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  1. Seth liked the "Sexy Beasts" trailer post and then mentions going to a resort catering to "a particular lifestyle"? coughfurrycough
  2. Shit, we never agreed on a safe word.
  3. It's funny, I never picture him as a red head. But it works for him.
  4. Testing.... I just got the server error a minute ago edit: seems to work now
  5. Close, but if Jacob remembers her from that long ago, it was definitely the right hook.
  6. I can’t believe you believe anything
  7. Way to go, completely undercutting me. GOSH
  8. I was upset after watching BW2. I know many don’t care for the original, but it was effective for me. Maybe that’s partly because I grew up and still lived not that far from Burkittsville, but it also reminded me of shit that freaked me out when camping in similar types of woods in the Boy Scouts. When the second one came out on video, I had already heard it wasn’t liked as much as the original, though not necessarily that it was bad, but was just shocked at how completely they messed it up. The idea of tying directly into the popular response of the first movie and dealing with group
  9. Isn't that Just the Tip's breakout single?
  10. Yeah, that is fucking horrible. My feelings went through such a roller coaster of nice thoughts and anger reading your post with the nice things for you, Trevor, and Noah and the horrible shit the others said. I may have a whole branch of my family that might be racist, but I have basically had no contact with them for most of my life. It may be unfair for me to assume they might be, but it really wouldn't surprise me, given what I do know about them from things my father has told me and what some have posted on Facebook, which makes me believe at least some are firmly down the Fox News
  11. I saw a cake at Walmart yesterday that was arranged and decorated to look like a taco.
  12. Jacen123


    It’s definitely a bummer. Hopefully, we can all help you get it figured out!
  13. Jacen123


    That is so weird. I was really hoping it was a browser issue.
  14. Jacen123


    Hmmm That is so strange. Is it just one browser you experience the problems with or multiple ones?
  15. Jacen123


    F+ would be even worse.
  16. Last night, I drove over the exact spot Kennedy was shot. Then, just past that spot, a group of ***holes on motorcycles started popping high wheelies that left sparks on the road in the middle of traffic.
  17. I’ve heard stories about Boulder throughout my life because my parents used to live there and they have just occasionally gone back for various things. I’ve also had some friends to went to school or worked there. It bummed me out we didn’t get to go there. Hopefully, i can next time.
  18. That makes enough sense, unfortunately. We had a good trip there, but it was only a few days. Garden of the Gods was definitely way too packed. Pike's Peak wasn't bad when we went because you could really only access the top on a tour bus then due to construction. We also went to the Olympic training facility, which was a cool experience. I really wanted to go to Boulder after my conference in Denver, but we didn't end up having time to do so. Plus, Reese is from Texas. If there isn't racism floating around in the air, she might not know what is it like to breathe the clean air.
  19. I’ll add Colorado Springs to the Colorado mix. There’s plenty of cool stuff to do there, both indoor and outdoor.
  20. Well, it seems like I can only see mutual friends, so my <30 second search supports Reese's conclusion. And if the past few years on the internet have taught me anything, multiple citations of the exact same source found with no effort count as multiple data points for excellent research.
  21. Should have gone with AL. awesome lady
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