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  1. Just in case anyone else is like me and switched off right as the credits started....this episode actually does have a mid credits scene. nevermind Brando already called it, missed that sorry!
  2. They made it between S3/4 - that thing about Starbuck at the end with the Hybrid was kind of a teaser for what her return meant, or why she returned in Season 4. Which we never ended up getting a good explanation for anyway.
  3. Or Carol didn’t leave immediately after and something happened between Monica coming back and returning to Sword? Might have caught up with Monica while she was hanging about for Tony’s funeral. But I think you’re right, if she does have powers, I don’t think it’s completely related to Wanda.
  4. Yeah that’s the impression I got but maybe some flashback in the movie or even Wandavision? I mean probably a stretch, just the way they showed her reaction to Carol. Maybe I’m reading too much into it and she is just annoyed at her for not coming back.
  5. I actually think it will be something related to Captain Marvel. She did kind of react funny when Carol was mentioned in a recent episode. I know the theory is because Carol ‘never came back’ and she is dirty on it but I feel there is more to it than that.
  6. In fairness to Whedon, that was always going to be a travesty with or without him.
  7. Oh yeah right wIth you there. He was one of the last I would have expected these revelations to come out about but then when it did, it sadly makes a lot of sense in hindsight. When I used to be a big Buffy fan back in the day, I used to wonder why the cast never seemed to appreciate him as much as the fans. Now we know why!
  8. This one isn’t too recent in the sense it stems from accusations from Ray Fisher about people’s behaviour on Justice League. He hasn’t been able to spell out exactly what happened, assume for legal reasons but you have Charisma Carpenter revealing this in support of Ray. BUT if you want to look at it from a more positive view - the entertainment industry is changing for the better. It might seem like everyone is scum but remember there are more people from the entertainment industry now speaking out against these perpetrators than there are actual perpetrators. Plus every other indu
  9. Ok so it was Charisma Carpenter on Twitter last week And backed up by majority of the cast and now with the stuff from Michelle, think Joss’ career is certainly dead now.
  10. Didn’t realise Sarah Michelle had posted the same thing. Did something recently happen? I thought they might have mentioned something when his wife spoke out against him a while back.
  11. I used to be a really big fan of his, particularly back in the Buffy prime time days. But I just find the show and his writing just doesn’t hold up. His directing has never evolved further than 90’s network TV. The Avengers films he did are good but they still feel and look like made for TV movies on the big screen. And it really doesn’t help that finding out he was a bit of a creep a few years ago. . . But this is much much worse.
  12. Yeah exactly, I think just none spoke out against him, or if they did no one listened. Considering Reznor’s reaction to him and the f**ked up stuff he wrote in his auto biography, surprised it’s taken this long for him to be called out on it. But can totally understand your disappointment Zerimar. Always disheartening when you’re a huge fan of someone that ends up being a low life.
  13. Could be worse, I was still rocking a mini disc player...probably the only person in the western world using them.
  14. Funnily enough they released a vinyl edition of the Shadows of the Empire soundtrack not long ago, was surprised to see it get some deserved love. Not ranking the music because favourites can depend on the mood at the time and most of it covered here anyway. Musically I think Revenge of the Sith was actually the strongest, like Williams was at the most bombastic and experimental. The ST was good but would agree it didn’t have anything particularly memorable, though I did really like the Kylo theme at the end of Last Jedi when he was attempting to strike down Luke. I’ve liked a lot
  15. Also if you have the Blu rays, you’ll probably have the extended episodes. They aren’t available to stream anywhere and a couple of them are well worth it.
  16. Watch Razor between S3 and S4. It’s set in different times through the series but it’s meant to be seen between those 2 seasons. Watch the Plan after it’s all finished, it’s a ‘fill in the gaps’ movie.
  17. It was pre covid and director changes but when Marvel announced the current slate of projects, they mentioned Wandavision would lead into the next Dr Strange in some way, so worth having the intro just in case anything does come out of that.
  18. I’d probably give it to Return of the Jedi just for the Williams score in the background during it all. I guess it is mostly just the Rebels waiting around for Han to do his thing, but taking down the Super Star Destroyer, flight through the Death Star and most of all... ‘It’s a trap!’ make it my far and above No. 1. The trench run was the OG but the RoTJ battle feels like the basis for every one of them that came after.
  19. I think out of the first three, Raiders is the better film - it gets the balance just right between the humour and the dark where as Temple and Crusade lean a bit further to one of the two. But I still dearly love them both - Last Crusade is actually my go to when I’m down. The Ford/Connery dynamic is what really makes it. Crystal Skull for me was a bigger travesty than anything Lucas or Disney pulled with Star Wars. I remember watching the behind the scenes documentary on the Blu Ray when it came out and you could tell Spielberg’s heart wasn’t in it at all. I’m pretty sure he even
  20. This year is the 40th anniversary. Just bought tickets to a limited edition screening at IMAX Melbourne and looking forward to this screening more than any other movie I can think of recently. Greatest movie of all time? Might sound like hyperbole but there is not one scene in this movie I don’t love. I often see filmmakers reference the desert chase sequence as their favourite and what ultimately influenced them. . .I remember being 8 years old and totally in awe from that point to the end of the movie. Anyway, just something in tribute to the greatest Lucas/Spielberg creation. Anyo
  21. Well he is certainly no R2D2. But I was just teasing. I pretty much share your sentiments on it anyway, though I will confess that out of all the main characters throughout the series, Luke has been my least favourite so I haven’t had the expectations a lot of fans have with him.
  22. Well after this one I don’t think Choc can ever criticise Zerimar again over caring too much about things that don’t matter. . .
  23. I’m usually always for slow burn over dropping them all at once but so far at least, this feels like a feature length split out into episodes opposed to an actual series. Off the first two episodes, I don’t think this format is sustainable as a weekly release. But hoping we get more than just the sitcom element in future episodes, which I suspect we will, and I’ll end up changing my tune.
  24. In the same boat. I liked it but staying purely within the sitcom world was starting to wear a little thin for me, similar to when they did something like this in Mr Robot. I do like that Marvel are trying something different so it’s not a knock but I hope we get some more out of it pretty soon. This is one I think probably should have been released all at once instead of weekly, it doesn’t lend itself to the episode the week format as well as something like Mando. The episode lengths were a bit deceptive. Don’t have an issue with them but the credit scenes took up a large portion of it,
  25. Some of it blends together cause I watched all of them at once, but there were even some small bits towards the end of the second season you see the start of it, when he is chatting to Demetri about Dr. Who. But the main scene I think was when Johnny came to the school and told him he was the one who made him who he is today. There was the fake out at the end with Kreese but what Johnny said resonated with him and I think that was the push. Great to hear - fingers crossed it’s popularity saves it from a Netflix cut post S4. (If they want to continue to the story that is).
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