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  1. It seems that adidas makes now a "row" with their Fifa approved numbers for the matchballs: Adidas Finale 11/Munich - 202.A1A Adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga 2011/2012 - 202.A1B ? - 202.A1C Adidas Tango 12 - 202.A1D Adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga 2012/2013 - 202.A1E Adidas Finale 12 - 202.A1F Does anyone knows a adidas ball with the Fifa approved number 202.A1C ?
  2. Hello guys. I made photos now of all my soccer balls. If you want to see, go to facebook to this group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/330897886962714/ At the photos you will find my 180 soccer balls I am owning. It would be nice, if other collectors join this group at facebook and shows their collection there. My collection is a little bit special. Maybe it looks unsystematically for you. I prefer to collect premium match balls from the different brands in the world. So today the Fifa approved stamp is a must have for a new ball for my collection. Here is the list of my collection: Tbal
  3. Hello. Thanks for reactivate this thread. I bought an adidas Questra at Ebay but it is different from the other questras. The imprint on the ball is: "OFFICIAL BALL OF THE FIFA WORLD CUP 1994". Normaly the imprint is: "OFFICIAL MATCH BALL OF THE FIFA..." Do you think the ball is an original Questra from 1994? I found an adidas advertising for the Questra, it seemed that there is the imprint also only "BALL" and not "MATCH BALL". Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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