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  1. For my birthday present I'd like a MNF 49ers win. Thanks.

  2. National Novel Writing Month Nov. 1-30 http://www.nanowrimo.org 50,000 words in a month

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer


    2. GreenLightBaby


      Tell me about it. I'm addicted to reading and the first two weeks of withdrawal during Nano hurts the worse.

  3. Dancing With the Stars goes to the movies. Indy does the paso. As long as I don't see another horrible Star Wars tango, I'll be good.

    1. ShadowDog


      That's some imagery right there. lol

    2. Iceheart


      The Psycho tango was the highlight of the night.

  4. Camp NaNoWriMo is now open. http://www.campnanowrimo.org/ Want to write 50K during July and August. Sign up. I know you want to. :-)

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Join ussssssssss...

    2. GreenLightBaby


      Time to write bitches :-)

  5. E3... Star Wars for Xbox Kinect

    1. TuskenRaider


      It looks like it would be neat if it wasn't for Kinect. lol Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the game. The controls just look sooooo bad and unresponsive.

    2. GreenLightBaby


      Makes we want to hold a light saber while playing. LOL

  6. Castle tells Beckett those three words again. Foreshadowing worked for me.

  7. So you had to tell me twice. LOL

    Time's been the problem. Sleep & naps take precedence over posting. Do I get anything for lurking daily? ;-)

  8. Now I gotta post? What? ;-) Don't we text several times a week? Yes, we do. Posting will take me away from playing Jewel Hunt. Can't get past Level 14 on easy. Damn birds were easier than this.

    Spoon? :-D

  9. Angry birds on my Nookcolor with the new update.

  10. On page 101 on my script. Hit the finish line, but that's only the flashback. Muhahaha

  11. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airing 4/24 was filmed in my city in Feb.

  12. It's Sam Axe Appreciation Day. Mojitos!

  13. Nah. 1 page yesterday. Finally have 2 days off in a row. Play yesterday though no one called me on Indy and POTCDMC. See what's under my Avatar? :-; Lights out because the Grandfather's laptop wasn't plugged in.

  14. Monkey + bad dates = dead monkey > Monkey + chest full of pirate gold = cursed monkey

  15. April is Script Frenzy month. 100 pages of screenplay, stage, tv show and graphic novel written in a month.

  16. Charlie on Jimmy Kimmell. Winning.

  17. If I took time out from reading and did some writing then I would be winning.

    1. GreenLightBaby


      Sorry I couldn't help myself.

    2. Bethany


      That's awesome, start a meme.

  18. MacGuffin or not MacGuffin that is the question

  19. Can't wait to read "Burn Notice: The Reformed" coming out tomorrow.

    1. GreenLightBaby


      Loved it. I've already read the previous ones. Long time for summer and the return of new episodes.

  20. Can't wait to read "Burn Notice: The Reformed" coming out tomorrow.

  21. Watching Back To The Future on AMC and writing.

  22. "Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it for a little while."

    1. Jaycie


      Ha! I love that movie.

  23. Thank you. Ate out with the family plus Carvel ice cream cake. Played Dance Central on my Xbox Kinect... I'm uncoordinated. LOL.

  24. Family Guy Christmas Special... you don't want to laugh, but you do.

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