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  1. The closest grocery store to me has a hitching post that I’ve actually seen get used. Of course, a lot of the roads just out of the city still are called farm-to-market and I see folks who wear homemade clothes from out of town just about every week, so things may just be a bit different away from coastal cities.
  2. Was she at least a Majora’s Mask style NPC with three game days worth of storyline?
  3. I hope to watch this at some point, but I am so hopelessly behind on shows and movies that it could be awhile. I have liked many of Snyder’s movies for what they are, which are typically flawed films that feature some really cool moments and a visually interesting look, so I am sure this will scratch that itch when I want to watch something pretty that I don’t want to get into too much. Him trying his take on something like Star Wars is at least intriguing to me, too. However, I am also damn tired of hearing arguments about his movies all over the place.
  4. I do like the idea, but the big problem right now is him pulling it over. He is constantly pulling at anything he can get his hands on. Our tree and most of the ornaments also have a lot of other stuff piled on them now in the basement closet, so it would be horrible to try to dig it all out. The other stuff is all things that got displayed Ed to make room for him. Our guest room used to be storage, but we have had family staying with us for a vast majority of the last year for various reasons (and are very glad they have been here), so storage space has just filled up completely. We will get some type of little tree set up somewhere high so he can see it but can’t get to it.
  5. Apparently, it wasn’t teething, but a nasty virus that has gone through his daycare. At least he is feeling better now and has been cleared to go back to daycare.
  6. My son is seemingly getting his first molars in and it is making him so fussy during the day and causing him so many problems sleeping. He had been sleeping so well before this and now I’m on hour three so far tonight with him sleeping in small doses before waking up in fits. I barely even have a chance to use the restroom or het some water, much less sleep, in between his fits. Ugh, I just hope he gets through this set of teeth quickly.
  7. I miss our tree. It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas time without it, but our 1-year old would pull anything and everything off that he could.
  8. The name is literally the seconds of modern culture quickly passing us by.
  9. So good it’s practically assinine
  10. Quoted for both posterity and posteriority.
  11. Jacen123

    Blue Beetle

    It was a really fun movie! It sucks for those involved with it that it got caught in between the two versions of DC movies.
  12. It sure as hell does. He has been walking for two weeks now. Not just taking a few tiny little steps, but full on walking. Just a few minutes ago, he even realized I was play chasing him around the kitchen and he started running a bit while laughing.
  13. Our little guy has been around for a whole year now! I can barely believe it.
  14. Well, just about anyone who makes any single thing their main personality feature is pretty boring, so that tracks.
  15. I like it for what it is. Of course, I am a bit younger than most of you, so I was more in its target audience when it came out. It isn’t something I want to watch regularly by any means, but it fits a nice niche. My wife, for instance, enjoys some level of spookiness in movies from time to time, but really doesn’t like anything that comes close to actual horror. She also doesn’t love the movie either, but she thought it was cute and entertaining enough when we watched it.
  16. I hadn’t heard that was what the ambulance was called for, but that’s what my head jumped to initially when I saw the headline.
  17. Could I be any more surprised? Probably, yeah.
  18. Whichever makes it more bearable for him.
  19. You know you aren’t supposed to write yourself into your own scripts.
  20. Interesting. I hadn’t heard that about the second one. I remember thinking it had a few alright ideas, such as showing how much the events of the first movie messed up Laurie, but I also recall everyone in it being miserable and downright terrible. I don’t think I have seen any of Zombie’s more recent movies even, despite liking House of a Thousand Corpses and Devil’s Rejects.
  21. I’ve seen most of not all of the original series. I just sadly don’t remember much about the later ones in it. I am partial to II because I happened to see it first somehow, but clearly the original one is great. I wish they had continued to make the series an anthology after III since there are just diminishing returns with Myers to me, but oh well. I liked Zombie’s first movie when I saw it soon after it came out, but the sequel was just such a complete bummer. I don’t know that I care to go back and watch it again to see how it holds up to me now.
  22. But it sadly didn’t handle swerves as well as Phillip himself does.
  23. Great start to the season! This is the first time I have watched an episode of a Marvel/Star Wars show from the beginning in over a year. It helps that my wife has loved the Loki character from the beginning.
  24. Well, yeah, I can’t imagine true sports fans would find me interesting at all. Just like any real person and the state of Indiana.
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