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    NFL 2023

    Back to the old sweat shack for him
  2. Even before Destiny brought it up, my mind was jumping towards horror comics. I can’t remember if you brought those up, Seth, in one of your other threads where you talked about AI, though. Of course, I know comics aren’t an easy field to get into either, but it seems like an environment you could get some creativity going in, too. Is it something you’ve thought about?
  3. He should mix them together and become a horrific welder.
  4. Congratulations on being an ex-X user
  5. One of the other babies at my son’s daycare is named Daenerys.
  6. Thanks! My son had such a super mild case, we had no idea that it was Covid until days after he was feeling better (which only took about half a day). My wife is already mostly feeling better, aside from taste issues and some head congestion. I haven’t had it too bad either, fortunately. Night time has been weird when I get shivers in bed but basically no fever. The coughing is also painful for some of my incision sites from my surgery. I’m trying out some things to help with that since I pretty much always cough for awhile after respiratory Jeff too s clear up. My parents, who are staying with us for a bit to help out during my surgery recovery, have unfortunately had higher fevers and have been more achy with it. Hopefully they start to feel better within the next day or so, too.
  7. Everyone in my house just got it after my son brought it home from daycare. I’m kind of amazed we made it until now without it.
  8. Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me
  9. I finally got released today after my kidney levels finally cooperated. It feels so nice to be lying in my own bed again. I’ll finally get to see my son again in an hour or so. I won’t be able to pick him up for about 5 more weeks, though. This is the longest I’ve gone without being able to see him in-person.
  10. I just got around to watching the movie while I’ve been laid up in the hospital. It was such a slog to get through and was way too long. I liked Namor and Bassett was fantastic. Riri was even alright. It sucks that the movie had to start over from scratch since they didn’t want to recast T’Challa.
  11. I’m still in the hospital. Some levels in blood tests are a bit high and the doctors want to try to bring them closer to normal before I get discharged. They think a lot of iv fluids will help with this. Hopefully they do and I can go home tomorrow.
  12. Two days operation and I am doing much better. I am surprised how little pain I have now. I’ve progressed to eating soft foods and have been getting up to walk a lot. My new, shorter digestive system seems to be functioning pretty well so far, too. I am hoping to get sent home tomorrow.
  13. They told me it is usually 3-5 days for this surgery. I think it mostly depends on how soon my bowels start working again. They also want to make sure there are no leaks in my system after the two parts of the colon were reattached.
  14. Got the surgery done. Things hurt, but seem to be doing okay so far.
  15. I report for the surgery in an hour. I’m dealing with some nerves, but I know it will be easier for me today than for my family since the surgery could be pretty long. I just want it all to go well so I can be here for my wife and son.
  16. I am more or less feeling the same way. I have enjoyed every one of Nolan’s films that I have seen, so I am sure it is extremely well made, if nothing else. The subject just doesn’t pull me into wanting to watch a movie about it. I’d be much more likely to read about it, though. The Manhattan project is quite fascinating from a scientific and engineering point of view. I am sure some of my own feelings about the movie are also just that I rarely watch movies anymore, too, and even less often in the theater. Given that, though, there are very few things being released or that have been releases in recent times that I feel like I am missing out by not seeing in one. I am glad to hear that it is doing well and that people like it, though.
  17. That also makes sense for it to be setting up Captain America, too! I also agree that it makes no sense for Rhodey to have been replaced that early.
  18. It’s comical how much of an overreaction it is, but making the public biased against mutants, given the popularity of the avengers in-universe really requires something over the top to make any sense. It was somewhat clumsily done since the buildup made it seem like this president was a reasonable guy (or at least it seems that way to me), but they really never said too much about him really, did they? Even with all the messed up stuff that has happened in their world, I’d imagine that knowing shapeshifting aliens are among you would super mess with people and could make regular people start to distrust new groups of powered people showing up more. Of course, this could also just be yet another one of the storylines opened up post-Endgame that just won’t really go anywhere useful, too.
  19. I gained some of that weight back, but fortunately not most of it. I’m heading into surgery this coming Wednesday to get the most affected part of my colon removed. I’ve been waiting since March to get this done, but it feels so different with it now imminent. Fortunately, I’ve got a great surgeon to do the procedure and I know it needs to be done so I avoid a repeat of the hell that was this past spring, but I’ve still got a bit of anxiety creeping up. I just need to keep that from acting up more than it currently is. I guess this should help me lose even more weight, though.
  20. I get the criticisms, but I liked the episode and loved the show, overall. it definitely wasn’t Secret Invasion from the comic, for both good and bad, but as a showcase for Fury, it was fantastic. I still would have enjoyed it if the Skrull Invasion was a lingering plot point for a whole phase, similar to the comic build up to the event, but clearly that wasn’t part of the plan here. My favorite bit of the finale may actually be the ending with the president. His reaction to the skrulls sure seems like buildup to the government and people having similar reaction to mutants once they start showing up.
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