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  1. Bernie was undermined by African American voters in the South, not by the DNC or "the establishment."
  2. Just saw it and really enjoyed it! Chewie finally got his medal!!
  3. Things said by members of congress during the Clinton impeachment cut both ways. Bringing those soundbites up is wonderful for pointing fingers and for each side to claim they are more consistent than the other, but it has absolutely zero to do with whether President Trump did what he's accused of, and whether he should be removed from office as a result.
  4. LOL. You're all so jaded. Anyway. It's pretty clear to me that Trump withheld security aid, counter to our national security interests, for the purpose of pressuring Ukraine for political dirt. You might not think that's enough to build the political will for impeachment and removal from office, but I would argue that it should be.
  5. I enjoyed Solo a lot once I got around to watching it. I felt a lot of Star Wars fatigue after TLJ.... that was TLJ's fault, not Solo's. So, I hope Solo's underperformance doesn't kill too many things I would have otherwise enjoyed, but I was totally neutral on this GOT-guys trilogy, and the Kenobi thing does seem better off as a series.
  6. I hear ya, bro. But I stand by my point. Especially with slavery, which was specifically protected by our constitution at its signing - its hard(er) to pin that evil of our nations history on a single president or group of presidents. Youre talking about people presiding over a system designed with institutionalized standards of oppression. Meanwhile, Trump is accused of taking a system with institutionalized standards for fairness and steering the power of the government towards his *personal* benefit, in violation of those standards. Again, its way too early to say with any fairness whethe
  7. Recency bias is always a problem - who knows at this point? But I'm not sure there's a more shallow defense than the "at least he doesn't promote slavery" defense. Our founding fathers created the impeachment power because they were concerned that somebody vested with the executive power might use that power for their personal benefit, in violation of the public trust. If the allegations against Trump are true, then I can absolutely see how history would hold him out as an example of what the impeachment power was created to protect against. That in and of itself would place him among t
  8. If you don't start an impeachment inquiry for what was alleged in this instance, then when would you EVER begin an impeachment inquiry? Especially when the administration's own appointees have deemed the allegations credible? I mean, come on. If the House didn't start an inquiry into this, it would be like the House neutering itself. Chalking it up to mere politics is easy, especially in our hyper-partisan era, but if the House was going to impeach for shallow political reasons then they wouldn't have waited this long.
  9. I'm resurrecting this thread from its long slumber because after the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer dropped, I looked and saw that Josh Friedman (the TSCC showrunner) helped with the story for Dark Fate. That totally surprised me. Further googling then lead me to this interview from last year, which is a great read for any lingering TSCC fans: https://paleymatters.org/listen-and-understand-interview-with-josh-friedman-d6c400e23a71
  10. Just came to say I had never watched any of the Marvel movies before this weekend, but watched both Infinity War and Endgame and thoroughly enjoyed both.
  11. If its actually canon now that Palpy is responsible for Anakins birth then maybe it will turn out that he somehow manipulated the force from beyond the grave to create Rey too, and hes intending to play on her insecurities for his own purposes.
  12. The question is which Skywalker is the title in reference to? There's a lot of candidates in the context of "nobody is ever really gone," especially when you throw in a still-uncertain Rey lineage. It seems like Ben or Rey are the most likely though.
  14. I just came here to say that I finally watched this movie and I really enjoyed it. Looking back, I would have gone in person if it hadn't come out what felt like right on the heels of The Last Jedi.
  15. The proposals Ive seen would have made a difference in 2016 and thats all anybody who is taking about it cares about right now.
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