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  1. I said a month ago that I would need time to let this settle in. I did, and I just have to conclude that I don't like it. Rey being a Palpatine is totally a last minute thing from JJ that clearly was not planned by the Story Group. The Last Jedi had such a twist that was almost to the "I am your father" level of gut punches. I imagine that back in 1983, finding out that Vader was Luke's Dad was the most painful thing that the audience could have heard. Rey being a nobody was almost that kind of gut punch. We spent two years theorizing about it only to find out that she wasn't connected t
  2. D-Ray Kenobi


    I kind of feel like my thinking on this has changed a bit since I saw it back in the Fall. I still think it's good. But Best Picture good? Not really. It raises a very empathetic conversation about mental health, but stylistically and thematically it steals literally everything interesting from Scorsese. Like, how does a movie that's essentially a tribute to Scorsese beat out an actual Scorsese movie in terms of nominations? Granted, Phoenix had the performance of a lifetime in this and earned his Best Actor nomination, but DeNiro didn't in the actual Scorsese movie? It's so funny that
  3. I'll go check out of the other stuff at the park after I've seen everything in Batuu probably. But first priority is Rise of the Resistance, the Falcon, and getting lit in the Cantina. I'm not going to be happy until a stormtrooper escorts me out of there.
  4. Who's been? Tell me everything there is to know, me and the wife are going to the one in Florida in a few weeks. I'm not even planning on going to much of anything else at Disney at all, I'm living in Batuu for the day.
  5. Here's an interesting thought I heard from a friend recently. What if Iran doesn't retaliate by firing upon a military base or attempting some sort of cyber attack, but instead attacks a foreign Trump-owned property?
  6. Latest epiphany on this: I really don't care anymore. I've got a few wrinkles and have a little less energy amongst other things, but it doesn't matter. I can still do all the same stuff I want, just in different and some better ways. I've still got a head like I'm in my early twenties, but have the resources of someone in their mid thirties. So hell yeah, let's go to Galaxy's Edge and Burning Man in 2020. We won't be able to forever.
  7. For the first time in forever, I feel like I really surprised the wife and spoiled her for Christmas. It had been a challenging year for us in a lot of ways, and we've both been really lucky and blessed. I felt like she was due. Feels good man.
  8. Mine's just for fun, I'm not worried about winning.
  9. I think reaching out to anyone under the context of having a lot of friends in common is a great idea. It's a much better head start with a grounds for commonality than trying to kickstart anything out of Tindr or whatever. There's two things I'd suggest: First, you seem to have an idea built in your head that she's out of your league. Maybe others might disagree, but I think "leagues" don't even exist. It's this shared narrative that a lot of people have bought into as if it's some sort of hierarchy or caste system. Things like that only exist when people say that they do, and nobody h
  10. As far as some of those points go, I think it was a really bad narrative decision for JJ to bring Palpatine back. I get that they wanted a big character to tie things back into both previous trilogies. It might have worked, but they handwaved everything away about how he survived and why he mattered. Even the big fleet that he brings out makes no damn sense whatsoever. Who built that? How long was it hiding under the dirt? Why didn't he use the mini Death Star tech on OT era Star Destroyers? It's just so convoluted and lazy. Also, Palpatine has no ties whatsoever to anyone. Rey being
  11. I've been putting thought into this since I saw Rise of Skywalker. I think Disney has been moderately successful with Star Wars in spite of itself. They gave JJ and Rian a lot of creative freedom, when benefitted each trilogy film individually. But like I said, the baton-passing really hurt it as a full trilogy. I really wish they'd entrusted Gareth Edwards and Miller / Lord with the same respect. Rogue One was a miracle, and it still feels like there were at least the ingredients for Solo to have been better than it was. As of today, I'd probably say the best thing they've done is a t
  12. Old: Kirk Douglas Prince Phillip Clint Eastwood Gene Hackman Art Garfunkel Dan Rather Jimmy Carter Dick Van Dyke Dick Cheney Robert Duvall Jack Nicholson Other: Kevin Spacey Kanye West Hulk Hogan Justin Bieber
  13. You're kidding, right? Much of the fandom is absolutely beyond toxic. Some of these ****heads literally chased Kelly Marie Tran off of social media and into therapy. Her basically disappearing into the scenery in Rise of Skywalker is totally Disney caving to those bottom dwellers.
