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  1. Someone cut a Spagetti Western trailer out of the Mandalorian and Jon Farveau reposted it:
  2. This is some interesting stuff and pretty damning for Disney if true https://www.reddit.com/r/saltierthancrait/comments/eisnd8/heres_what_ive_been_told_from_a_source_that/
  3. The fobs do not have an unlimited range. The news of the mando defeating the ATST is what brought the bounty hunter to the planet in the first place and THEN the fob was used to get the precise location on that planet. There are a few things that make this evident. Firstly, the Mandalorian is a bounty hunter himself (or was) and knows about fobs and presumably how they work. If he knew he could be tracked across the galaxy indefinitely by any bounty hunter with a fob, why would he even attempt to hide? Next, if all the fobs were perfectly transponding their position the entire time, why
  4. My comment wasnt directed at anyone in particular. I was just speaking in general towards the negativity (not even relating to this thread). Its just funny that if people used the same critical lens they use to dissect all the new material and did the same thing with the OT theyd realize you could tear those movies to shreds just as easily. Especially when it comes to minute details about the plot that are really inconsequential to the overall picture. Like are we really sure those are actual gps locators that lead Mando straight to the bounty? And if so, would we have even complained abou
  5. Hearing people complain about the Mandalorian makes me think no one will ever be satisfied with new Star Wars no matter how good it is. As someone else said, the first 2 episodes are better than all of The Last Jedi. Personally, I've been waiting for something exactly like this since Lucas sold to Disney. I know we're only two episodes in but it has everything I want out of Star Wars. I'm extremely happy were getting "Gunsmoke" like serial western episodes. I feel like a kid again watching these... and almost every character they introduce on screen, no matter how minor (Werner Hertzog or Nick
  6. When I first saw this I read it as Racist Leia and thought what an odd and inappropriate idea to save the sequel trilogy. Although I cant imagine recasting her would have a much better reaction than making her racist.
  7. Totally agree. Taika Waititi could easily take over and youd barely notice. In fact I actually think it would be a better fit.
  8. DML

    Cyberpunk 2077

    William Gibson commented on the trailer... https://mobile.twitter.com/greatdismal/status/1005958197654351872 Brings to mind a bitter George Lucas
  9. I personally think they should do a Lando origin film in the style of a 70s blaxploitation flick and let Donald Glover write and direct. Theyll never do it because they have to stay within the SW stylistic framework but Id watch the hell out of it. Imagine a Black Dynamite set in the Star Wars universe. It would be amazing.
  10. Please write a Star Wars script. Kthxbye
  11. That may be true, But didnt Chris Miller and Phil Lord have final say over the original casting? I dont necessarily trust their judgement on this...
  12. For me it's not that he doesn't look like Ford. He slightly resembles him enough to be passable. It's that his voice and inflections sound nothing like Ford. The biggest thing that throws me off is the voice which I still don't understand why they didn't cast Anthony Ingruber in this (it was rumored he had auditioned for the role). He HAD everything down pat. I mean just look and hear him nail a young Ford in this Age of Adeline flashback:
  13. I wanna see a gigantic conjunction of every nightly prequel fan theory converged into the next two films. Naboo is Dagobah confirmed!
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