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  1. I do think the level to which the media waters down that conversation is a big factor, yeah.
  2. I've learned Snopes is evidently part of a liberal conspiracy. Who knew?
  3. Here in Alabama, we have a local subsidiary of Advance Media / Conde Nast that controls all of our large market newspapers and their websites. A few years ago, they "rebranded" and started only printing physical copies two or three times a week. The reporting was fine at first, it actually gave them the opportunity to spend more time on more in-depth pieces since they had a longer lead time for the print edition. But after some of their advertising revenue started drying up, they slowly crawled towards a more Lowest Common Denominator approach. They actually did away with editors and mana
  4. The new hotness for societal escape is New Zealand. Relatively inexpensive cost of living, lax immigration laws, good climate, friendly people.
  5. I agree with Seth that that modern mainstream media shares a lot of the blame in curating the culture that's led to the events of the past week. Many things being biased, sensationalized, and often full of some type of agenda has played a part in shaping the divisiveness that's been a big issue in the past year or two. I think social media has played a part in deconstructing things to an unfortunate level as well. It is helpful that everyone has easy access to many different communications platforms that allow us to instantly broadcast to the masses, even now with live video. But it also e
  6. Personally, I haven't been that big of a fan of Disney Animation in the past decade or so. I wish they'd carve their own niche with classical hand drawn animation than continue to ride on Pixar's coattails. I don't think the Disney that Spielberg may have wanted to contribute to really exists anymore. But yeah, as an umbrella studio and brand, they pretty much own the medium right now.
  7. Bad marketing and bad timing. Feel good, effects heavy, family fare is way better suited for a weekend on or near Thanksgiving or Christmas. Throwing it in the middle of Summer when there are so many other blockbusters and franchises was kind of a boneheaded move.
  8. I never realized how much I wanted a bitchy staredown between the two of them until just now.
  9. Jon wouldn't want it anyways. My bet is that he'll see Dany and her entourage as a far better candidate for the crown than the Lannisters, and he'll continue to oversee and guard the North while she takes King's Landing and preps for the White Walkers. I'm thinking the end game for everything is starting to sort itself out. Season 7 is about Dany taking Westeros from Cersei and then Season 8 being the final conflict of Jon and company facing off against the Night's King.
  10. So technically Dany is Jon's Half-Aunt, right? By Westeros standards, that's far enough apart.
  11. I'm down with that theory. Cersei is no longer the person he knew, he's got a resume fit for the bill, and he's eventually going to figure out that she's not the Queen needed to fight the Walkers.
  12. I think the last shot of all of Dany's ships was a significant jump forward in time. Some of them had Tyrell banners on the sails, implying that the fleet had already met up with them in Dorne. They're probably just a few days out from King's Landing by the time we see it.
  13. Lose £'s overnight with this one trick the EU doesn't want you to know about! Economists hate him!
  14. The main thing I want is for Rian Johnson to go full Rian Johnson. Balls to the wall genre weirdness. If they gave him the green light to go nuts with his own ideas, I think we're in for something really different and really fun.
  15. Not really my situation to have a voice on, but I can't help but notice a similarity between Brexit proponents and Right Wing extremists here in the U.S. They cry out for self-sustainability and autonomy from a larger umbrella structure, but still happily enjoy all of the entitlements and benefits granted by it.
  16. I didn't originally pursue it, but came across it and couldn't help myself. I don't mind knowing this part since it's more or less the payoff of the next to last act, but I'm going on spoiler lockdown for the last season.
  17. A good deal of spoilers have been going around for Episodes 9 and 10. Read at your own risk, these came from Reddit where people involved with the production last year spilled the beans.
  18. I will more than gladly pitch in $30, provided we can do so in some way other than PayPal.
  19. What would be the size of the backup of all of the past stuff? Couldn't it just be loaded into some free or cheap cloud service? Also, I'm going to work a little this week on creating us a Reddit Sub with nice graphics and such that match our theme and history. Maybe the specific software won't exist, but no reason the community can't continue to.
  20. Don't let it just be me chiming in that sways it though. It needs to be a community decision in some shape or form.
  21. I'm just going to say what a lot of people are probably thinking, it might be time for Nightly to sunset. If the place is going to be as inactive as it is for the majority of the site, there's not really a lot of practical sense in anyone paying $40 a month for it. We can make a Facebook group or sub on Reddit for free. And both of those places have far more activity.
  22. I'm very apprehensive about this. The synopsis for story sounds very Spielberg and Amblin, and should make for an awesome movie. But I just personally did not care for the book at all. I thought it was made up of a great outline and very cool ideas, but it was far too reliant on nostalgia, stood too much on the work of others, and was full of cringe-worthy dialogue that came across like middle school fan fiction. I've got some hope that the adaptation can fix many of those problems and it can come across better on screen, but it could be a mess for me if they followed the book too closely.
  23. I kind of swing back and forth between Google and Apple products. Around 2012 I kind of switched over to a Nexus 7 tablet over an iPad and used an older Nexus phone instead of an iPhone. It was cool at first, but I quickly got tired of the sluggishness and unpredictability of Android at the time. It was just really unintuitive and hard to deal with as compared to iOS stuff. I'd gone back to an iPad Mini and an iPhone soon after and loved it, until I didn't. I think I dealt with the "planned obsoleteness" that Tank talks about. I'm still loving my iPad Mini, but I'm using a Moto G now
  24. I'm not sure how to tie it into anything fun, but I think one of the tools that's going to be most needed in the upcoming generation is far more skepticism and critical thinking. Perhaps not to the point where they're just cynical about everything ever, but I see far too much groupthink in every adult generation right now. If someone they look up to says something is true, there's evidently no need whatsoever to check other sources or to verify it's authenticity. I think modern humans have a built in bullshit detector, but I see that tool being used far lesser than most should be comfortabl
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