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  1. Could I be any more surprised? Probably, yeah.
  2. Whichever makes it more bearable for him.
  3. You know you aren’t supposed to write yourself into your own scripts.
  4. Interesting. I hadn’t heard that about the second one. I remember thinking it had a few alright ideas, such as showing how much the events of the first movie messed up Laurie, but I also recall everyone in it being miserable and downright terrible. I don’t think I have seen any of Zombie’s more recent movies even, despite liking House of a Thousand Corpses and Devil’s Rejects.
  5. I’ve seen most of not all of the original series. I just sadly don’t remember much about the later ones in it. I am partial to II because I happened to see it first somehow, but clearly the original one is great. I wish they had continued to make the series an anthology after III since there are just diminishing returns with Myers to me, but oh well. I liked Zombie’s first movie when I saw it soon after it came out, but the sequel was just such a complete bummer. I don’t know that I care to go back and watch it again to see how it holds up to me now.
  6. But it sadly didn’t handle swerves as well as Phillip himself does.
  7. Great start to the season! This is the first time I have watched an episode of a Marvel/Star Wars show from the beginning in over a year. It helps that my wife has loved the Loki character from the beginning.
  8. Well, yeah, I can’t imagine true sports fans would find me interesting at all. Just like any real person and the state of Indiana.
  9. A dominating force in something many people care about, but actually matters very little? Thanks!
  10. No wonder you folks act so loopy sometimes.
  11. I got a big grant proposal submitted today.
  12. Jacen123


    Gotta catch ‘em all!
  13. Jacen123


    Gotta catch ‘em all!
  14. I don’t even know how to respond to this and can’t imagine how you handle parents like that. It just seems completely unimaginable that people are actually like that. Just heartbreaking.
  15. I guess we just can’t stomach the world like we used to.
  16. Ugh, that history with IBS sounds absolutely miserable to deal with. While emergency surgery is definitely not good, I hope this leads to a better standard of living for her with it done. The immediate aftermath of my surgery went pretty smoothly since it was planned and I am still on the very young and otherwise healthy side for having the sigmoidectomy. I was up and walking around the next day and on solid food again after a few days. I was expecting the return to a normal diet to take a far longer time than it did. I had to stay in the hospital for six days after the surgery, though most of that was due to elevated creatinine in my blood work. After the surgery, I was only on Tylenol, ibuprofen, and tramadol for pain, not even anything like morphine. I’m sorry your wife had to have an epidural. My surgery was laparoscopic, so the recovery has also been a bit easier in other ways. They didn’t need to give me an ostomy bag. I needed to refrain from lifting and doing much pushing or pulling for 6 weeks. The lifting part was the hardest since I couldn’t pick up my son. I have now cleared that 6 week mark, so I can pick him up some now. Most of my incisions from the surgery are healed now. The only one that isn’t completely scarred over now is the bigger incision that they used to actually take out the part they removed. I hope your wives recovery goes smoothly. Hopefully, once this initial period of immediate recovery is done, it will be easier.
  17. That’s certainly true. I’ll admit that I personally don’t particularly like the look of the Gladiator, but I also don’t like trucks, in general, either, nor am I a car guy at all really. I had a civic first, and it did great for me until I had an accident in it, which resulted in the car sacrificing itself for me as it should. Then I got an Altima, which I loved, for around 10 years. I traded it in this past January for an Odyssey. It was hard doing so at first since I that was a great car for me, but we needed more space with the little guy. I now love driving the Odyssey, so now I am a van guy. Anyway, even though I don’t like the look of the Gladiator, myself, I can definitely see the appeal of it with how it stands out from other trucks.
  18. Oh crap! Sorry to hear that about your wife. I was terrified I’d have to have emergency surgery for my large intestine last spring and was so glad I was able to let things heal up for elective surgery. I had almost a foot of mine removed. How is your wife doing with her recovery?
  19. I had never seen a Gladiator before this past spring. Our babysitter has one and since I saw hers, I started seeing Gladiatora all over the place here.
  20. I fully believe mainstream comics is a real bitch to break out in, especially since the medium is not attracting a huge audience anymore outside of manga. I guess I was thinking along the lines of something from outside of one of the big two publishers, like Dynamite or maybe even Dark Horse, or perhaps even something even more independent or even crowd-sourced. I know the big money isn’t there in any of those cases, but since it sounded like there is a rut with things the way they are now and I didn’t know whether any of your movie work might be able to help get you an in somewhere if you wanted something different.
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