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  1. What are you babbling about? I haven't substituted any strawman arguments. If you think I have, then we have not communicated well, and that's as much your fault as mine. I have been trying to understand the idea that enforcement of taxes and filing of taxes is a "waste", and why a "simple" tax code would be desirable or even feasible. It's not clear to me why that would be the case, and I doubt that all economists agree with that position, and you're the third- or fourth-best thing, behind CM, to ask about this idea, because you seem intelligent enough to be an expert, somehow, on these top
  2. I am baffled how you concluded that Im actually defending anything, po.
  3. Its about young wizards, called Jedis, who fight the Daleks with laser wands.
  4. 14 days for me! I'm waiting until $5 Tuesdays at the local cinema. Grades are due that day, so I'll be able to enjoy the film without work hanging over my head.
  5. Poe Dameron, on 04 Dec 2017 - 3:36 PM, said: You never took a position like what? Your "that" is dangling. If you're baffled, then you can clarify the matter for both of us. It's unfortunate that you find yourself so confusing. Fascinating. What counts as a "useful" purpose? Do you really hold to the "broken window" parable/theory? I wouldn't want to baffle you by claiming that you claimed you believed or supported something that you actually don't, even though you brought it up in the first place.
  6. He's a dad now, more or less, to Groot, so I think it's the dad-'stache that throws people off. That, or the lighting.
  7. Hey, it's you and your position that I'm just trying to understand. If you're confused, it's because I'm not clear on what you're claiming. I have gathered that your economic model has only two entities - businesses and government. Taxes imposed on businesses by government incur a cost of preparing and filing those taxes on the business, and there are costs of enforcement for the government. Any money that doesn't stay in a business' bank account, or go to a government coffer, is "wasted" (or "burned" as you put it). The whole point of taxes is that they are intended to create an infrastr
  8. So tax-paid infrastructure utilized by businesses (and commerce in general) is simply a waste? Burning a big pile of money or paying it to lawyers (and accountants?) are equivalent activities? Is this coming from an expert on these topics?
  9. On the topic of Ed and Kelly - she put in a good word for Ed with the admiralty to help get him a command. Did she also request the First Officer position, or was that something that the admirals made part of the deal? As in "You think he deserves a command? Fine, but you have to watch him!" Certainly she seems like she would be a great captain. And I just remembered that those red aliens that kidnapped Ed and Kelly had transporters (or something that at least looked like a transporter/teleporter), so the technology exists in The Orville universe, but the Union doesn't have it (yet). They c
  10. If paying taxes is a tax too, then what do you call paying a utility bill? I dont see how theyre not just costs of doing business. I would love to learn more about this topic from a relative expert, but Carrie is not posting anymore.
  11. The twins thing will be hard to do without transporters. I always have to remind myself that the Orville doesn't have teleportation technologies when I see them shuttling everywhere. I suppose cloning tech could stand in for the same plot device though. They must have something like cloning to grow organs and limbs in only days.
  12. Since I'd forgotten about those, bad. Not that they did a great job with photon torpedoes, either, but at least there's some reasoning behind the name, since matter-antimatter reactions really do produce gamma rays. I don't know what quantum torpedoes did, other than glow blue. Another case of abusing a word that means something. May as well have called them supertorpedoes. What is a quantum drive, why are the engines shaped the way they are, and why are there three of them? If Lt Cmdr Lamarr is in the engine room full-time now, maybe we can get some insight into the technology of the 25th ce
  13. I didn't really think I was being ridiculous here - "no one cares" isn't true. Maybe I should not really expect anything from Hollywood. Except shows like The Expanse and movies like The Martian get things right and tell good stories, so its not a matter of people not caring. I'm still hopeful Orville will develop its own voice.
  14. Ok. Let’s talk about quantum triggering! https://www.google.com/amp/s/phys.org/news/2014-06-quantum-mechanism-trigger-emission-tunable.amp
  15. Your dump comment was more crass than your usual comments. Yes, Hollywood does commonly get things wrong - we can read TV Tropes for a list of things that writers didnt portray correctly. That doesnt mean we should drop standards altogether. I could be less critical of the abuse of science terms if they had some compelling reason, plot wise or character wise, to abuse it. They havent demonstrated that they do. The Orville producers and writers couldve come up with something more generic, like saying they use an FTL drive, or even call it an Alcubierre drive, which is a real theory at lea
  16. Wow. Youre usually a lot less cranky. Did you miss a nap, Fuzzie? Or do you just love the Orville that much that any criticism of it is hurtful to you? If youre going to take real science terms and use them in science fiction, its important to use them correctly, otherwise why use the real term? Trek replaced their lasers with phasers and the lithium crystals with dilithium crystals very early on specifically to avoid running into criticism about the capabilities of real life technology.
  17. If the tax code is too hard for the big money companies to deal with, they can afford to hire people or software to handle it. They have bundles of cash anyway. Are you sure nothing was learned from Kansas? You certainly had something to comment on. I think the lesson from Kansas is that you cant eliminate a tax that makes up 40% of the states revenue, and still pay for the infrastructure that citizens and businesses like to have. Too bad it doesnt get you excited. This is important stuff.
  18. What would a "simplified" tax code look like? What is the goal of any simplified tax code, and what exactly is being optimized? Simple is relative, anyway, and "In stochastic, dynamic economies, optimal tax policy requires increased sophistication" (link to quoted paper) It's not as though the calculation or filing of taxes is difficult. A computer can do it, so it's already pretty simple. Do we really need it all to fit on a postcard? So it must be revenue that's intended to be optimized, but what if we're already at the optimal tax plan in the US? We have 50 microcosms we can tweak and ex
  19. The latest episode had everything that was totally wrong with and boring about TNG/VOY. Technobabble problem, technobabble solution, and promotion substituted for character development. If they're going to have those sorts of "problems" driving their plots, then of course they're going to need a main character as the chief engineer. Why wasn't the chief engineer a main character from the start? And you can't just stick "quantum" in front of everything and call it science.
  20. I don’t understand the desire to see TV characters in the films. The films are brimming with characters already. Besides, if any of the Defensers actors had been on set in character, wouldn’t that information have leaked? Are the filming schedules even compatible?
  21. It's a legit concern (re: too many characters) but I think the Russo brothers showed in CA: CW they can balance a large number of characters and still give them all a chance to show off.
  22. Yeah, it's more like watching the crew that delivers people and supplies to the Enterprise. There was a joke a few episodes back about "not getting out by 5" (presumably PM). It made me think that they were the kind of ship that would return to Earth regularly. It hasn't been back since the pilot, though, unless I'm mistaken. It'd be fun to see what the Earth of the 25th century looks like.
  23. I disagree. A franchise that is robust enough can change without ceasing to be that franchise. Trek has been around for 50 years, and Wars has been around for 40 years. They're both established to the point that they can withstand quite a number of changes without being eroded. The problem is the fans. They aren't enough to grow a franchise, which is the entire point. Change things and see what is popular enough to attract new fans. There's a hard core population of fans that will stick to a franchise even if they have to hate watch it. That's fine. Fair-weather fans, though, will drop off if
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