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  1. I've got two very good friends that have fallen into the Cult of Trump. One got out, one got in deeper. The first guy is self-admittedly a die hard libertarian. He was a die hard on the Ron Paul train years ago and never looked back. His views tend to weigh more on the old school conservative side of things, he wants limited government intervention into anything, a huge cut in spending, all kinds of stuff like that. He's a pretty religious guy, but he thinks that it isn't the business of the government. He was all aboard on the bandwagon four years ago because he seemed to think that
  2. In the last few weeks, I lost my grandpa, a very good friend, and my beloved cat. This was already on top of the hellscape of 2020, where I'd lost out on trips, events, and opportunities like everyone else. A year or two ago, all of that would have sent me spiraling into depression. Now, not so much. I'm not even sure why. I think part of me is numb and is on auto-pilot so I can just see this all through to the other side of a vaccine or whatever. Part of me knows how to deal with it better. Positive distractions help, even if they have to be smaller ones without a lot of planning.
  3. I'm venturing into the rabid abyss to vote in person on the day of. I have no faith in the electoral system in Alabama. If one dot is different on my signature, I am confident they'd throw it out. I'm in one of the few blue counties in the state, so I'm sure our area is going to be targeted for exactly that kind of suppression.
  4. I've been a huge baseball and Braves fan since I was a little kid, so I've been following this from their perspective. I feel like the executives of that team have been really smart to keep an ongoing dialogue with as many representatives of local native nations as they can. From what I've read, they've basically told the team "thanks for asking, we don't mind." There is some sensitivity about the chop cheer that was originally adopted from FSU, which I totally understand. It is a bit awkward for a giant stadium full of colonial descendants to appropriate something like that. I was a bit
  5. I think modern policing needs more of a rebranding than abolishment. At this point, the very idea of them has become so problematic that you can't blame anyone for having cynicism and mistrust. So many well publicized incidents have understandably made people consider them to be state-sponsored gangs that can basically do whatever they want and get away with it. Unless you're just absolutely being a dick and obviously breaking the law enough to put yourself or others in danger, I don't think anyone should ever come in contact with what's traditionally considered law enforcement. Public se
  6. Remember Occupy Wall Street about a decade ago? If you don't, I can't blame you. They had kind of the same problem. They had attention from the media and the world at large, but they were so disorganized and had no real agenda other than pointing out the disparity in income. It kind of just sputtered out, lost traction, and everyone lost interest. I'm really hoping the current movement is going to find some organization in the coming week because literally the whole world is watching. There's certainly attention being drawn to institutionalized racism and the need for police oversight, b
  7. I was partially at one of the demonstrations that hit a bit of national news the other day, I thought I'd give my account. The event I attended was organized by the NAACP, they had a number of local leaders speaking out on everything. My friends and I stayed in the back because we're still a little anxious about COVID Cooties, and also wanted to be able to make a quick exit in case anything went bad. I can't really speak to the health stuff, but I was so happy to see that the vibe of the crowd was so positive. Upset and passionate, but still welcoming and chill. It was still so weird to s
  8. My way to combat literally everything since March has been a lot of running. I checked my app the other day and I've ran close to 150 miles since mid-March when everything started. It's a good way to kind of clear your head and get out a lot anxiety. Most of the time I'll listen to podcasts, sometimes I'll go without anything just to think and knock off the anxiety. It's still tough though, I'm finding myself mentally exhausted on most days. Self-care is extremely difficult when you're torn between staying at home and taking to the streets.
  9. I'm just here to say that this whole thing is an awful idea. Only because it appeased the worst trolls and now teaches them all that their awful behavior will actually get them what they want.
  10. George Floyd was just the straw that broke the camel's back. It could have been Eric Garner, it could have been Breonna Taylor. With everyone already on edge, the iron is hot. This was pretty much inevitable. I think a lot of people are finally coming to terms with the fact that much of the Western world isn't as free as we'd like to think it is, instead it's handled very closely by a vast ruling class. That ruling class benefits from systematic oppression and weaponized racism. Maybe the racism is just the most visible part. I'm not sure. I want to listen, learn more, and do my part.
  11. I've learned that I'm not built to sit still. Not being able to travel anywhere or even reasonably plan future travel has sent me into a spiral.
  12. We've been getting "Do This in Case We All Telework" emails once an hour or so. I expect the whole place to go that way any minute.
  13. Yesterday, the stock market crashed 2,000 points, we got hit with a nasty car repair bill, the virus panic is threatening to cancel some stuff I'm really looking forward to, and there was some family drama happening. Yet somehow I stayed mentally above water. I don't want to be Aunt Karen sharing it on Facebook, but this quote from Bruce Lee has been sticking with me lately: “Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”
  14. D-Ray Kenobi


