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  1. Visions of the future are accurate, if not complete and subject to updates. Han and Leia were captured and subject to Imperial torture (well, Han was) and Luke saw it. But he didn't foresee Lando intervening. Probably because Lando had not decided to intervene yet. Does that make the vision Luke had wrong? Did Rey telling Kylo that he would not bow to Snoke make him decide to bow? Just to show her up? Or was she referring to a metaphorical bow, as in Kylo remaining subservient to Snoke? Rey would easily be considered correct if the bow were metaphorical. Rey did join Kylo, in fighting and k
  2. Thank goodness this is fixed. Cerina had weird triggers. She must not have read the novels ever.
  3. What would Episode IX be about if Rey joined Kylo and the First Order? What point does Ben/Kylo have?
  4. I would like some insight into the galactic political situation as of TFA/TLJ, but not enough to read an EU novel for it. The movies are over-reacting to the PT depth of coverage of politics. The OT has a happy medium, but also the convenience of shorthand concepts of Empire and Senate. I am surprised that a New Republic was possible to establish anyway. Why would any cultures want to submit to a central governing authority so soon after kicking the Empire out? I imagine the galaxy is in the midst of a dark age, with most interplanetary institutions gone or ineffective. The First Order is
  5. Kylo is equally Solo and Skywalker. I wonder if Rey will have to return to Jakku for any reason. Returning to the ordinary world after having grown and changed is a significant part of any heros journey.
  6. I acknowledge the rules of the situation are not laid out well, and the only thing I can assume is that the shields on the Raddus are a factor. Perhaps there is no point to sending a boarding party to the resistance fleet if they cannot get past the shields. If they were playing by consistent rules for the chase, then, yes, no other ships should have been able to return to their motherships. If the situation were completely analogous to the sailing ship chase, then resistance ships could fall back to the FO ships, because they could slow down and allow the pursuers to catch up to them, but
  7. Its not about speed, but rather acceleration. The resistance ships had the better acceleration because of their lesser mass, so they could stay out of reach (almost) but with smaller fuel capacities meaning time was against them. The First Order ships had worse accelerations due to their much greater mass, but with larger fuel capacities that afforded them the ability to run the resistance ships down eventually. I will admit it was almost too realistic to expect it to be in a Star Wars movie.
  8. Myths are what Star Wars is all about! And the Skywalker legacy is defined by Luke, I think, not Anakin or Ben. Mainly because they did not commit their atrocities under those names. Plus, The Skywalker just has such a ring to it, and lends itself to such a powerful positive story, that even though 2 out of 3 of the family go dark doesnt mean the bad outweighs the good. At the moment, I wonder if Shmi had any siblings. Perhaps there is another Skywalker family branch out there, not necessarily Force weilders that could show up as good guys.
  9. Ok, but now I am intrigued. What would Kylo be willing to sacrifice for? What does he want to achieve now? Is he satisfied that Luke is gone, or did he even feel him passing?
  10. I agree, but that is what we do. We fill in the gaps and speculate on the surrounding context. Its part of the fun.
  11. I imagine that Luke had spent some time trying to talk to Ben before the incident in the bedroom. We are missing a lot of details and context for how that situation was reached. I suppose the sequels could have spent more time on that stuff but do we want to watch a movie about Jedi training? Could they have had a movie that recaptures The Phantom Menace, with Snoke in the place of Palpatine and Luke in the place of Qui-Gon, and Ben in Anakins place?
  12. What would Kylo ever want to sacrifice himself for? He is completely self-absorbed.
  13. It was a lot closer to real life than most other Star Wars situations. There is no way to hide in a nebula, and asteroid fields arent that dense, ESB notwithstanding. Given the thrust characteristics of the ships, its pretty much just a race until one side reaches a safe harbor or makes a mistake. A real space chase would boil down to a few calculations and then setting a course and waiting. Thats pretty much what happened. Plus its fun that they mimicked a 1700s style sailing ship chase, with the pot shots from the pursuer included, which also usually reduced to a few calculations and then wa
  14. He exemplified a Jedi Knight in RotJ. He was the prototypical Jedi Master in TLJ.
  15. Given the way every other plan unfolded, a suicide run against the battering ram wouldnt have worked. Those speeders were not much more sturdy than a paper airplane. It reminded me of the Planet Killer thing from Star Treks The Doomsday Machine.
  16. I am very late to the game, since I only saw the movie yesterday, and only once so far. Everyone has said everything there is to say about the film, but I will add my two cents anyway. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It did not drag or bore me at any point. The slow speed chase was very realistic, very much like an 18th century sailing ship chase. Canto Bight did not bore me, mainly because I was so spoiled on the movie that I knew how it would unfold so I didnt keep asking myself how much longer it would be. Hermit Luke was awesome. I think the Luke we saw in TLJ was the logical extension o
  17. Are the Skywalkers widely known in the galaxy? Vader was infamous, but who knew he was Anakin Skywalker? Is Kylo Ren known to be Ben Solo to the public? The only Skywalker that is known to even the little kids of Cantonica is Luke, and he is regarded as a positive figure by them.
  18. But percussive maintenance is a time-honored tradition. It certainly works for the Falcon.
  19. Who assumed that Kylo is the last of the Knights of Ren? I've seen that there are some people who have misheard the line "...the master of the Knights of Ren" (from Snoke to Kylo in TFA) as "...last of the Knights...".
  20. Yes of course it was, but what's the point then? The rebels on the moon aren't the real threat anymore. If the shield goes down you need to destroy the ships attacking the death star even faster now. Your priorities don't change. You have far more assets on that moon than the rebels do. You don't use a super weapon to take out mere infantry. The rebel ships alone are a higher priority, not to mention the number of people on them are probably more numerous than those on the moon, plus they hold more strategic value. What's better, taking out 20 infantry or a capital ship with specialized person
  21. Cool. I was pondering whether it was possible for Anakin's lightsaber to have found its way back to Luke between RotJ and TFA and then on to Maz. I suppose someone will write a novel on that journey, though.
  22. What color was the lightsaber Luke ignited to kill Ben?
  23. Lots of people have thoroughly enjoyed it, too. I imagine some hardcore fans will not love it, and some may actually hate it, but isn't that typical for Star Wars? Lots of "fans" haven't liked anything SW since 1977 or 1980. Like the prequels, many people had expectations of how the story needed to unfold, and aren't going to be happy with the choices made. And it's "gesture" not jester. Appreciate the thought though!
  24. Luke's "death" was always going to be anti-climactic. How could any death be meaningful enough for this character? Better that he went out more like Obi-wan Kenobi, distracting the bad guys and giving the next generation a chance to escape and regroup.
  25. The original series went out on "Turnabout Intruder", so I think it's appropriate for Enterprise to have gone out with "These Are The Voyages" and for the TNG films to end with Nemesis. Would this Tarantino film by the next (fourth) nu-Trek film, or a potential fifth one?
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