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  1. I’m really keen to see it but still in lockdowns and cinemas don’t look like they’ll be opening anytime soon so probably won’t see it until next year. But Craig has definitely been one of the best Bonds. I’d probably put Spectre lower than Solace but even the ‘bad’ Craig flicks are better than some of the good films from others, so good note for him to finish on.
  2. I enjoyed it generally as a whole but would have preferred it just stuck to telling a different What If each week and didn’t have to some way to bring the episodes together. Though it didn’t end up going as far into that as I expected it to after last weeks, so didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.
  3. I haven’t watched them all yet but the ones I have seen I’ve had similar opinions as Tank. What I really like about this though is it’s not ‘canon’, you can just treat story on its own. Not that they are in anyway similar, but that’s my main issue with the Marvel What If series atm. Nice to have something that doesn’t need to adhere to or try and fit into a grander scheme of things for once.
  4. This is such an underrated album too - it really laid the foundations for what was to come, at least in terms of the Gilmour/Waters/Mason/Wright dynamic. I’m a bit more pedestrian and would pick WYWH, but this one has so many good tracks. The title, Childhood’s End and Free Four in particular my faves . My list: Master of Puppets - Metallica (but their first four in general are top tier) Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails Songs for the Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age Random Access Memories and/or Discovery - Daft Punk Low - Da
  5. Dark Wader

    Matrix 4

    It’s definitely a sequel so maybe a rebooted or reincarnated. But if Niobe is in this with Jada in the role I don’t think Yahya could be him. Kinda why I’m leaning more to sleeper agent planted by the Machines to trick Neo or something.
  6. Dark Wader

    Matrix 4

    I don’t think so, Neo went back into the Matrix to defeat the Smith clones, resetting the Matrix and bringing peace, or more a truce between the humans and machines. But I don’t remember if there was anything to undo it, still been a while. I’ve been thinking about the trailer and how it fits into the end of Revolutions, and I think Smith and Morpheus will actually be in this one. Or at least in some capacity. . .they had mentioned they had approached Weaving but didn’t work out because of scheduling and Fishburne said he wasn’t approached, but I think they are just trying to keep some s
  7. I’m still into it I guess and watching/enjoying the new content but I can sort of relate to where you’re coming from, so don’t think it makes you a grumpy old man. Endgame was the peak of the MCU, and I think now the saturation has settled in (even with a year break). A common complaint is that each of the movies feel like a long trailer for the next one and I’ve really felt that with the recent shows, even if I’ve enjoyed them.
  8. Will be on PC too, I think PS5 is a console exclusive (or timed). I missed the boat when this one came out so looking forward to finally sinking my teeth into it.
  9. Dark Wader

