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  1. There are certain crowds that just throw that comparison out as "whataboutism," when I think the real word they're looking for is precedent.
  2. Hey guys remember that one time one country mounted a military invasion on another with an intent to install a new government? The invaders claimed that they were rightfully doing so because their target might have large scale weapons with the intent to use them. Meanwhile the international community condemned their military actions. But enough about W invading Iraq!
  3. She's not great but better than she was. I think having to pick up for her mom and dealing with all the finances and paperwork has let her channel a lot of stuff. It's a miracle that she was able to take a newer and lower stress job lately so she has the bandwidth to deal with it all.
  4. I got it for ten bucks a few months ago and played through most of the main storyline, I actually really liked it. There was some glitchy stuff on PS5 to deal with, but it was more annoying than gamebreaking. I really dug the overall story and the expansive world they built, a lot of the mechanics were really fun too. I'm really looking forward to coming back to it when they do the PS5 patch and DLC.
  5. It was my wife's mom, my real mom has basically been out of the picture for ten years now so she was basically my mom now. It sucks bad. I think I've already gone through the five stages though. The hurt comes and goes, but at this point after losing my grandpa to old age, a very good friend to an OD, an uncle to COVID, and many other things the last two years, I'm pretty much numb and over it. I'll just make the best of things until the universe throws the next curveball at me or takes me too.
  6. A few months ago I stopped at a Taco Bell off of the interstate outside of Atlanta and the self-serve kiosk they had is an absolute gamechanger. You can customize basically anything on the menu with ever single ingredient they have and it's amazing.
  7. Mom passed from a car accident a week before Christmas. That was drama enough and it was a real bummer of a Christmas.
  8. I love In N Out and make it a priority any time I'm out on the West Coast. But if I had it around to get anytime, I'd probably get tired of it too. I won't go on my own accord to Chic-Fil-A because the people that own it are trash, and it tends to attract the holier than thou crowd. But if somebody is buying it for me I'll keep that to myself because it's still good.
  9. I'm a stan for anything Adidas. I run a lot and their shoes hold up incredibly well, they make really good shorts and pants too. I never had any of the same luck with any other brand like Nike or whatever. I also will pony up for Levi's pants. I've had some of the same pairs for nearly a decade and they still basically look new. Also Tesla has completely won me over. I got my Model 3 used for an insanely good price before the chip shortages hit both used and new prices hard, but I still have like three years of a full warranty on it. Apparently even if I get a flat tire, the remote re
  10. Nothing would shock me at this point. The lack of regulation is going to end up biting us all before too long. Back on our front, I have been starting to get some stuff done at our place to either stay here for a long while or get it market ready in a few years. The house we're in is a little over twenty years old, so it's about that time for a number of things. Last year I painted and sealed the garage floor and we had professional painters do a few rooms. The latest project was getting some foundational supports installed. My home office / dude room extends a little out from the h
  11. Not any more. I don't have an article link at the moment but I'd read they're discontinuing that arm of their business.
  12. I hope I'm wrong, but I really suspect the overall market is headed for another 2008 style crash. There's no way that the continued pace of housing prices can be sustainable. The outside investor angle is what really concerns me. I know this is the same story from many other towns, but there's entire neighborhoods in Huntsville that now are basically owned by those oligarchies. A group of investors buys out an industrial site, turns it into a yuppie mixed use playground, then buys up all of the housing nearby so the Whole Foods crowd can continue to patronize it and drive up property v
  13. I'm trolling through this thread and realizing how boring and ancient we are to have been married for fifteen years.
  14. I don't know what I am or what label if any applies to me these days. I personally think that the universe and just about every law of physics suggest that it's impossible for there not to be some sort of intelligent creator, but the older I get and hopefully the wiser I get, the more that I realize that it's above my pay grade to assume anything about who that might be. There's bits and pieces of what might be evidence around, but I think years of decontextualization and the warped way that so-called Christians have distorted things recently have made it impossible to lean on some invisible
  15. Things are insane in my area right now. At least four major manufacturing plants or distribution centers have expanded or opened up within a half hour drive of here. They're from like likes of Target, Toyota, and other big companies. That's in addition to the new secondary FBI HQ at Redstone Arsenal, as well as the Space Force HQ that's coming in a few years. The house across the street from me sold to an out of town investment company after two days on the market for $15K over the asking price. I've been getting mail and calls about offers on mine, and we've never had any intent to
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