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  1. Amazing Red. Already happened, actually, I think. On that note, the original versus copycat Rey Mysterio or Amazing Red
  2. blatant Table matches or ladder matches?
  3. Bertha Faye Regal's old "Man's Man" theme or Big Show's music?
  4. JPW...backyard wrestling...not a good idea...at all. Even a lot of precaution can't stop injuries from happening. I've seen it happen. old-school territories or huge WWE-style feds?
  5. Ladder Casket Match or Inferno Match?
  6. Blue Panther Piledriver: Orndorf style or Undertaker style?
  7. Finkel and since DESTINY's got passed up: Steve Austins Stone cold Stunner or Vince McMahon Stunner?
  8. lowrider Taker's bike or Austin's atv?
  9. Vader Current walls of Jericho or old school walls?
  10. fireball HBK's elbow drop or Benoit's headbutt?
  11. now: face...altogether, though: heel He has to resort to degrading local teams and that type of deal to really get all that much heel heat now, which is just kind of restrictive. His old days as a heel, though, were great. la resistance or bashams?
  12. Raw, at the moment, due to it having some good promos of late in addition to matches. Smackdown's doing weill, though, and the only thing holding it down for me at the moment is that Angle and Guerrerro are both having to take it easy from wear and tear, which is unfortunate since we're only getting to see their mic work much ow, which is great, but is not the full package, which would be amazing since both men can deliver all around. Orton or Cena?
  13. I got some sleep. Maybe I won't be so ****ing irritable now.
  14. I stand by sleep Which i need to get Because i am irrational And you people are Just retards especially You yes You
  15. THE ****ING IRAQI CITIZENS DIDN'T DO IT. Go find the ****ing people in Al Queda. torture them all you want.
  16. oh great. the Jacen's mother Alias is back
  17. shutup supporter of the ****ers torturing the iraqis.
  18. you misspelled here. OH MY GOD!!! SO ****ING FUNNY!
  19. you sure did, you flaming *****.
  20. you didn't get any pleasure, did you?
  21. well that's ****ing good and all, but you **** with me, you don't get pleasure.
  22. true. but after dealing with ****ing retards like ChesireCat for the past week or so, I just am in no mood to be ****ed with.
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