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  1. Maybe the laser bolts we see on screen are just tracer rounds. Shields apparently allow visible light through, but may block other wavelengths. UV or x-ray lasers would be invisible and the shields may reflect them. We would never know without technobabble.
  2. I imagine that coordinating shield behavior across an entire planet must result in some lag due to signal travel time. They refresh the shield generators fractionally, i.e., some are on and some are off on a rotating basis. Maybe the size of the planet determines the fractional refresh rate, and since Han is a preternaturally lucky pilot (he established that in the Hoth asteroid field) he slipped through. I wonder if the shield around Scarif had a fractional refresh rate. Maybe the rebels could have slipped through if they had that information back then.
  3. Mitochondria. Midichlorians. Tomato. Potato.
  4. And the midi-chlorians connect the "luminous beings" to the "crude matter". I'm not convinced the new crop of filmmakers consider it to be a mistake as much as it just isn't a relevant concept lately.
  5. The fandom's response is disproportionate to the actual time allotted to midi-chlorians in the story. Personally, I don't see how the concept of a biological connection to the force undermines the ethos of the entire series.
  6. Can't penetrate plot armor, I suppose, unless it has a fractional refresh rate. I was remembering the asteroid bombardment of the Narn homeworld in B5, too! It's all for fun, of course! I'll borrow your numbers, more or less. Let's say an X-wing fighter is about 10,000 kg of mass (I imagine those hyperdrives are pretty dense). We can't get it to exactly lightspeed, but let's say it managed to reach 99.9% of c in real space. If it hit a Star Destroyer, and if I calculated the energy correctly, I get about 2 x 1022 joules (about 20 zettajoules). That's about 30 million times the energy relea
  7. I believe him, but if we are going to be sticklers, a bit of documentation from GL's working notes or draft scripts would be helpful. If he just had a conversation with Hamill about the biological side of the Jedi connection the force, maybe he didn't have the full-blown midi-chlorian concept in mind, but every idea starts somewhere. I don't hate the midi-chlorians as a concept. How else could the force be strong in family? If there weren't a biological component to it, then wouldn't people be randomly force-sensitive? Even in the old EU, there were sensors for detecting force sensitivity in
  8. If the ship has "fractional refresh rate" shields, then sure the X-wings will get through and go splat on the hull instead, maybe taking out the shield generators, or the bridge. If the shields are not "fractional refresh rate" type, then they'll go splat on the shields. You're wrong about the mass and infinity - nothing has infinite mass, ever, under any conditions. Better to refer to momentum instead of mass, which will increase without limit as the object approaches c (but it still won't be infinite). A pebble moving at the same relativistic speed as a planet will still have very diffe
  9. Yeah, and it works. They have done so much to incorporate the TOS looks and sounds that they've earned the right to visually update pretty much anything they want. The phasers are dead-on accurate for the era, the captain's chair, the tricorders, the computer displays (at least the fonts), the sickbay set, all of it harkens back as much as possible to the original series that I'm actually a little surprised at how well it fits. I'm looking forward to the depiction of a Constitution-class vessel on the show (outside of a wire-frame graphic).
  10. It was fun! It was funny! "'Captain Killy?' That's not very clever." It went exactly the way I expected, save for one real twist (literally and metaphorically). Looks like the Constitution-class ships are slightly different in this iteration of Trek. The outline of the Defiant was sporting some extra features on the nacelles and the deflector dish more closely resembled the movie version. That's sure to upset some fanboys (fanpeople?).
  11. That was not Finn's introduction to the audience. We had seen him at the village already. If I recall correctly, he was even called by "name" by Captain Phasma. Unless getting named "Finn" is supposed to be his real introduction to the story? When was Poe's name first used? I don't recall. I thought he was named in the opening crawl, but he wasn't.
  12. Starkiller Base's shields had a fractional refresh rate (whatever that is), allowing Han's trick to work. It can't be true for all shields, else why would Han need to specify "their shields"? Attaching hyperdrives to rocks, though - sure, why not? Well, if droid brains are installed on every ship, why is a crew needed? All those life-support systems could be replaced with weapons, and those soft, squishy organics with impossibly slow reflexes are just hampering the ships' abilities to fight effectively. Newton's second law does not hold at relativistic speeds, so I can't tell you h
  13. How precise are hyperspace maneuvers, anyway? Was Holdo taking a last ditch effort that had a low probability of working, or is that kind of hyperspace ramming always going to work? Of course we are asking about this in the context of a universe with technology to destroy whole planets and they still have to put living beings on their ships. Why isnt every ship equipped with a droid brain, allowing it to operate independently? And of course in Star Trek, the idea of transporting across light years was established long before STID. It didnt remove the need for starships.
  14. It seems to me that if the detail is something the director has to "worry" about, it should be covered in the film, else it's not really worth any attention. I would think that directors have enough to do without coordinating story-telling with other media.
  15. Maybe he could read Rey and Kylo "like books", but he missed the punctuation. "I will kill, Supreme Leader" versus "I will kill Supreme Leader".
  16. If Johnson was asked about his ideas for the backstory he was imagining for TLJ, then Tank is still correct. No one would ever try to get a director to incorporate the details from a novel into a film plot. The information only flows one-way.
  17. I think that would be a good idea, actually. As I recall, the Hitler relatives did decide to end the family line, not just not talk to the kids about it, which tells you how much one man's actions emotionally scarred his relatives. And it's not like that kind of evil is genetic. I just can't see anyone within one generation of someone as evil as Vader being able to talk about his life and actions dispassionately. Maybe if Ben Solo had not strayed into the dark side, and eventually had children of his own, he may have been able to tell the tale of Anakin/Vader with some emotional distance, with
  18. Though I'm not Tank, I think the general consensus in the fandom about lightsabers is that they are plasma-based bladed weapons, with the plasma of the blade contained in a magnetic field. This explains why they do not become infinitely long, and why they do not pass through other lightsabers. They are not literally "laser swords", and the blade is not completely massless. Oh, yes. Artoo! Still, I doubt that Artoo can convey to Luke and Leia the events of the prequels exactly as they were portrayed to the audience, particularly Anakin's internal conflict. As for Leia, Han and Uncle Luke
  19. I find it very believable that Luke and Leia may have been very reticent to discuss what they knew of Anakin/Vader. And what did they really know? Unless they got an infodump off-screen (some EU novel, no doubt) they knew almost nothing about Anakin's life.
  20. I doubt Snoke had the same view of Vader as the audience did. What would Snoke or even Kylo really know of Anakin's internal conflict? If they're cut lines, do we count them? Everything I heard from Snoke in TLJ indicated a reverence for Vader, at least as a legend if not a historical figure. Sort of how Luke was more remembered as a bigger-than-life Jedi Master, rather than a man.
  21. Yes, I think so. At least I was satisfied. I almost want more. I could stand to learn more about how the Fourth Age unfolds.
  22. 21. American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson 22. A Memory of Light (WoT #14). All done! Feels odd that I don't have another door stopper fantasy novel to read.
  23. Easiest to attribute things to magnetic fields. Even a dreadnaught isnt big enough to have a substantial gravitational field.
  24. Exactly, Tank! Thank you! Yet some people will insist that Reylo is romantic rather than creepy!
  25. But what would Rey get out of the relationship?
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