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  1. I don't' know about psychopaths, but at my last job the manager i was usually assigned under, and the owner of the business before that, definitely showed signs of borderline if not full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. Not sure where the line is between that and what most people call "control freak," but you don't fire a hard worker with a college education for not calling in, once, after an auto collision no less, unless you have some issues.
  2. Chappie. A. Planning to buy it. Gonna put the poster behind my Johnny Five figure. I really liked the part where Vincent crosses himself.
  3. I know, hence "fan speculation." While i've never read "Who Goes There?" i have seen the three Thing movies, and personally i'd rather fansplain the original into to prequeldom than have anything more to do with the "real" prequel. Perhaps the original was plant-like because the initial contact(before it froze) was with a plant.
  4. I've said before that i consider this movie a quasi-prequel to the Carpenter version, and while that hasn't changed I do have a very different take on the titular Thing itself than what I get from Carpenter's monster. This Thing feels very much more like a stranded traveler being hunted by malicious natives than a malicious force itself. Obviously i give the guy at the beginning a pass for opening fire(this was the 1950s after all), but after that it's clear the soldiers want to kill the visitor simply for being alien. The final scene in particular seems like outright murder. As Carrington
  5. Holy sh**, Jack! http://www.amazon.com/Big-Trouble-Little-China-ReAction/dp/B00SZHSYZI/ref=sr_1_189?ie=UTF8&qid=1423078619&sr=8-189&keywords=ReAction+Retro+Action+Figures
  6. used to do that. sadly you can only watch Monkey with 72 Magic so many times.
  7. sum nice-ass sh!*. yeah, I'm a fan now.
  8. yup. i saw it for the first time under the influence. it was amazing.
  9. lol but adblock hurts small businesses! Anyway, it seems fine now. i dunno. It's not like they're technically bootlegging anymore, is it? Aren't they the official site for the simulcast of the Sailor Moon remake=?(which i'm loving btw)
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