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  1. If possible, Nightly's anti-spam weapon needs to make status updates something only full members can do.

  2. If Dex is Retarded Christ does that mean he only has the power to turn water into Kool-Aid?

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      I would plus one this if it were possible.

    2. ShadowDog
  3. That's it! No more Mr. Ranty Sillypants. I'm growing up and moving on. Say hello to Mr. Calm & Collected.

    1. NumberSix


      I fully support this life-changing decision and am not stifling any giggling at ALL.

    2. Mr. Winch

      Mr. Winch

      I will believe only after the next Superman movie opens.

    3. The Human Torch

      The Human Torch

      Well I have to start over. I fell off the No Rant Wagon tonight. I'm going to sit Lotus style now and find my center again.

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