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  1. They're not giving up the game by telling us Rey is a Skywalker or that Luke is being brought back. Rey isn't a Skywalker. It would be too big of a retcon. Would undermine every Rey/Luke scene from TLJ.


    Skywalker becomes the new term for what we know as "Jedi." Whether intentionally or just based on the "legends" that get passed down (hello there child re-enacting Luke facing down the entire first order at the end of TLJ!).


    Revenge of the Sith

    Return of the Jedi

    The Rise of Skywalker


    Who are you?

    Rey: "I'm a Skywalker"

    *roll credits*

    This is a great idea.


    Also really cool that the medal they focus in on at one point is the medal that was given at the end of A New Hope.

    Good catch. It looks like it might be that Leia is the one that is holding it.


    Also...what was that huge thing in the ocean? It looked like the Death Star, but I thought both of them got vaporized.


    Looks pretty clearly like death star wreckage, yeah.

  3. I'm actually more excited about this than the Mandalorian shows. Really liked his character in Rogue One and I'd love to see more. The spy aspect seems like it would fit great.


    As for sub par CGI on television. Game of Thrones has proven that with enough of a budget, you can make very convincing cgi, even convincing cgi creatures. These upcoming shows have a larger budget. Mandalorian is a 10 episode, 100 million budget. Which is right on par with recent seasons of GoT.

  4. Man, that is really terrible news to hear. I remember him mostly around Final Fantasy and games in general. He was always great to me and had a lot of interesting takes on things. I remember he wrote up a proper video game review of my Basketweaver game and put it up on an unadvertised page of RPGamer.com (I think that was the site). Later on, his boss or whoever found it and asked him what the hell it was. I can't imagine how that conversation must have went, but it made me laugh.


    He will certainly be missed.

  5. I even liked Yoda-- though I wish'd they used a puppet.




    That wasn't a puppet Yoda? There was no doubt in my mind that they did indeed use a puppet for that. I thought Yoda looked great, save for the very first reveal of his face. I dunno if it was the lighting or what, but he looked very plasticy and toy like on the first shot, though all the closer shots were fine.



    I have a lot of thoughts on this but one that I think would have helped, if Laura Derns character had maybe told her plan of holding out just long enough to make it to Crait. Maybe during the "chase" , Leia and co look at the closest systems and see that in the distance was Crait, an old rebel base. "It's a little far but I think we can make it there"


    They could have used the remaining fuel to then hyperspace jump there. (OR hyperspace jump all 3 ships to 3 different locations, but that is a whole other thing.) Knowing the First Order would track them, they could try to get onto the planet quickly and set up a final fight there. Instead of losing most of their crew to pointless space fire, they could have put all their power into a last stand and gotten a more substantial battle there until Luke shows up to turn the tide briefly.


    I think this would have eliminated a lot of the slow busy work and very dull Canto Bight sequence and turned it instead into a battle with more chances for our characters to act in meaningful ways.


    I've no clue why he shot up Saw Gerrera's guy though. I must have missed something there. Any help guys?

    It sure as **** got their attention, which I don't think would have happened if they'd just started shooting stormtroopers. Just a couple of opportunistic trigger happy anti-Imperials if they'd done that, but by shooting that guy, Cassian made sure Gerrera's people noticed them.


    That's the way I saw it, as it really didn't make sense to me until I thought about it.


    I thought it was obvious that Saws guy was going to chuck that grenade at the tank. Jyn was leaning up against the tank for cover, so he shot the guy so he wouldn't kill Jyn.

  7. I have lots of thoughts, but I'm super glad they didn't make Jyn and Cassian kiss toward the end. When they were going down the elevator, I thought for a second that they would. The quick hand hold at the very end was fine, but they did not come anywhere close to earning a kiss, so I'm glad they resisted the urge to put one in there.


    Leia looked a bit off to me, and Tarkin was good. He was a bit uncanny valley in the close up shots, but anything mid range or more passed the test. Also, he seemed really tall to me. Was he this tall in ANH? I'll have to go look.

  8. Excellent! Hope you are liking the PS4 in general so far. Until Dawn was a lot of fun. I thought it got better as it went along and was great throughout. So you are in for a good time!

  9. Far Harbor was fine. THAT ONE quest really took me out of it though as it wasn't what I pay Fallout for. Like at all. lol


    The choices you could make were nice. I thought the setting was a bit bland and it ran really awful any time there was fog on screen. Which was a whole lot.

  10. I saw it in the theater and I enjoyed it. I thought the acting was pretty good. The plot was interesting but I thought it really fell apart in the last 20 or so minutes. The psychological suspense stuff leading up to it was all great though. John Goodman was stand out creepy throughout.

  11. I'm just going to say it. TFA was Chewie's best movie, and I suspect it had something to do with not Peter Mayhew playing him everywhere. I never super cared for Chewie either way. If he's in te Han movie I hope the new guy plays him.

    Pretty sure the new guy will be there. At the very least for all the scenes where Chewie is not sitting or laying down.

  12. http://variety.com/2016/film/news/alden-ehrenreich-han-solo-spinoff-star-wars-1201754043/



    Disney and LucasFilm have found their new Han Solo.

    “Hail, Caesar!” thesp Alden Ehrenreich has been tapped to star in the “Star Wars”-universe standalone movie revolving around Han Solo, sources tell Variety. Deadline Hollywood first reported that Ehrenreich was the frontrunner to land the role, and sources have now confirmed that he’s set to play the rebel smuggler, originally portrayed by Harrison Ford.
    Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing with Kathleen Kennedy producing.
    No plot details have been revealed, other than that the film will be set prior to “Star Wars: A New Hope,” like the other standalone pic “Rogue One.” Production is not expected to begin until January. Sources told Variety earlier this year that the reason for the January start may be so that the character may cameo in “Rogue One,” giving the production time to shoot the scene that introduces the new Han Solo.
    The film will bow on May 25, 2018. The latest movie in the blockbuster franchise, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” opened in December.

    While “Hail, Caesar!” was underwhelming at the box office, Ehrenreich was applauded by critics for his breakout performance. He is repped by CAA.



    I guess he kinda looks the part. I've never actually seen him in anything though, so I'm going into this blind. I guess since he is cast, this gives them enough time to fit him in for a cameo in Rogue One if they still wanted to do that. I sort of hope that they stay away from it though.

  13. The demo is pretty short, but it's fun enough. They have made a lot of improvements from the previous demo though, for sure. Button layouts, how some of the combat works, etc. All the trailers look great. September 30th can't come soon enough.

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