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  1. SO the interior of the Falcon used to be gleaming white, and Lando had a full beard. Reminds me of Firefly, with the futuristic train and hovercars, etc. Reason enough to look forward to it.
  2. ^Ilium! I enjoyed that book! Maybe I should read it again this year.
  3. The oldest complaint about entertainment. Can't anyone come up with any original ones?
  4. Thanks for starting this thread, Cashmere! 1. Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. I haven't read it in years, and though I remembered the gist of the story, I had forgotten enough to make it interesting again. In progress - The Journals of Lewis and Clark, edited by John Bakeless. It's been in my to-read pile for many years (since Borders closed, I think), so I figured it was about time I read it. Next up - Green Mars by KSR
  5. I think a leader should know their immediate subordinates. Anakin/Vader was at least a competent military commander, and would know the names and abilities of his Star Destroyer captains. He probably picked them himself.
  6. You kinda did say it was Kennedys fault, by hating her explicitly and saying that you would change your opinion of her if she re-canoninized Legends.
  7. There are definitely no Wookiees in the Lucasfilm or Disney production teams. Probably no Sullastans, Bothans, Rodians, Hutts, Gamorreans, Ugnaughts, Kaminoans, or Geonosians, either. Institutional species-ism is at fault, no doubt. At least they're not hiring 'droids, though, and taking jobs away from hard-working organics.
  8. What's the politically correct waiting period?
  9. 1. Write your own fan fiction, unless Kennedy is barring you from doing so. Is she? 2. WTF? Is Star Wars only for white cisgender males?
  10. What's the target demographic? How young is too young for children to see fictional characters die? If Filoni can't kill his characters off, someone else will.
  11. I can believe it. Kylo couldn't even tell Luke was a projection on Crait.
  12. I wasn't looking for a technobabble (magical-babble?) explanation. Snoke used the force to bridge Kylo's and Rey's minds. That's sufficient. Luke closed himself off from the force - that was a deliberate choice. We've never seen anyone punished by removing their force abilities, though. I acknowledge that all force abilities are pretty much at the writers' discretion, so if that's what ends up happening, then it's clearly possible for it to be done. Since there is a biological basis for force sensitivity, though, that approach to "stripping" Kylo of his abilities would seem to require at least
  13. How does one get stripped of the force? Do they get their midi chlorians removed?
  14. Sure. Hux has control of the military. Whether Hux is competent or not isn't the issue, it's whether Hux could get enough officers to support him against Kylo to be dangerous. Why wait for him to become an active threat, when Kylo can just kill him and take charge directly? Not that Kylo would seem to be all that competent as a military commander himself (how many turbolasers does it take to kill a Jedi master anyway?) If Vader might do it, I think we can bet that Kylo would try it, but not be as good at it.
  15. Not just different wavelengths. Completely different waves in completely different media (pun intended).
  16. Interesting idea Q. I like it. Alternatively, but in the same vein, Kylo kills Hux before he can become a threat to his rule and powerbase (maybe by setting him up for failure in an attack, or by sending him on a suicidal mission). Kylo might think this course of action - kill all potential rivals - would be one Vader would take. Rather than cementing his rule, though, it may cause mass defections (or at least internal strife) in the First Order, weakening them at just the right time to allow a fatal blow from the Resistance (or is it the Rebellion).
  17. So Star Wars stories are not merely fictional, but meta-fictional now? Headache-inducing hoop jumping for something that's supposed to be a modern myth. I don't think any ancient mythology had people worrying this much about canonicity.
  18. All the actors could play 10+ years older easily, even without added gray or wrinkles. It's not as if their ages are well established anyway. But I doubt they'll specify any exact time span, any more than they did with ESB (I don't recall any dialogue specifying three years since ANH).
  19. Well that's just weird. It's an official movie, not fan fiction. To stay on topic - I almost want to revisit the original Star Wars novel, and maybe even some of the other old EU novels I have lying around. Then I'll get rid of them.
  20. Your point is I'm wrong and everybody complains about everything equally. I just find that really hard to believe. From pop culture references in other movies, to YouTube and podcast rants, to fan convention panel guest snark, to individual convos, the one thing people bitch about way more than anything else is midi-chlorians. If that wasn't the case I wouldn't be so mystified about this is. If the amount of bitching was equal across the board there wouldn't be a mystery here. Although I think some of the comments here are probably on the right track about why. Perhaps because of your own
  21. I couldn't find any references to the masses of Star Destroyers, either. On further consideration, it might not help much to know the mass. I was using the gravitational binding energy of a planet to estimate the amount of energy needed to blow it apart. Star Destroyers aren't held together by gravity, though so I can't go that route. The mass would help us estimate the density, though, and from that the likely composition of the hull (assuming some percentage of the ship is filled with air, or even vacuum). It could be that the ships are built out of much lighter and stronger composites rathe
  22. Yeah. I know Z. Thanks though. Joke fell flat I guess.
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