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  1. Pretty much everyone in our circle is fully vaccinated now, so from a "doing things perspective," the pandemic is over for us. We're already making up for lost time and have gone to theme parks, ballgames, concerts and things like that. Work is going really well. I got promoted to a new role again about a month ago and I get to work on some more mission-related stuff so that's pretty cool. A few months ago, I bit the bullet and treated myself to a Tesla Model 3. I'd driven my old car for twelve years, this was always my dream car, and I found an insane deal on a used 2
  2. I worry about what I won't do before I die, not necessarily how I'll die.
  3. I didn't think it was bad, I just think that it kind of turned into paint-by-numbers Marvel in most aspects. There were some solid action set-pieces, possibly some of the best there's ever been in the MCU. That chase scene in the first episode and that truck fight were amazing. Also, they really had some good thesis ideas for dealing with a lot of important topics. But it felt like they weren't bold enough to say anything about those topics, and were more interested in being a standard MCU four-quadrant crowd pleaser. At the end of episode two, I thought this was going to be something r
  4. Considering how much I liked WandaVision, and how much the tail end of Falcon and Winter Soldier flopped, I'm really looking forward to this.
  5. I've dealt with this kind of stuff for forever. Most of it stems from a lousy childhood. Home was fine enough at the time, but I was in a really terrible school situation up until the ninth grade. The place I went to was kind of a magnet school for all the kids that got expelled everywhere else, so it was a combination of them and the biggest overachievers ever. Add that to the fact that kids that age are just ***holes in general, and it was a perfect storm of mental torture. Years of that warps your brain into having the worst conceptions of yourself. When my parents split right after
  6. I don't pop into Nightly these days as much as I probably should, so here's what I've been doing. Trips - We're going to do a road trip to New Orleans and Austin in a few months, basically just to take advantage of COVID basically being over. I haven't been to Austin in ten years so I'm excited to be back for some BBQ and the Alamo Drafthouse. We're also keeping an eye on how Thailand's vaccinations are going, hoping we can go back there for two weeks in January or February. Also, we *might* go to LA for the next Star Wars Celebration in May. Hobbies - With Captain Trips coming to a c
  7. My wife and I did a weekend trip for our fifteenth anniversary this past weekend, so that was pretty cool. I had a buddy ask what it takes to keep it going for a while, and honestly I don't even know. Disagreements and fights happen, and if anybody says that two married people are always on the same page with everything that's just a lie. If anything, I think there's just an awareness in the back of our mind that things always level out. We might have it out and not be able to stand one another on one day, but then probably be cackling and inseparable two weeks straight after that. T
  8. Pedro also just made a big splash by making a big show of support for his trans sister. The world isn't always black and white.
  9. Funny, this just popped up on one of the local news sites this morning. https://whnt.com/news/huntsville/madison-county-home-values-increase-36-in-four-years/
  10. I don't see it crashing anytime soon. The main reason it did back in 2008 was because of predatory lending and finance market inventions that largely don't exist anymore. For the most part, people can afford the houses they're buying and their mortgages aren't tied up in securities anymore. Even in the last year, supply just seems to be far below demand in most towns. Places that used to be cow pastures in my area just a year ago are now spiraling mazes of suburbia. I think eventually it'll change over to a buyer's market when Gen Z can't afford houses or doesn't care about owning a hou
  11. Artists of any medium being involved socially and politically is in no way a new thing. They just have a bigger megaphone for it in recent years. I personally feel as if anyone has a right to speak their mind to a reasonable extent. Blowback is just kind of natural selection for those that take it too far.
  12. We've been dipping our toes into the idea of getting our next place, we've been in our relatively small house for around thirteen years now. (Funny how the last year changed things pretty drastically.) I was shocked at how much the market has changed in what was once a really affordable area. A house that would have went for around $130K just a few years ago is now pushing $200K. That's mostly in areas that's within city limits and a quick drive to the government installation or downtown, but it's certainly a harbinger of things to come. I'm still looking for places outside of town that
  13. We've had some ups and downs in the last year too. My wife got let go from her job of almost fifteen years back around May. Museum attendance plummeted, and attendance for their camps basically went to zero overnight. It sucks, but she'd in theory be one of the first back if things ever pick back up enough. I don't think anyone is counting on that though. I've heard firsthand from her how tough it is. For the places that have money to hire, it's definitely a buyer's market because there are so many mid-career professionals looking for work who got cut this last year. Some remote wo
  14. In most cases, I'm not a fan of cancel culture. Whether I agree or disagree with the person being cancelled. It seems too much of a knee-jerk reaction to basically delete someone's career or life from existence because of one or two regrettable mistakes. We're all human, all make dumb mistakes, and are all always learning and improving. But in cases like this, she very likely had multiple chances. She's posted dumb and insensitive stuff before and probably got a corporate talking down and maybe even had someone go to bat for her. When it's a pattern, and goes to the extent that it had,
  15. Okay, y'all saying you don't like it that much...
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