    As someone who enjoys Trek, but isn't a Trekkie, I've liked the direction they've gone in. I think Discovery and Picard have kept the basic ethos and the things that make it Trek, but have modernized it enough to make it appealing. If you want old school Trek, there's literally hundreds of episodes of the old shows to go get that fix from. I live in a geeky town which may skew perception, but I know a ton of people who have been loving the new shows who hadn't really cared that much for Trek in the first place.
  15. We had an agency-wide remote work day this past Friday as a test run. I was off that day anyways at MSFC, but I think we're going to be doing our own test day before too long. Ames in SF had to shut down today because one person had it. It doesn't bode well because tons of people had been traveling from center to center up until a week or so. As far as the virus itself goes, I'm not personally that worried about it. I think it's worth taking seriously and worth changing some habits, but I'm not anywhere near ready to doomsday prep just yet. For me personally, I'm a little concerned that
  16. Seems like it would be pretty easy to change up since it's basically just a giant video game. It would be cool if it would actually let you pick a mission on different planets.
  17. D-Ray Kenobi


    I see why some people are coming away with this, but it just hasn't hit the wrong notes for me personally. To me, it totally make sense why Picard would be a very different character in this stage of life. Kirk was in his late 40's or early 50's for Wrath of Khan, so that setup makes sense for that movie. Facing Khan and his own personal demons was just a late stage mid-life crisis for him. Picard is in his 80's at least in this, deep into retirement. It's not like he's facing obsolescence, he's long been there already. It's more like he's trying to get his affairs in order before he ca
  18. On the surface, both seem to be kind of the same. They're both simulator rides where you go to different planets and stuff. Star Tours doesn't feel like you're actually in the universe though. It kind of has a cheezy vibe of being a tourism flight, and a lot of stuff like the goofy droids working the attraction just don't feel as authentic. Threepio and R2 are there trolling each other, which helps. But something about it just feels off and you can't suspend disbelief like you can with Galaxy's Edge rides. Smuggler's Run was way different. Everything you see are literally things you've
  19. I'd love to do the resort thing and the whole immersive experience that's been rumored, but the price is just such a roadblock to me. I did the math based on the projected costs, and I think I'd spend at least $6.5K for both me and the wife and go and do it. In total for our trip last weekend, I just spent around $600 or so. We like to travel and we don't spend a lot of money on much of anything else, but I can spend over a week in Asia for less than $2K for us both. I loved Batuu, but not enough to shell out three times as much to go travel the real world.
  20. The whole thing is wish fulfillment on the grandest scale, so it makes it easy to be that kind of kid. Even if you're a big kid. I really appreciated the level of detail with absolutely everything. There's all kinds of deep cut easter eggs all over the place that you'd only appreciate if you're a long time nerd for this kind of stuff. Not just the props all over the place, but the immersiveness of the whole cast too. The Resistance and First Order people that direct you through lines or stores are always joking around with visitors and making references to all sorts of things. If you can
  21. Up until some point this last year, I was letting myself get too worked up about a lot of things. Some of it was everyday things like being annoyed that stuff didn't work or worrying too much over some responsibility that I thought I had. Other parts of it was stressing out over crazy existential stuff that made me put way too much energy into questioning my place in the universe. Some of that stuff still gets to me a little every now and then, but not nearly as much as it had. I just choose to be positive and not worry when some of those thoughts or stresses float through. The idea that
  22. D-Ray Kenobi


    I don't really have any complaints about the plot structure of this show itself because it's fine to me, but I think my annoyance is that this is following the same structure as a lot of "Peak TV" these days. With a lot of these shows with a long narrative over a single season, it's more about satisfying checkmarks that don't necessarily support a quality story. This plot could have been a really great two hour film. Picard comes out of retirement for one last mission with a makeshift crew to wrap up some sentimental history with Data. A little cliche, but it works well enough. When that
  23. Okay well that was a pretty cool deal. We really lucked out with a lot. We got group 20 for Rise of the Resistance and rode it around 9:30, the whole thing went off perfectly and was absolutely insane. We got lit at the cantina, got to pilot the Falcon, and then built our little blue R2 towards the end of the day. I already had high expectations and it still managed to blow past them, that whole thing is mindblowing.
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    I wonder what kind of batshit conversation TNG would have made for if the internet was more of a thing then.
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    I've been liking everything aside from the Borg reclamation stuff. Data's daughter having some fling with Sexy Romulan is something I don't care at all about, it's so cringey. Even with Hugh involved, I just can't bring myself to care about that whole sub-plot.
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