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    Royal wedding

    You're just mad you didn't get invited.
  2. No. I tried the first season, but when they skipped from the initial outbreak to an isolated survivor community, I rather gave up. I watched up to the first season finale. I do like Garret Dillahunt, so maybe I quit too soon. I can't imagine it would be too hard to jump in even now, though. How much backstory is really needed?
  3. All of the boards are getting quiet. There's plenty to complain about even so. There's just no point in complaining here, to you.
  4. Fine. I was too far out of the box. I'm skeptical of the whole thing. Killing off all the characters with sequels and not the ones with fulfilled contracts, just to be surprising...it's either brilliant or stupid. I'm irked that there's a big red reset button just waiting to be pushed, and I'm not fully confident that the writers will be able to make the reset feel worth it or earned in Avengers 4. If none of it happened, then where's the character growth? Are the characters that died going to remember it after being resurrected? We will see.
  5. Easter eggs are by definition "blink and you'll miss it", so what? I didn't know a set up had a required minimum duration. The infinity gauntlet was an Easter egg in Thor; did that not count towards the set up of future stories?
  6. Shuri has been the Black Panther in the comics. Donald Glover in SM: Homecoming played the uncle of Miles Morales, another kid who became Spider-Man. So successors to the roles are already set up if needed.
  7. I was just looking at the story situation from a different angle for fun. I'm sure Holland and Boseman will be great for years to come. It's just interesting that replacements are in the wings for both already.
  8. Production-wise, they'll somehow resurrect the characters that are early in contract and popular. Though GotG 3 could be set between GotG 2 and IW. Spidey and Panther have replacements in the wings. They probably won't be brought in that soon, but...I don't know. Story-wise, it's hard to see how future movies could just ignore a post-apocalyptic Earth setting. If undoing the snap happens to bring back some superhero victims, that's great. The MCU, for all its high tech and magic, is still basically our history and culture. It's not like they're suddenly going to ignore half the world (and u
  9. Lazy, or rhyming? Thanos got two of the stones by threatening to kill someone. The writers could've done it differently, but they didn't so it's thematic not lazy. Anyway it's only half way through the story, even if they claim its self-contained. Thanos got me too. Oh well. The suspense would've killed me anyway.
  10. They made the film before Black Panther was released. They didn't know it would be as big as it was. Besides why kill the characters everyone expected to die?
  11. It was definitely calculated. But why assume anyone will return? They're all replaceable!
  12. Everything would've been better if Lucas had made his original vision of The Star Wars. Everything since has just been to make money. Real artists should be starving!
  13. It's true, this Star Wars thing may not pan out. I believe the general consensus is that it really hasn't panned out. We just argue over what year it went to crap (1980? 1983? 1999? 2015?)
  14. They should tell the best story they can in the one film they have, and not save stuff for later films that may never be made.
  15. It wasn't just a different take or a deleted scene. It was made specifically for the marketing campaign. They're doing things like that on purpose now, to avoid spoilers by misleading everyone in the advertisements. At least this way people who are super sensitive to spoiler material can relax a bit. Even the advertising of the films are deliberately avoiding spoilers for them.
  16. Lando was apparently the aggrieved party when Han had the gall to visit him at Cloud City. "I'm sure he's forgotten about that". Yeah, right, Han. Wishful thinking.
  17. Yeah, I'm not sure the rest of the world thinks of the Kessel Run as something that mysterious. We have to remember the film isn't aimed at Star Wars fans that post on a SW-centric messageboard regularly for almost two decades.
  18. 7. Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Future History by Christopher Bennett. I had to read the sequel/prequel (it's all about time travel, so it can be set both before and after the first book and still have characters interact) to see if the author could pull off a good time-travel story (within the context of Trek) again. He did. Still moving slowly through Africa and 2312. I'm way behind.
  19. And you call yourself an EU fan? Is your EU license and registration up to date?
  20. No. The Brian Daley books. Han Solo's Revenge is way better than any of the Crispin books.
  21. I suppose Disney/Lucasfilm may have just decided to lock him into 3 films so they wouldn't have to renegotiate if Solo were incredibly popular and a second (or even third) film was produced. Plus, as pointed out, it does give them the option to have Solo appear in other anthology films. I, for one, thought the idea of a Solo film was terrible at first, but I am definitely excited to see it. People can come around.
  22. Thanks. That wasn't so difficult, was it? You didn't even need to complete a sentence.
  23. Still it's an interesting idea. Accidental politicians: How randomly selected legislators can improve parliament efficiency
  24. So it's only a matter of time until someone generates a Williams-esque score and edits it into R1!
  25. Living with? I don't think she lived with Unkar Plutt, or whatever his name is. She interacted with him, selling junk to him, but so did pretty much everyone on Jakku.
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