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  1. /waves goodbye to a small fortune. /waves hello to my first home.

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    2. TuskenRaider


      Thanks guys. It's exciting and terrifying all at once. lol

    3. Jedi Cool

      Jedi Cool

      It's all those signatures on all those papers that does most of the terrifying, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure my soul was signed away on page 46 of our paperwork.


    4. TuskenRaider


      Yes. While I'm mildly aware of what I'm signing, it all becomes a haze after awhile and I'm simply looking for all the X's on the page. Though the home inspection was today and it went pretty flawlessly. The roof, AC, Furnace and all appliances and bathroom fixtures are 3 years old or less. So that will save me a lot of cash. lol

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