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  1. I don't know why it's underperforming. I'm not sure there's any one reason. I'm not sure Disney/LFL really cares. If they're intent on releasing a film every year, they can't all be megablockbusters. Random thought: What if Maul had been replaced by Snoke? Maybe he rose to power as a crime boss before taking over the First Order.
  2. Granting that Maul, or any Zabrak, could survive being bisected at the waist, who rescued him? Did he crawl to a medical center on his own? How'd he get off Naboo? Not that I care too much. It's just an odd creative choice. Why choose Maul over any other big bad?
  3. So you don't enjoy it because it is "political"? Everything is political, though. By defining the Empire as the "bad guys" and the Rebels/Resistance as the "good guys", Star Wars' creators make a political statement. It can't be avoided. Complaining about it is pointless. Sorry to say it, Chalup, but you may just be aging out of fandom in general. For the younger ones whose first exposure to Star Wars is the Clone Wars cartoon, these new installments of films, books, and cartoons are fresh and interesting. They're not deliberately aimed at you. Soon you'll be shaking your cane at kids telli
  4. Is film watching starting to feel like a chore?
  5. Why? Why would the sun need a nickname? You're implying there has been some cultural shift that, as a side effect, prompted people to highlight the Sun's importance by giving it a name that it really has never needed before. It's intriguing, but do you have any idea what that cultural shift may be? And shouldn't this be in the books forum?
  6. You don't want Star Wars to make tons of money and be critically applauded? Then we're on the right track!
  7. Well, Marvel is putting out 2-3 films annually for the MCU alone, and then there's Deadpool and the X-Men. So perhaps LFL is not putting out enough Star Wars films?
  8. Why does Star Wars have to always be "an event"? Expecting an epic every time is unrealistic. Would it be better if they'd stopped back in 1983? Or 2005? No Star Wars is better than not reaching childhood-nostalgia-level epicness? I remember the late '80s, when film critics said that RotJ was a sign of franchise fatigue or sequelitis, and that it was a good thing the "saga" was now complete. Guess they were right!
  9. Did Grupo Modelo buy the naming rights to our solar system? People still use ZIP files in the future? How far in the future is it?
  10. Anyway... Saw it tonight. Thought it was fun and enjoyed all the Easter eggs. Even my wife, who was about as negative on the whole concept of Solo as a film and A.E. as Han as anyone on this board, thought it was a decent flick. She's still not convinced she watched Han Solo's origin story, even though I've tried to convince her that doing a Ford impression for two hours wasn't going to carry a film. It's a decent film, and everyone ragging on it is taking it too seriously. If they do make a Lando film, I'd watch it. Might be fun as a prelude film, since his Falcon was much nicer. And, y
  11. You're encouraging someone to read YouTube comments? Do you want to give Tank brain cancer?
  12. And today's Republicans wouldn't welcome an Eisenhower in theirs. Might as well say Lucas wrote Star Wars to make money, therefore he's a Republican, or at least Republicans' primary concern (i.e., rich).
  13. ^Can't tell if Marc's joking or serious. I'm glad Tank asked these questions. I want to understand the viewpoints of the conservatives, too. I just don't see them articulating their positions well. Tex mostly trolls (and not stylishly, either, just cruelly) and Marc, well, that second point on the "dangers of liberalism" seems over-the-top, but maybe he really believes that Lucas wrote the prequels as an allegory about liberals? Sometimes the great thing about a story is that both sides can see what they like in it. Star Trek is set in a post-scarcity near-utopian society, with friendly p
  14. If she's exposed at all, even her perfectly preserved body could be subject to erosion, like a statue.
  15. The singularity happened about 5000 years ago, when writing was invented. Everything since then has simply been evolution and refinement of symbols, instruments, and media. The preserved writings are closest to immortality that we will ever achieve. We can continue to increase lifespans and install technology, either as enhancements or replacements, but we won't achieve biological immortality. We might be able to build model minds in computers, but will they become "artificial super intelligences"? I doubt it. Consciousness doesn't immediately provide insight into self-awareness. Being able
  16. I had a long response written out but then lost it. I'll write it again later, but in sum it was "the singularity is not going to happen, and there's a long way to go from replacement limbs and senses to immortality and silicon-based consciousness".
  17. That sounds unlike Luke, far more unlike him that what we saw in TLJ. If redemption only comes when 100% of people impacted by past actions agree to forgive, then no one would ever be redeemed.
  18. The price of the final product is dominated by the crude oil costs, yes. The rate and magnitudes of short-term gasoline price fluctuations is more closely tied to the conditions of oil refineries. People drive more in the summer, driving up demand and prices, but the Gulf of Mexico refineries are at risk of being hit by hurricanes, so the weather forecasts are a factor in the price, too. Crude oil takes about 2 to 4 weeks to process into finished products, and I have no idea how long it takes to shut down or start up a refinery that is in the path of a hurricane. I guess one could try to corre
  19. Well, there was that time he showed his economic illiteracy and verbally repealed the law of supply and demand by smugly declaring that we can't drill our way to lower gas prices. No, wait, that was Obama. Sorry, that quote is up there with his mocking Romney on Russia as a prime example of Obama's habit of exhibiting self-satisfied smugness while believing something absolutely ridiculous. I don't know about your car, but mine doesn't run on unrefined crude. Drilling more doesn't change the processing capacity.
  20. To Ahch-To, sure. He disabled his X-wing and sank it so he couldn't leave even if he had second thoughts later. To the cliff specifically? I doubt it
  21. Well, he wasn't going to hit on Han or Chewie; he'd probably already tried them. Leia came out of the ship ahead of Threepio. Maybe he'd have hit on Goldenrod just as aggressively. He's suave and charming and uses it instinctively and reflexively. It works for him. If he could've charmed Vader, he would have.
  22. Everyone is into Twi'leks, so everyone is pansexual.
  23. That's a professional disagreement, then, not a personal one.
  24. Luke wasn't suicidal at the beginning of TLJ. He was probably just watching the approach of the Falcon. Luke had been isolated for years already when Rey showed up. If he had wanted to die, he had plenty of time while alone. If he had recently become despondent just before Rey showed up, what had changed for him while alone with the porgs, turtle-nuns and green-milk monsters? Did Luke know that projecting himself across lightyears would definitely kill him? Kylo said that Rey would die from the effort, but does that mean it is always fatal?
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