  14. After letting this sink in for a while, I think I finally came to a conclusion on my own feelings on all of this. Each of these new movies in the sequel trilogy are great on their own. They've got gorgeous cinematography, solid acting, a great cast, are written well, and have all of the technicals heavily in their favor. Except they're fantastic stand-alone stories that make for a mess of a long narrative in the overall trilogy. It sucks because in the last decade we've been trained to expect a cohesive long-running narrative in the Marvel movies. For whatever reason, Disney seems to hav
  15. I feel like this is open to a lot of interpretation. Solo was full of things that screamed Star Wars, especially to a child of the 90's like me (seriously, Teras Kasi of all things), but it was not a good movie.
  16. 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Last Jedi 3. New Hope * Rogue One 4. Return of the Jedi 5. The Force Awakens 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. Rise of Skywalker *Solo 8. Phantom Menace 9. Attack of the Clones If you had asked me as recently as five years ago for this same list, I would have ranked Attack of the Clones way higher. But I watched it recently on Disney+, and geez has the nostalgia worn off on that. I think I had just been fond of it for so long because it released at a really fun point for me and I attended the Celebration event for that movie. But it held up like a house of cards, literal
  17. I'm going to need a good while to process this. This movie is a mess, but it still manages to be pretty good and be a decent finale in spite of itself. I think it reminds me mostly of the second and third Hobbit movies. Peter Jackson was the best person to do those movies and certainly had all of the experience in the world to make them great, but he didn't have nearly as much time to do all of his homework and prepare for it like had with Lord of the Rings. I feel like that's pretty much what happened to J.J. Abrams here. He came in on this relatively late in the game after Colin Trevo
  18. Eh, kinda. It doesn't rely super heavily on the comic, but there's usually some quick exposition for the things that it references. If you are familiar with the comic, there's a lot of payoff in some of the themes and easter eggs, but it isn't really necessary for the overall plot. My wife doesn't care anything about the comic, but she still enjoyed the hell out of the show.
  19. You son of a bitch. That was totally a lucky guess based on some breadcrumbs I picked up. Around three or four episodes in, you could tell how the show was planting seeds for future reveals. This was one I started to pick up on. Her wanting to establish a legacy, buying up that family farm, cloning her mom but only hinting about her dad. I thought maybe that statue might be him, but I didn't think the show would be crazy enough to go there. If HBO wants to do more of this, I hope they go with the connected anthology route like Fargo has done. There's not much sense in having this st
  20. It's really misleading to even call that a movie. They basically re-packaged the three episode pilot arc as a film, it was never meant to be screened in that way. Filoni has a habit of doing stand-alone episodes in the first season of his shows before he really starts exploring the deeper narratives. He did the same thing in Clone Wars and Rebels. Clone Wars was a real mess in the first season, it did a lot of adventure-of-the-week episodes with some really cringey humor. But it got real deep and then really dark very quickly. Rebels sort of did the same thing, but you could tell he'd l
  21. I hope they don't do a Season Two. The last shot was just as good as the last one of Inception. Just leave it ambiguous, I loved it.
  22. It's the same kind of deus ex machina as Doctor Strange in Avengers Endgame. The all-knowing character knows what has to happen and how it has to happen, but if he tells other characters or the audience what that is, it won't happen. We'll see how they wrap everything up in the last episode, but I feel like there was a lot that was planted that will pay off. Walking on water, all the eggs, making waffles, making sure he got captured. It's just nice that he exploded some bigoted heads on the way though.
  23. I'm at the age where the best present is just doing something fun with buddies. But then again I wouldn't mind a new record player to replace the one that my five year old niece DJ'ed too hard on.
  24. I work at the already long established space-related branch of the government, and I can assure you that literally everyone here rolls their eyes at the mere mention of that.
  25. I suspect it's a validation thing. News, politics, and entertainment has turned into such a team sport in the past decade. In the same way that Taylor Swift has an army of fans defending everything she does, politicians and activists have drone armies just the same.
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