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  1. "Scissorpunch" sounds like a nickname.
  2. 3. Blue Mars by KSR. It was pretty good. I enjoyed the depiction of high technology, like transparent dams the thickness of paper, and constant acceleration spaceships that reduced the travel time to Mars from months to days, but it was a bit of slog at times. The characters grew very philosophical in their superold age, and I guess I just wasn't interested in the memory problems of the superelderly that was the primary focus of the last third, or so, of the novel. I probably won't re-read this one for a few years. 4. The Journals of Lewis and Clark edited by John Bakeless. Sometimes dry an
  3. Meryl Streep could play Han Solo and I wouldn't complain.
  4. Ha! That's what I felt when I finished AMoL. But at this point, 3 months later, I barely remember the plot and don't miss the slog. You'll get there soon.
  5. How much of that "revisionism" is simply stuff that just doesn't match your own pre-conceived notions of Han's backstory (I.e., head canon)?
  6. I have never approved a $125 million budget for Monster Trucks. What if it had been set in the 24th century?
  7. It's in a book. What difference does it make? I assume the writer of the film's novelization didn't write the script for Solo.
  8. No clue. They didn't invite me to the meeting. Do I seriously need to justify that the Hollywood powers-that-be are not infallible? No, you don't have to justify that Hollywood producers are infallible. Tanks posts here, and we know he's almost but not quite infallible. But you do have to justify that you are less infallible than they are.
  9. It was a mistake! So, are the Hollywood powers-that-be too proud to admit it, do you suppose? If there were even more money to be made from TNG-era Trek, why wouldn't they pursue it?
  10. Why would anyone ever need to freeze carbon? It's already a stable solid at standard temperature and pressure.
  11. Vader remarked that Luke was "impressive", so he wasn't too basic. How much could even Obi-wan teach Luke in the short time available? Though, now that I think about it, Vader may have assumed Luke was in training with Kenobi since birth. Then from that perspective Luke wouldn't be as far along as Vader would have expected.
  12. Possibly the carbonite freezing equipment at Cloud City was not optimized for the process of putting humans into hibernation. It clearly could do the job, after who knows how much tinkering, and needed to be tested (and possibly adjusted further) before Vader would confidently use it on Luke. Why the process leaves a bas-relief of the individual inside it is what I want to know. It's creepy.
  13. March 14 is also Einstein's birthday.
  14. Enterprise was set in the 22nd century, and what do you know, they're not likely to make a movie set in that era either. Star Trek is lots of things, but when it tried to be more sci-fi like in The Motion Picture, it just didn't perform well. When it became an action flick in a sci-fi setting with Wrath of Khan, it did better. So do you suppose the producers should ignore the formulas that work and focus on the difficult-to-please Trek fans with an artistic science fiction-y vision instead? Actually, that's something I want to know - what would be a good formula for a Star Trek film, or ev
  15. Yeah, that's why I admit there may not be a fourth nu-Trek film. But the franchise is still on TV, so it's not dead, because someone somewhere decided it's still profitable enough to keep going. I expect they'll try another film at some point, too. I just don't think it'll be set in the 24th century or later. Star Trek: Nemesis made sure of that. I was comparing the franchises' totals, and you're just comparing the latest installments. Apples and oranges. The next installment of any film franchise could tank.
  16. The Bond franchise has 24 films over the last 56 years, with another coming out soon, but with two significant breaks in releases (6 years between License to Kill and Goldeneye, and 4 years between Die Another Day and Casino Royale), with 6 different actors playing the role, and has a box office of over $7 billion so far. Whenever the producers want to raise interest in Bond again, they just need to recast the role. Doctor Who has 840 episodes spread out over 55 years, with a sixteen year hiatus broken by only one failed pilot/movie, not to mention two non-canonical feature films, and four spi
  17. Star Trek is doing as well as any 50+ year old franchise with 700+ episodes and 13 feature films can do. What exactly do you expect of the franchise? TOS itself didn't do "all that well" on its original run, barely getting a third season. "Not doing all that well" may as well be considered a feature of the Trek franchise at this point.
  18. Do you suppose there'd be an uproar about re-casting Picard et al. like there was for recasting Kirk and company? Because I don't. I don't think a TNG-era Trek reboot would generate a fraction of the interest that the current TOS era focus has generated.
  19. What difference does past availability make? It's all available on Netflix now. A person of any age can be introduced to TOS as easily as TNG. I wonder which of the Trek shows gets more streaming views.
  20. The people who make art and the people who make war aren't generally the same people, though. Maybe if Leonardo da Vinci had also been a master strategist, studying his body of artwork would help in facing him in a battle, but how does appreciating sculpture help plan a space battle? It didn't make any sense the first time I read Heir to the Empire. What is a Marg Sabl maneuver anyway, and how come Elomin can't deal with it, and just how do the Elomin art forms reveal anything about their abilities in space combat? Wouldn't reading a text on Elomin military history be more effective than looki
  21. No doubt I did miss Zahn's message. But I don't see how studying a species' art would be more helpful than studying their psychology directly, or better yet, their historical military tactics and strategies.
  22. Thrawn's brilliance is based on the idea that one can predict General Patton's next move by studying the Mona Lisa. If you find that plausible, I don't know what to tell you.
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