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  1. Pedro also just made a big splash by making a big show of support for his trans sister. The world isn't always black and white.
  2. Funny, this just popped up on one of the local news sites this morning. https://whnt.com/news/huntsville/madison-county-home-values-increase-36-in-four-years/
  3. I don't see it crashing anytime soon. The main reason it did back in 2008 was because of predatory lending and finance market inventions that largely don't exist anymore. For the most part, people can afford the houses they're buying and their mortgages aren't tied up in securities anymore. Even in the last year, supply just seems to be far below demand in most towns. Places that used to be cow pastures in my area just a year ago are now spiraling mazes of suburbia. I think eventually it'll change over to a buyer's market when Gen Z can't afford houses or doesn't care about owning a hou
  4. Artists of any medium being involved socially and politically is in no way a new thing. They just have a bigger megaphone for it in recent years. I personally feel as if anyone has a right to speak their mind to a reasonable extent. Blowback is just kind of natural selection for those that take it too far.
  5. We've been dipping our toes into the idea of getting our next place, we've been in our relatively small house for around thirteen years now. (Funny how the last year changed things pretty drastically.) I was shocked at how much the market has changed in what was once a really affordable area. A house that would have went for around $130K just a few years ago is now pushing $200K. That's mostly in areas that's within city limits and a quick drive to the government installation or downtown, but it's certainly a harbinger of things to come. I'm still looking for places outside of town that
  6. We've had some ups and downs in the last year too. My wife got let go from her job of almost fifteen years back around May. Museum attendance plummeted, and attendance for their camps basically went to zero overnight. It sucks, but she'd in theory be one of the first back if things ever pick back up enough. I don't think anyone is counting on that though. I've heard firsthand from her how tough it is. For the places that have money to hire, it's definitely a buyer's market because there are so many mid-career professionals looking for work who got cut this last year. Some remote wo
  7. In most cases, I'm not a fan of cancel culture. Whether I agree or disagree with the person being cancelled. It seems too much of a knee-jerk reaction to basically delete someone's career or life from existence because of one or two regrettable mistakes. We're all human, all make dumb mistakes, and are all always learning and improving. But in cases like this, she very likely had multiple chances. She's posted dumb and insensitive stuff before and probably got a corporate talking down and maybe even had someone go to bat for her. When it's a pattern, and goes to the extent that it had,
  8. Okay, y'all saying you don't like it that much...
  9. Y'all saying you don't like In n Out is blasphemous to me. But then again I'm in the South and don't get the Chick-fil-a hype, so I suppose I get it.
  10. This latest season didn't jump the shark for me, but it skipped across some other fishes. I certainly loved a lot more than I hated. Doing a soft retcon of Karate Kid 2 was brilliant, giving Kreese a backstory was really cool, and I love how the arcs of most of the kids are progressing. Hawk went from an annoying side character to having my favorite subplot. But then a lot else is just getting to be too much. Kreese sending in snakes or the kids attacking the Larusso house should call for pressed charges and lawsuits. That bit where they went to the police office and she found out sh
  11. I see a lot of places are already selling this for half off. I'm about to finish another game, should I trust that the upcoming updates will make this tolerable enough to play on my PS5?
  12. Alright so my new thing these past nine or so months: After being stuck at home and missing live music, I wanted to pursue just doing something myself. I can play guitar but I'm terrible at it, and any attempt I've had in the past to work with buddies to play something together never went anywhere. So instead, I decided to start learning editing and mixing on DJ software. I'd seen a lot of people mix live on DJ boards in festival campgrounds at impromptu parties and always thought it was cool so I wanted to try i out. I know enough with creation tools to put a few things together here
  13. I've got two very good friends that have fallen into the Cult of Trump. One got out, one got in deeper. The first guy is self-admittedly a die hard libertarian. He was a die hard on the Ron Paul train years ago and never looked back. His views tend to weigh more on the old school conservative side of things, he wants limited government intervention into anything, a huge cut in spending, all kinds of stuff like that. He's a pretty religious guy, but he thinks that it isn't the business of the government. He was all aboard on the bandwagon four years ago because he seemed to think that
  14. In the last few weeks, I lost my grandpa, a very good friend, and my beloved cat. This was already on top of the hellscape of 2020, where I'd lost out on trips, events, and opportunities like everyone else. A year or two ago, all of that would have sent me spiraling into depression. Now, not so much. I'm not even sure why. I think part of me is numb and is on auto-pilot so I can just see this all through to the other side of a vaccine or whatever. Part of me knows how to deal with it better. Positive distractions help, even if they have to be smaller ones without a lot of planning.
  15. I'm venturing into the rabid abyss to vote in person on the day of. I have no faith in the electoral system in Alabama. If one dot is different on my signature, I am confident they'd throw it out. I'm in one of the few blue counties in the state, so I'm sure our area is going to be targeted for exactly that kind of suppression.
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