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  1. I'm going to say this as carefully as possible, and I don't mean it the way it may sound, but I don't think diversity in a ticket is as important as it once was. We had a large part of the population who continually made up things to be upset with Obama about because of you know what, and there was just as large of a portion of voters who would have never voted for Hillary simply because she was a woman. 2016 was supposed to be this grand election in which a woman finally beat the final boss of sexism to break the glass ceiling, but we all collectively failed to make that happen. There just
  2. A Bernie and Pete ticket would be like Marty and Doc running against Biff. I'm here for it.
  3. My wife and I don't have kids of our own, but our six year old niece is kind of a part time kid for us. She's had a wild ride in the past few years. Right before Christmas two years ago, she was in a bad car accident with her family. Everyone else was fine, but the impact happened right where she was sitting in my bro-in-law's truck. She suffered a severe head injury and had to be airlifted to a specialist children's hospital a three hour drive away. The injuries were so severe that she technically flatlined and died twice on the way to that hospital. There were at least two different
  4. I'm glad you're seeing someone. Something else I can tell you about that, you can't necessarily rely on them to fix your problems. Think of them as kind of a sports coach, they can show you the technical way to handle things but it's still up to you to do the work.
  5. I'll add on to what Zathras said because I totally used to be that guy. There's still some days where I am still that guy, they just thankfully are more rare. It's tough because it's so easy for people to fall through the cracks. You don't get to develop social skills because so few people will give you the chance. You don't get to how understand or treat a woman because hardly any of them want to talk to you. You don't get to get out of your own head and out of your own depression because hardly anyone understands it or wants to help without being paid to do it. It's not fair, and it su
  6. any of the other ‘old white guy films’ that were up for noms were worthy of being there and I would have been fine with any of them winning, honestly. 1917 or The Irishman, sure. Joker or Ford v Ferrari? Nope.
  7. Just my personal opinion, but I think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was the best of the nominees. Until Parasite got a lot of traction in other awards, I really thought it would run away with it because it has all of the factors that the Academy usually loves. That said, Parasite is fantastic. It's absolutely a story for the current times and what it has to say about classism can easily apply to different cultures across the globe. Plus it's so cool that a movie by and for anyone else but old white guys gets this recognition. I'm really happy it won.
  8. I wanted to comment specifically on this part because you've got to be careful about this kind of dangerous line of thought. Just for some background, know that I have some different experience. I started hanging out with my now-wife when I was just seventeen and we've been together ever since. I had stupid short lived teenage girlfriend flings, but never dated anybody other than her. That was a long time ago now, it blows my mind how superficial and emotionally brutal the dating world has gotten in those nearly two decades. The stories I hear from friends all sides of the dating world
  9. I've been through a lot of bad spells where I let my head get to me and lead me through dark places. It still happens a lot, but I think I've learned to deal with it a lot better. A lot of us feel some sort of deep seated need to be liked by a huge audience of people. Realistically, that can't really happen. Every person has their own experiences and biases which could make them either adore you or be annoyed by you. The cool thing is that each of us have a small handful of people who are going to stick around with you despite all that. Maybe you'll spend more time with them at some time
  10. I've heard that the process to get a boarding group for ROTR is getting pretty cut-throat. Your experience lines up with what I've heard, the group number you get assigned seems to be fairly random and the competition to get one has gotten pretty rough. I read some reports last week that a lot of people have found a way to kind of hack the process, they'll air drop as many iPhones as they can right at the opening time so that other users can't book a boarding group in those critical few seconds. We'll be down there next Saturday. I'm not exactly a morning person, but I'll have to be that d
  11. They've really only just started construction on the hotel I think. I originally thought about waiting until it opened so I could do the whole thing, but the immersive scale of it and small number of rooms it will have is going to make it ridiculously expensive.
  12. Yeah that's what I've been seeing in the research I've been doing. Thankfully it opens a little later the day we're going so we get to sleep in an hour more. I'm pulling out the stops to make sure we get on it though, I'm so psyched about it.
  13. Two weeks away, I'm pretty pumped. To the extent I can, I'm treating this as if it's just another one of our trips abroad. Since virtually everything there is in-universe it might as well be. We've got reservations for the Cantina and the Droid Depot, and I know I'll have to make a mad rush to get a spot on Rise of the Resistance. Other than that, we're going to take our time there and just fool around inside Batuu without much of a plan. Most sites I've read have said that you can easily ride the Falcon in the afternoon with only a half hour wait, so I'll just head to that when we're rea
  14. Austin is right behind LA when it comes to places we considered. I love that town too. I guess it just comes down to the same gamble. We could just be looking for greener grass when it's just fine on our side as it is.
  15. I wasn't too invested in the game but I'm here to say that it's awesome that a 43 and 50 year old woman can kill a halftime show with that much hotness and talent.
  16. The dream for me is to take at least a month to backpack through South Asia. Mostly Thailand since I know it so well now, but I'd like to hit up some of the neighborhood like Vietnam and Cambodia. That area of the world is just mindblowing. You don't realize how much into that rut you are in the Western world until you spend some time where everyone handles everything so much different. Everyone is just so laid back and hilarious around there. Plus it doesn't hurt that the scenery is amazing and everything is cheap. If I can get enough vacation time or seniority to do it, I'd like to ma
  17. On this topic, maybe you guys can help me with a similar thing. My wife and I are still playing with the idea of moving to LA late next year. It's partially insane because we've been able to put ourselves in a position where we've relatively got it made here in Huntsville. We both work for NASA, we're in a ridiculously low cost of living area, we've built a great nest egg and are able to do all the fun stuff we want. Yet we both feel like we're in a bit of a rut. It's kind of the same old same old around here, and I know she'd like to do something different. I'm kind of okay with where
  18. I'd suggest looking into Communications for your degree. The skillset that you get from it basically gives you a swiss army knife of tools that a lot of employers find extremely valuable. It's worked out fairly well for both me and the wife.
  19. D-Ray Kenobi


    One thing I'm confused on: If my guess is right, it's kind of clever that this connects back to some pretty classic TNG episodes, especially Measure of a Man.
  20. D-Ray Kenobi


    It's on Amazon if you're outside of the U.S. It's on CBS All Access if you're in the US.
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    I loved the pilot. Two thirds of it was setup, but that's par for the course these days with serial series that are already ordered and have their arcs already planned out. Stewart plays him a lot differently, but it's believable and makes total sense given the circumstances. Picard was already kind of souring on the Federation in his last days in the films, so it makes sense that a breaking point would have made him cut ties completely and retire to his farm in France. Picard of TNG was never completely emotionless, he was always deeply caring in his own way of his crew and had a great d
  22. Alright, so there's a few things I can speak to here and a few things that I can't as much. As far as owning a house, we've been in our place around twelve years now. There's a few days here and there when I'm annoyed about a repair I need to make or something like that, but it's rare. Buying a place was one of the best calls I ever made. I've been able to do whatever the hell we want with it and don't have to worry about noise or anything like that. We've built on an enclosed porch in the back, have our festival hippy bus parked next to it, and have bonfires and stuff with friends outsi
  23. If I were to win the lottery, one of my first investments would be to franchise an Alamo Drafthouse theater in my town. They have such a fantastic culture and business ethos. Their brand name is beloved in film circles and they do so much cool stuff in the cities they're in. Problem is, franchising it and running it would take a big investment and it would probably lose money for the first year until it could get roots in with the locals over the big box corporate theaters. So yeah, waiting on that lottery windfall.
  24. Awesome, thanks! I got a super cool and stupidly expensive lightsaber replica for Christmas years ago, so we're doing to try the droid thing instead.
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