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  1. 2. Green Mars by KSR. Less science fiction, more social fiction, which is interesting, too, but not quite the "antidote" to the WoT fantasy I was looking for. Robinson is well-known for his harder science fiction, and while he doesn't break any laws of physics in the story, he stretches them pretty far. He has the terraforming of Mars raising the surface temperature 50 K over the course of a century, which would take something like 100 GW annually (not to mention hundreds of billions of dollars). Not impossible, but a significant amount of effort. On to Blue Mars, while still reading The Jou
  2. Yeah, I knew what you were talking about. The idea was rather silly - they didn't want to spend the money on visual effects (like the ones used on DIS) to emphasize the communications were holographic but they didn't want the audience to think the character had beamed in and was actually present, so they came up with the clunky box-on-the-floor solution. They didn't need to call attention to the tech, but of course they did, and so everyone thinks it was new. Same as Riker being impressed by the holodeck in the TNG premiere, when there was no reason to signal the audience to be impressed by ha
  3. If you watch TNG again, you may notice that the Enterprise's viewscreen is holographic. It's subtle, but when the viewscreen is shown from any angle other than face-on, the view on the screen is angled appropriately. So holographic communication has been present since TNG season 1. Clearly there's a fundamental disagreement about the latest Trek - the ongoing debate about what is "real" Trek (an Enterprise without Kirk? A Trek that doesn't go anywhere? An Enterprise we'd never heard of before?) - and that's interesting to explore. There's an Ars Technica article on the season finale of Di
  4. Nepotism and networking aren't the same thing.
  5. I don't see how. Are his parents famous? Or any of his relatives?
  6. Canon isn't something to follow, it's a collection of works. By definition Star Trek: Discovery is canon, because it's an official production. Stories in any canon may not necessarily have perfect continuity - does William Shatner play James R. or James T. Kirk? Do Trill have forehead ridges or spots? Was Captain April a real commanding officer of the Enterprise, or not? Not to mention all the fanon ideas that are out there, like the idea that Spock was the first Vulcan (or is he a Vulcanian?) in Starfleet, or that gold-pressed latinum is not replicatable. I do know what you mean, though. Y
  7. I'm thinking that no matter what, at least this movie will give us more time with the Falcon. I've always liked seeing the interior of the ship. The more time spent aboard the better.
  8. If they kill Chewie off, he best be eaten by porgs. Karma, you know.
  9. Why not? Everyone dies. Wedge is a good candidate for a heroic death. Unless he's enjoying the retirement home in Space Florida.
  10. How many more movies did you expect them to make with a 66-year old Hamill and a 75-year-old Harrison Ford?
  11. If ROTS really did give us a glimpse of the Falcon, then by the time of Solo she has to be at least 15 years old, if the story is at least 5 years before ANH. I guess Lando really does like to keep his ship pristine. Certainly matches the aesthetic of Cloud City, which may be why he ended up there!
  12. The new (old, I suppose, or original) dish is apparently circular, but flush with the hull, making it harder to spot (and less likely to get knocked off, I guess). I wonder if the Falcon we will see in Solo is a stock, off-the-assembly-line model, or whether it has been upgraded and embellished by Lando and is no longer really "stock". I don't recall whether the mandibles and dish were there in the brief glimpse we got of the freighter in ROTS. Certainly Han is a lot harder on the vessel than Lando appears to have been. Between Solo and ESB, "what have you done to my ship?!" is a more in
  13. If 10 writing and production teams each took 10 years to develop their movies, and their starting times were staggered, then each release could have a decade of development while still having a film released every year. Granted, I know only what Tank tells us about the inside of the Hollywood production scene, but my mathematics is sound.
  14. OK, I can see where the attitude comes from now. I guess even I had that stance early on (according to this very thread). But whether it is good and whether people will like it are two different things. Lots of critics loved TLJ. I did too. But the "fans"...the usual expectations and desires of fans seems to have not been met. Having expectations about Star Wars is generally a bad idea, in my opinion, as it will inevitably lead to disappointment. Unless you're the fan who gets to make the movie - then you'll just catch a lot of flak from other fans for not making their movie.
  15. No, I don't game much anymore. I would love to see the data on quality and release frequency, though. Not sure the relationship must hold for other media though.
  16. And I believe I said somewhere that there will soon be 2 or even 3 movies a year. I'm not sure why people think there's a link between frequency of release and quality of story. I'm sure there are different people working on the stories, so creative burnout shouldn't be a problem. Only real Star Wars fans would be this upset about a story about a beloved character.
  17. Tim Zahn did NOT come up with Qwi Xux. That was from the Jedi Academy trilogy. Don't insult him like that. Oh. I see. Carry on then. Still, the apostrophe wasn't strictly necessary, was it? Qi'ra - Qira - Kira. Should've just called her Bria. Chalup - Solo is no moron, of course. He just doesn't always think before doing something.
  18. ^That's what Zahn wants you to think! The same guy who came up with Bpfassh and Qwi Xux must've come up with Qi'ra. The apostrophe is a dead giveaway!!
  19. Kira is a real name. I don't think Star Trek has a copyright (or whatever) on the name. I suspect Timothy Zahn snuck (sneaked?) into the studio and replaced Kira with Qi'ra in the scripts.
  20. Apparently it is now Qi'ra, just to be "exotic", I suppose. Did Timothy Zahn take a crack at the script, or what?
  21. I know you didn't, Odine. Anyway, he probably doesn't have Harrison Ford's chin scar, either. Wonder if they'll cover that detail the way they did in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This won't be the first time someone has to play a younger version of Ford's character. I don't recall there being so much uproar about casting a young Indy, for instance.
  22. It's not wrong, Chalup, I just don't see where you're pulling this "worry" from. Doesn't seem "idiocy" on Han Solo's part is going to be a problem. And, Odine, sorry to say - you're just getting old. Star Wars has never been more than battles, humor, spaceships, and droids. They're the je ne sais quoi of Star Wars. It's a not a philosophical masterpiece of drama and characterization.
  23. Wow, Han Solo and Homer Simpson are practically interchangeable. I always have arguments with my friends about which one likes donuts more. Maybe this film will settle that discussion.
  24. Considering the rumor (?) that original film directors were let go because the film's tone was too humorous, I don't think Han Solo will be "too much" of a goofball. He's not going to be 70-year-old Han Solo serious, though. Snarky, and maybe more overconfident than in his later years, but he wouldn't be Han Solo if he wasn't a cocky scoundrel.
  25. What's with all the downer attitudes? It's a Star Wars film - it'll have battles, humor, spaceships, and droids. What more does anyone need from a blockbuster film? It's better than getting a Boba Fett film, or a documentary on Old Republic Senate procedures.
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