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  1. God, yes, hunting for therapists (and really any doctor, for that matter) is terrible. My first therapist here had to retire for medical reasons, but I was fortunately just shifted over to the other therapist in his clinic. She retired in late 2019, though, so I've been without one for two years now. Other than covid-related anxieties, I was doing really well for awhile. I've lost 35 pounds already this year by making far healthier choices in many ways, but I had to come off my anxiety medicine this fall due to some of the side effects from it causing problems. My wife has also been deali
  2. Kansas City (No clue if it has started or what's going on in it if it has)
  3. Well, fuck last week. Thursday, December 9 Pittsburgh at Minnesota: Minnesota Sunday, December 12 Baltimore at Cleveland: Baltimore Jacksonville at Tennessee: Tennessee Las Vegas at Kansas City: Kansas City New Orleans at NY Jets: New Orleans Dallas at Washington: Dallas Atlanta at Carolina: Carolina Seattle at Houston: Houston Detroit at Denver: Denver NY Giants at LA Chargers: Chargers San Francisco at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Buffalo at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay: Green Bay Monday, December 13 LA Rams at Arizona: Arizon
  4. Given the huge gun culture here, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fact that I haven’t seen support for the parents on the posts on social media by my local stations. It seems like a lot of them are completely pissed by the lack of responsibility and safety exhibited by the parents Of course, now that I have said this, I imagine the crazies will come out of the woodworks, ranting about how unfair this is.
  5. Thursday, December 2 Dallas at New Orleans: Dallas (if you count it) Sunday December 5 Tampa at Atlanta: Tampa Arizona at Chicago: Arizona LA Chargers at Cincy: Cincy Minnesota at Detroit: Minnesota NY Giants at Miami: Giants Philly at NY Jets: Philly Indy at Houston: Houston Washington at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Jacksonville at LA Rams: Rams Baltimore at Pittsburgh: Baltimore San Francisco at Seattle: San Francisco Denver at Kansas City: Kansas City Monday, December 6 New England at Buffalo: Buffalo
  6. I realize the game likely started, but I haven't seen anything. I am clearly going with Dallas, given the recent levels of suck of New Orleans, though. You decide whether you want to count it. I am fine regardless.
  7. Just the basics for us, too. I roasted a turkey breast and made stuffing only partially from a mix and also prepared peas and mashed potatoes. It was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my parents, though, so I am very pleased with how it turned out.
  8. Thursday, November 25 Chicago at Detroit: Chicago Las Vegas at Dallas: Dallas Buffalo at New Orleans: Buffalo Sunday, November 28 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Tampa Bay at Indianapolis: Tampa Bay Carolina at Miami: Carolina Tennessee at New England: New England Philadelphia at New York Giants: Philadelphia Atlanta at Jacksonville: Atlanta New York Jets at Houston: Houston Los Angeles Chargers at Denver: Chargers Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay: Green Bay Minnesota at San Francisco: San Francisco Cleveland at Baltimore: Baltimore Monday, November 29
  9. Just not the right brand of crazy for me
  10. Oh I know they’re horribly bad. But I don’t trust the 49ers for shit either.
  11. I just don't trust any of the teams to be consistent this year. I didn't want to pick either of the teams for that game. Of course, I also have also watched just about 1.5 games this year, at most, so what do I know?
  12. Thursday, November 18 New England at Atlanta: New England Sunday, November 21 Indy at Buffalo: Buffalo Baltimore at Chicago: Baltimore Detroit at Cleveland: Cleveland Houston at Tennessee: Tennessee Green Bay at Minnesota: Green Bay Miami at NY Jets: Miami New Orleans at Philly: Philly Washington at Carolina: Carolina San Francisco at Jacksonville: Jacksonville Cincy at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Dallas at Kansas City: Kansas City Arizona at Seattle: Arizona Pittsburgh at LA Chargers: Chargers Monday, November 22 NY Giants at Tampa Bay: Tampa Ba
  13. Sorry to hear about the recent challenges, but it's good to hear that things are good, overall.
  14. In actual seriousness for a change, since Nightly won't let you post what you wanted, Seth, and now you're worried about oversharing, I'll just ask a simple question: You doing okay?
  15. Also sorry to hear about your dad, gamevet. Thursday, Nov 11 Baltimore at Miami: Baltimore Sunday, Nov 14 Atlanta at Dallas: Dallas New Orleans at Tennessee: Tennessee Jacksonville at Indianapolis: Indianapolis Cleveland at New England: New England Buffalo at NY Jets: Buffalo Detroit at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Tampa Bay at Washington: Tampa Bay Carolina at Arizona: Arizona Minnesota at LA Chargers: Chargers Philadelphia at Denver: Denver Seattle at Green Bay: Green Bay Kansas City at Las Vegas: Kansas City Monday, Nov 15 LA Rams at San
  16. It sounds like you should go through one of the other doors.
  17. Thursday, November 7 NY Jets at Indianapolis: Indy Sunday, November 7 Cleveland at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Denver at Dallas: Dallas Houston at Miami: Houston Atlanta at New Orleans: Atlanta Las Vegas at NY Giants: Las Vegas New England at Carolina: New England Buffalo at Jacksonville: Buffalo Minnesota at Baltimore: Baltimore LA Chargers at Philadelphia: Chargers Green Bay at Kansas City: Kansas City Arizona a San Francisco: Arizona Tennessee at LA Rams: Rams Monday, November 8 Chicago at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh
  18. And Seth thought he could be all clever by showing only fronts of hands, not backs.
  19. How did you get Seth’s login info, Tami?
  20. Thursday, October 28 Green Bay at Arizona: Arizona (I have no idea what's happening in the game right now because I forgot it was Thursday night until right now, but feel free to not count this) Sunday, October 31 Carolina at Atlanta: Atlanta Miami at Buffalo: Buffalo San Francisco at Chicago: San Francisco Pittsburgh at Cleveland: Cleveland Philadelphia at Detroit: Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis: Tennessee Cincinnati at NY Jets: Cincinnati LA Rams at Houston: Rams New England at LA Chargers: Chargers Jacksonville at Seattle: Seattle Washington at Denver:
  21. 3 hours later and I feel pretty much back to normal, aside from my arm still being a bit sore. Good deal.
  22. We got the Moderna booster yesterday afternoon. My arm started hurting some in the evening, but wasn't too bad. I had trouble sleeping, unfortunately, and was definitely feeling aches in my muscles and joints overnight through this afternoon. I developed a low-grade fever this afternoon, but it isn't so bad. The main side effect that has been annoying this time is the nausea. I've wanted to eat some healthy food to help me feel better, but the nausea's just made it impossible for me to do that. I'm so glad I could work from home today. My wife got through the night okay, but felt mi
  23. It hurt some throughout the day yesterday, but now is mostly okay. I have to keep a band-aid on it, though, because a piece of the nail that got torn keeps wanting to stick up a little bit and gets caught on things if I'm not super careful. When it catches things, then it hurts suddenly. The band-aid is annoying, but at least stops that.
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