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  1. I also really enjoy watching the olympics. We went to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado a few years ago and it was a really cool facility. We’ve gotten to visit a few Olympic sites over the past many years, too. Coincidentally, we were actually at the site of the third modern olympics in St. Louis. The stadium that held almost everything then is so incredibly tiny. It’s hard to imagine how small those first few sets of games were.
  2. Cases are exploding in our city now, which makes us especially glad to be well away from there for a change. We e been mostly trying to avoid being around many people indoors in hotels and restaurants, but we have been having to drive through some other states with bad cases, too.
  3. Oh god. I’m so sorry to hear this.
  4. Translation: how many hands did you see the backs of?
  5. I retook it and got asked a slightly different set of questions. This time, it got me matched up exactly right.
  6. I've done this before, too, but I think my results have changed some since the last time. This is probably because I've now spent 10 years in Texas, so some of the items I used to not have words for I now have some for. Maryland still shows as being red hot for me, but it now picks cities in Arizona as the best match for me, which is especially interesting since I've never even been in an airport there.
  7. Whenever I'm referring to any of my actual aunts, I pronounce it like ant. Occasionally, when referring to aunts in general, I will pronounce it ont instead, but usually still ant.
  8. I haven’t watched any wrestling for a long time now, but I still agree about retired wrestlers popping up to wrestle for a bit in general, at least. It should be done very rarely just like so many things so that it has a huge impact when they do come back. This does, of course, exclude the fun surprise returns for one night in something like the Royal Rumble or other novelties and the occasional cutting of a promo to promote something.
  9. I bet the memories are stored in Seth’s flash drive.
  10. Maybe he went surfer-style there and started hanging ten
  11. Doing so is your glorious purpose
  12. I play some games in my phone and have a Switch. Nintendo games are right at my speed and dare fun to pick up and play for a little bit when I have time and then put down. A lot of modern games on the other consoles and PC just seem too complex for me now for the amount of time I have to play them.
  13. Yeah, it’s a scientific fact that they taste meteor that regular macaroni
  14. While I was growing up, I played tons of sports and enjoyed most of them, but I didn’t really enjoy watching them. It just didn’t hold my interest. In high school, I started getting the basic idea of football since I had to go to games for marching band. I also started watching college basketball at least a bit more, especially the University of Maryland because my brother was in school there and my dad worked there, but also because they were amazing then. When I went to college, I watched college football and basketball all the time. Of course, that was tied into band still. I got so h
  15. We watched it on Disney+ tonight with some friends. My wife and I plan on rewatching it soon, though, since we can. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it's certainly not without its flaws. As Seth said, though, the casting was perfect. I hope that this isn't the last we end up seeing of most of the supporting characters. I say "supporting" above despite the fact that this seems almost as much of a movie to set up Yelena as it is a starring vehicle for Natasha. Did Alexei outright say that he was talking about Steve? I know the other characters assumed he was, but I was assuming he just
  16. They definitely set up Ric Olie on the SW website to be an important character in the years leading up to TPM. So much for that.
  17. Just have yours file a writ of dontgiveashitix and it will all go away
  18. Gotcha. I've also seen plenty of shows that start off with seemingly no real overall arc that just build the characters for the first half or so of the first season and only then really start to kick it into gear. I've especially seen that with Whedon or Whedon-ish shows, which worked okay when networks were patient, but not otherwise. The complaints I had heard about this show seemed to fall in line with that (but possibly without good characters), so I was confused. I've definitely been bothered by episodes that didn't seem to have any purpose at all, like the infamous tattoo episode of
  19. I haven't watched the show or most of the Clone Wars, so I really am just speaking in more generalities here, but is it a problem that show is generally not progressing towards a larger narrative? Most shows on tv historically (and even now, despite the rise of serialization) don't have plots that keep advancing onward, but rather show the characters in some situation and how they respond to it. It's great that we have shows that have moved beyond that style, but is there not room for that type of show without just dismissing it as "filler", but instead people realizing that its just not for
  20. I just hope he doesn’t post any photos of him in his tribble suit.
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