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  1. /waves goodbye to a small fortune. /waves hello to my first home.

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    2. TuskenRaider


      Thanks guys. It's exciting and terrifying all at once. lol

    3. Jedi Cool

      Jedi Cool

      It's all those signatures on all those papers that does most of the terrifying, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure my soul was signed away on page 46 of our paperwork.


    4. TuskenRaider


      Yes. While I'm mildly aware of what I'm signing, it all becomes a haze after awhile and I'm simply looking for all the X's on the page. Though the home inspection was today and it went pretty flawlessly. The roof, AC, Furnace and all appliances and bathroom fixtures are 3 years old or less. So that will save me a lot of cash. lol

  2. Bleh. Cancer sucks.

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    2. TuskenRaider


      Thanks guys. She's still hanging in there, but the message I got from the hospital was 'doing much worse.' so it could be any minute at this point. Just so ridiculous, a couple weeks ago you wouldn't even think anything was wrong at all.

    3. Iceheart
    4. TuskenRaider


      She hung on about 7 days longer than the doctors predicted after removing the IVs and taking her back home. Tough old gal, but she is gone now. :( Very sad.

  3. Tornado damage to my car totals $3,914.51. Awesome!

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Ouch. I hope you like ramen.

    2. TuskenRaider


      My deductible is $500, so I'm only out $500 and my insurance company is out $3,400. But I'm still angry! They estimated 30 hours of work, so I have to find a car to use for a week. :(

  4. Half the city out of power, trees uprooted, cars blown over and MY car partially smashed by a branch. Hooray for storms.

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      0_0 At least you have the internet? You weren't inside your car? You can exact VENGEANCE on your neighbor and blame it on the storm?

    2. TuskenRaider


      Yeah, luckily I have power! But literally it's a few block radius near my house and that's it. Hospital and stuff is completely down. I was not in my car, but it still makes me very sad. I'm out at least $500 for my deductible. I would LOVE to exact vengeance on the neighbor. I hate him fiercely!

  5. Giant bunny shaped marshmellows + peanut butter cups, while great on their own are disgusting bedfellows.

  6. Haha, I have not seen the movie, but I remember the commercials for it when it came out, and it looked hilariously ridiculous.

  7. I don't know how well posting links works in here, but copy and paste as needed.


  8. Yes, they are fantasgreat. Though it's been ages since I looked through them.

    And I dunno about a whole Sheep suicide BOOK, but I should have some time later, maybe I will feel compelled to draw up a couple.

  9. Well maybe I just deleted all of the NEW comments, did you think about that?!

    But that would be a lie. Nobody has liked me since 2007 apparently. It was a good streak.

    So thanks for the comment, pal!

    As for the suffering sheep, maybe you should make those up for real. Like those books that show bunnies getting killed in lots of weird ways It co...

  10. the censor is still active in there.

  11. Hey yo! I'm commenting to you because you're like never around anymore and you need to be. So you might wanna work on that.

  12. :Chases a wayward racoon into your profile: HA! Got you now! .. err.. uhh.. where am I? :looks around curiously, and notices you: Oh. heh.. hi there... :waves meekly:

  13. I'm leaving you a comment because it says you don't have one! This can't be! *ahem* okay. So here is the comment... :thinks: :thinks some more: Ummm.. what is your opinion on the political ramifications of catsup?

  14. Get out of here with that cabbageface garbage!

  15. Even though it will likely be a year or more before you actually _See_ this comment, I'd like to mention that the fact you list "Dairy Products" in your interests amuses me greatly. :)

    Oh, and Hi!

  16. Thanks for the happy birthday, April.

  17. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

  18. Ouch!


    :inquizative look:

    :plots evilly:

  19. :poke:


    Hi. ^_^

  20. Ahoy ye scalleywag, la dee da and all that, I've decided to leave you a comment and a friend-add, because your profile is looking a bit too bare for my liking, savvy?

    I accept skittles as an admirable form of payback ;)

  21. This profile has a distinct odor of snowpants.

  22. I'm leaving you a comment cause you're cool and deserve one!

  23. Hey baby, how come you don't ever call? ;)

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