked up. Around three or four episodes in, you could tell how the show was planting seeds for future reveals. This was one I started to pick up on. Her wanting to establish a legacy, buying up that family farm, cloning her mom but only hinting about her dad. I thought maybe that statue might be him, but I didn't think the show would be crazy enough to go there. If HBO wants to do more of this, I hope they go with the connected anthology route like Fargo has done. There's not much sense in having this st
  2. It's really misleading to even call that a movie. They basically re-packaged the three episode pilot arc as a film, it was never meant to be screened in that way. Filoni has a habit of doing stand-alone episodes in the first season of his shows before he really starts exploring the deeper narratives. He did the same thing in Clone Wars and Rebels. Clone Wars was a real mess in the first season, it did a lot of adventure-of-the-week episodes with some really cringey humor. But it got real deep and then really dark very quickly. Rebels sort of did the same thing, but you could tell he'd l
  3. I hope they don't do a Season Two. The last shot was just as good as the last one of Inception. Just leave it ambiguous, I loved it.
  4. It's the same kind of deus ex machina as Doctor Strange in Avengers Endgame. The all-knowing character knows what has to happen and how it has to happen, but if he tells other characters or the audience what that is, it won't happen. We'll see how they wrap everything up in the last episode, but I feel like there was a lot that was planted that will pay off. Walking on water, all the eggs, making waffles, making sure he got captured. It's just nice that he exploded some bigoted heads on the way though.
  5. I'm at the age where the best present is just doing something fun with buddies. But then again I wouldn't mind a new record player to replace the one that my five year old niece DJ'ed too hard on.
  6. I work at the already long established space-related branch of the government, and I can assure you that literally everyone here rolls their eyes at the mere mention of that.
  7. I suspect it's a validation thing. News, politics, and entertainment has turned into such a team sport in the past decade. In the same way that Taylor Swift has an army of fans defending everything she does, politicians and activists have drone armies just the same.
  8. If you want to get a good litmus test of someone's character today, see how quick they are to bully a passionate sixteen year old rather than offering literally anything of value instead.
  9. Answer The Call was fun, but it was very forgettable fun. The leads in it actually did a good job to save it from totally being trash. McCarthy was a little too over the top, but Wiig and McKinnon killed with what lackluster material they had to work with. I'm super interested in what Jason Reitman is doing with this. He obviously will have no apologies for both going with his indie-talkie vibe or taking it to an entirely new space. Going a totally different direction with it makes me totally in.
  10. I'd be willing to put good money on Lady Trieu being Ozymandias's daughter.
  11. I watched it last week, I liked it a lot. Something about it seemed almost subdued compared to other Scorsese movies. His stuff on this same biographical or epic scale has seemed more kinetic or fast paced, it was a bit of a change up to see this purposefully take its time a lot of places. I think that slow burn worked well for the most part, but if this was something that I couldn't have split into two different nights, I think I would have gotten a little agitated by the long running time. That's really the only knock I have against it though. The tech worked great and made those scenes
  12. I'm in the boat that you should NEVER make your job your life. Unless you're somebody like Tank that earns a room in the Mount Olympus of your career path, you should work for yourself, not your employer. I can't tell you how many projects fell out of priority at any of my jobs, but most of the time I stick with my own projects and goals until they happen one way or another. I'm not exactly at my dream job, but I am working for my dream organization. I still honestly place a bigger priority on my travel and music festival hobbies.
  13. I'm betting that you already know what the answer is, I'm sure nobody here minds help encouraging you with it though. Back around 2013, I had to leave higher education. I'd worked there for about five years and I was blessed enough to get a lot done. I taught classes, managed a conference, was editor of the university homepage, all kinds of awesome stuff. But after that five years, I pretty much ran into a dead end. The President of the University left, politics got insane, and I just took the healthy option and took an online sales job in another town that allowed me to telecommute most
  14. There was also a quick little moment at the funeral where he thought he recognized her.
  15. That was kind of my guess. Being Mandalorian doesn't seem to mean there are uniform rules and traditions. It seems like each tribe, house, or whatever all have their own things unique to them.
  16. Not showing the main character's face at all through at least half of a season is a pretty bold choice for example. It's a testament to Pascal (and likely also a stand-in) that they can emote so much through a helmet, but that would have never been a sure thing.
  17. I'm loving it. If I had any complaint at all, it's that Clone Wars already did the whole Seven Samurai episode just as well. I did like that it provided some framework for Mando to let his personality out there a little more though. Gina Carano was really good in it, she had some fun stuff to do that showed she can both act and kick ass and isn't just a glorified stuntwoman. I've got no problem with it leaning hard into Kurosawa or Westerns, I'd only have a problem if it didn't do so in a way that Star Wars hasn't done already. Also I think it's naive to expect this show to take a lot of
  18. I liked The Irishman a lot. I'd give it a B+. I also thought the de-aging effects were awesome. There were maybe only two or three shots that I even remembered that it was a thing and didn't believe those guys weren't playing younger versions of themselves.
  19. The **** did I just watch? I loved it. But seriously WTF.
  20. My wife and I were traveling last week and I caught up on a ton of stuff I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise on the plane. Godzilla: King of Monsters C+ John Wick Part III A- Men in Black International D+ Aladdin B+ Booksmart B+
  21. I can understand misunderstandings in some more complex stuff in government. It's tough to keep track of all of the subcomittees and what they do for example. But I feel like people should have a basic understanding of some of the essential frameworks written in the Constitution. I remember years ago explaining to a family member that they didn't actually vote for a President, and instead voted for an elector in the electoral college. Their expression when I showed them proof was probably the same one as if tentacles burst out of my head.
  22. I work for the federal government these days, and it boggles my mind how out of the loop that even people here are on the process of this whole thing. The government almost shut down last week when funding would have lapsed, but an emergency Continuing Resolution stop-gap bill funded everything for thirty more days. We had some conversations in meetings about how the impeachment hearings were probably affecting the CR. I mentioned that even though the Senate likely wouldn't convict, I thought it was kind of inevitable that he'd be impeached in the House. Literally most of the room though
  23. I can't speak for everybody, but certainly can for us. Being married shouldn't make a difference. You should be able to hang out with both people, or either individually. Being married shouldn't mean that one person or both people have to fall within someone else's definition that they didn't consent to. This isn't really in reaction to the comments here, but more so to the general vibe I get from some people in all walks of life. Other than us living together and having the same plans and goals, it doesn't mean anything else to us at all really. I feel like people assuming that we do or
  24. It sucks, but I think it just takes compromise and sacrifice. There's a weekly meetup in my town of a lot of entrepreneurial types. I know if I committed and stuck around, I would probably find some cool people that I'd want to hang with regularly. The cost though, is breaking through a lot of schmoozing and convincing people to let their guard down and drop the facade they put on when they're in networking mode.
  25. So here's a problem that my wife and I have run into as we're starting to get on up there, it's just insanely hard to make and keep friends. Both of us decided years ago that we weren't going to have kids. We have an awesome niece that fills that whole thing in our lives, we keep her a lot so she's practically a part-time kid that's more than enough for us. But being kid-free has kind of ostracized us from a lot of our old high school and college friends that now have one, two or three in tow. Obviously, their priorities have understandably changed and it became nearly impossible to get ou
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