    Matrix 4

    He survived - but Trinity did definitely die so that bit has confused me. So maybe it is just another level of Matrix? But I’m keen for this one too. 2 & 3 generally sucked but I don’t think they’ve aged as badly as some other franchise sequels. And I’m shallow enough now that I’m down for some cool Matrix fights/chases even if the story fails.
  10. I’ve really enjoyed the two most recent episodes. Obviously great to hear Chadwick again and this weeks was fun to revisit the first few movies. I’m actually enjoying this a lot more than I expected to when it was announced.
  11. WB should of got that Flashpoint movie underway a bit sooner. It’s just gonna look like an MCU rip off now with all the multiverse stuff goin’ on.
  12. It feels like it when you’re watching a lot of stuff focused on the prequel era like Clone Wars and Bad Batch but I don’t get that feeling with the other content. Yeah there are elements of it there but it doesn’t feel it’s the focus point as it is in the prequels. But I am concerned it will end up that way - there are rumours of Temuera showing up in some of the other live action content (and I believe just rumours atm) and if it’s as other clone ‘variants’, then yeah.
  13. I gotta admit that confused me as well. I also didn’t get why they had the armour and Steve just chained up there at the Castle but that explains that too. I thought it was good but thought it started getting silly with the tentacle monster thing. Guessing whatever it is will make an appearance in live action at some point.
  14. A lot of it does kinda fall apart the more you think about it so it’s understandable. I mean, while I really enjoyed it and probably more than the others, there was still a lot that annoyed me that I didn’t get from Wanda or Falcon/WS. Wasn’t a fan of the implication that everything up to this point is was due to Kang. Hate that Spectre, ‘it was me all along!’ crap. Also didn’t really get why all the multiverses were suddenly created as soon as he died - if he is hanging about at the very end of time, then how does his death result in a nexus event? Wouldn’t all his variants ha
  15. I dunno, I thought they did a good job in that while it was the 2012 version, it’s still the same Loki who was always going to be redeemed, he just got there faster. And I actually think this version of Loki developed further than the OG by the last episode. So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they won’t do that next season - but I do get what you are saying, and I’ll probably check out if they end up doing that.
  16. I’m guessing…well hoping….that the plot line isn’t dead, it’ll just pick up in the second season. I mean he ended up in another verse at the end so presuming he has to make his way back to our prime universe at some point. If not, it’d really suck to lose all that development between him and Mobius.
  17. Definitely a smart casting choice - you immediately know they made the right decision just based on that sneer in some of the shots, exactly the same as his Father. I don’t think you have your maths wrong, it looks like it might be set over a few decades. So maybe the scenes with Tony are later on?
  18. I think this is meant to focus more on Moltisanti than Soprano as the trailer might indicate. Very keen for this though, know there is a few people who have re-watched this recently so will be great to re-visit it.
  19. Not going into spoilers but I thought it was the strongest finish to the Disney+ shows so far. Also really happy to get a confirmation that there is a Season 2 coming. But this show really deserves a shoutout for the amazing soundtrack. MCU scores are usually painfully average, this though is up there with some of the best.
  20. That’s the way I saw it as well, I thought they may have alluded to it in the first ep but I can’t really recall. But I get the criticism around it - I’m just at that point now with Marvel I am with Star Wars, where I’m not really questioning it anymore, just in for the ride. I think that was cemented for me when Peter turned into a giant Pac Man to win the day in Guardians 2.
  21. I don’t have much more to add as pretty much share your thoughts - the “Loki Fight” was brilliant, so was Richard E Grant and all the Easter eggs. The Thanos helicopter actually made a cameo.
  22. I have to admit I was a little disappointed by the mid credits scene because I was kind of excited by the idea of them going all in with twist. I thought it was great though. Some developments were obvious at the beginning of the episode but others I wouldn’t have guessed, so good balance. I am really loving the characters in this show too, hoping we get more of background on Mobius and Ravonna. I don’t think it’s a stretch they knew one another prior to the TVA.
  23. The twist was neat. I'm not really familiar with the comics or any leaks for this show so it took me by surprise. Also, forgot to mention this but another thing I liked from the first episodes was how Loki came to the realisation this was the "ultimate power" after seeing the Infinity Stones as just paper weights. Loved that there were more of the time stone than any other, and that some poor sucker had made the ultimate sacrifice for the soul stone only to have it picked up by the TVA later. On the TVA - does this mean the Avengers didn't really need to worry themselves too much a
  24. Yeah I thought this was a lot of fun. Loki is far from my favourite character but the Marvel material I’ve enjoyed the most has been the more out there, fun and light outings like Guardians and Ragnarok, which this looks to be leaning close to. Credit to them though, the variety of content we’ve gotten from the D+ shows has been great so far. At first I thought that might be a little fun jab at all the WandaVision theories about Mephisto, but after they mentioned the other Loki variant I think the stained glass was meant to hint more at Loki with his horned helmet.
  25. I mean this is just straight up victim blaming, no two ways about it. Let’s just conveniently forget she was 18 when they were dating and he was 18 years her senior. So when she says now she was emotionally manipulated and groomed, pretty hard not to believe.
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