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  1. 12 hours ago, Fozzie said:

    With more information provided since then, the Catholic schools use bussing from the public schools. Public schools are cancelled because they don't have anywhere near enough bus drivers. Our particular school doesn't use busses, because most students live within a mile of the school, but we're rare. So rather than piecemeal something together, they just cancelled everyone.

    The concern moving forward is going back to remote. Because Ohio is officially screwed.

    A similar bussing quirk happened with the catholic school in my home town. They used the same bus company, so they had the same days off as the public schools. 

    As a result, the Catholic school got off for Jewish holidays.

  2. Saturday, January 8

    Kansas City at Denver: Kansas City
    Dallas at Philadelphia: Dallas

    Sunday, January 9

    Cincy at Cleveland: Cincy
    Green Bay at Detroit: Green Bay
    Chicago at Minnesota: Minnesota
    Washington at NY Giants: Giants
    Indy at Jacksonville: Indy
    Pittsburgh at Baltimore: Baltimore
    Tennessee at Houston: Tennessee
    New Orleans at Atlanta: Atlanta
    NY Jets at Buffalo: Buffalo
    San Francisco at LA Rams: Rams
    New England at Miami: New England
    Seattle at Arizona: Arizona
    Carolina at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
    LA Chargers at Las Vegas: Las Vegas

  3. Sunday, January 2

    Atlanta at Buffalo: Buffalo
    NY Giants at Chicago: Giants
    Kansas City at Cincy: Kansas City
    Miami at Tennessee: Miami
    Las Vegas at Indy: Las Vegas
    Jacksonville at New England: New England
    Tampa Bay at NY Jets: Tampa Bay
    Philly at Washington: Philly
    LA Rams at Baltimore: Rams
    Denver at LA Chargers: Chargers
    Houston at San Francisco: San Francisco
    Arizona at Dallas: Dallas
    Carolina at New Orleans: New Orleans
    Detroit at Seattle: Seattle
    Minnesota at Green Bay: Green Bay

    Monday, January 3

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh: Cleveland

  4. That’s no good.  We haven’t gotten any case updates here since the 23rd.  I’m guessing the city may have given an extra day off for the holiday on Monday, so I hope we get updates today.  The county was already at around 100-120 cases per day and I can only imagine how bad it will be in the coming days.

    We are still planning to travel next week to go visit someone at another university.  I’m not super keen on going anywhere right now, but visiting one person at another school on winter break should be relatively safe. Hell, it’s probably safer than classes will be here in just another two weeks.

  5. Wow, I just got the results back already.  I am shocked at the speed here.  The test was negative.  Its good to know I can go back out now, though I also don't really want to be around people anyway.  There was a part of me that hoped it was omicron so that I could have it past me before the semester starts, but it's also good to know I have avoided it so far still, too.

    Makes me glad I just got a fresh pack of N95s.

  6. Thanks.  Got the test done okay on Sunday afternoon.  This was my first time getting tested.  The swab provoked a sneeze after going in each nostril.

    they told me it would be a 2-5 day wait now.  It would be great if it comes back on the shorter side, but I’m guessing it will be closer to 5 days.

    Fortunately, I’m feeling better now, too.  It’s been about 5 and a half days now since I first noticed anything that could be a symptom that was unusual for me.  This has definitely been at least a cold, not just allergies.


  7. I’ve had some cold symptoms the past few days, mainly congestion, a runny nose, post nasal drip, and an occasional cough.  Most have been things I usually have due to allergies and other sensitivities, but I haven’t usually had my nose running much and occasionally the cough seems different than usual.  I have also had some muscle pains, though I have also been super tense lately, so those don’t mean a whole lot.  I also briefly had a low grade fever one particularly emotional and nerve-wracking day, which was also the first day I figure I may have had some symptoms a little different than normal.

    I’ve been debating back and forth whether I should get tested since so many of the symptoms aren’t different than normal or can be explained by other things happening.  It’s been making my anxiety kick into high gear, though, or at least an even higher gear than it’s been in already, so I scheduled a test for tomorrow.

    As a big change from last year, my anxiety isn’t so much about what will happen to me if I have it.  I’m boosted and in much better health than I have been in years and if this is Omicron that I have, it’s not so bad.  I just want to know for myself so that if I am positive (a) I won’t infect others and (b) I can relax myself a bit in the future.

    Despite actually following the guidance or get tested, I feel kind of silly doing so since, if this were any other time before now, I wouldn’t even think about what I have being anything bad.

    The fucking anxiety kicks in for me regardless of whether I test, so I scheduled it for tomorrow.  Then, I imagine there will be a considerable weight due to backlogs.

  8. My wife has been really stressed out by a lot of things recently, so I got some bath bombs and salts for her to take nice, relaxing baths in.

    We didn’t do too much other gift exchanging, really, this year.  We bought a freestanding punching bag to both practice for karate and get out stress. We also bought a nice bidet seat for our toilet on Black Friday.  That thing is magical.  Neither was really intended to be for Christmas, but they may as well have been.

  9. Thursday, December 23

    San Francisco at Tennessee: San Francisco


    Saturday, December 25

    Cleveland at Green Bay: Green Bay
    Indy at Arizona: Arizona


    Sunday, December 26

    Detroit at Atlanta: Atlanta
    Baltimore at Cincy: Cincy (ewwwww)
    LA Rams at Minnesota: Rams
    Buffalo at New England: Buffalo
    Jacksonville at NY Jets: Jets
    NY Giants at Philly: Philly
    Tampa Bay at Carolina: Tampa Bay
    LA Chargers at Houston: Chargers
    Chicago at Seattle: Chicago
    Pittsburgh at Kansas City: Kansas City
    Denver at Las Vegas: Las Vegas
    Washington at Dallas: Dallas


    Monday, December 27

    Miami at New Orleans: New Orleans

  10. 18 hours ago, Gamevet said:

    Thursday, December 16

    Kansas City at LA Chargers


    Saturday, December 18

    New England at Indy

    Sunday, December 19

    Carolina at Buffalo: buffalo
    Arizona at Detroit: Arizona 
    NY Jets at Miami: Miami 
    Dallas at NY Giants: Dallas 
    Tennessee at Pittsburgh: Tennessee 
    Houston at Jacksonville: houston
    Cincy at Denver: cincy
    Atlanta at San Francisco: San Francisco
    Green Bay at Baltimore: Baltimore
    New Orleans at Tampa Bay: tamp bay

    Monday, December 20

    Las Vegas at Cleveland: Cleveland 

    Minnesota at Chicago: Chicago


    Tuesday, December 21


    Seattle at LA Rams: rams

    Washington at Philly: Philadelphia 


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