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  1. Svenn


    Really cool clip after the credits - thanks for mentioning it or I wouldn’t have caught it. I really enjoyed this season and can’t say enough good things about it. This has been my favorite of the streaming shows so far, and the first since Mando to feel rewatchable (I’ve already rewatched a couple of the episodes as the season has progressed). I feel like the show has done an amazing job with character building, and creating tension and drama where appropriate. Loving the lack of constant in my face Easter eggs. Loving the brand new world building. Loved the aliens in last weeks episode (can only assume they’ll be shoved in my face as an Easter egg in a Filoni series yet to be filmed). So many positive things to say. I hope they keep it up in the second season, and I hope that this show helps influence some of the other live action shows.
  2. Svenn


    I agree. Fantastic episode this week. No notes.
  3. Svenn


    I’m still really enjoying this show and where it’s going. The prison story line is successfully making me hate the empire, and will also presumably help radicalize Andor to the cause. Also, the show is doing a good job of making me care about Mon Mothma.
  4. Svenn


    Definitely my favorite Star Wars streaming series so far. I always come here after watching something Star Wars related, to see what you all are saying. This is the first time in a while I’ve felt compelled to post. To Tank’s point, I really enjoyed the lack of endless winks and nods. Those always make the Star Wars galaxy feel so much smaller than it should be. Just as an aside, the droid’s voice reminded me of TARS and CASE from Interstellar.
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