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  1. Hi Sulis!

    I was just cruising around Nightly when I stumbled across your old "2009 can go f**k itself" thread, and I was wondering if 2010 is working out any better for you?


  2. I have finished the Riverworld series and have no moved on to one of my faves, Jack Vance's Lyonesse
  3. I really must get down to the new library and join, I bet they have a plethora of historical biographies, sex with kings is on my list
  4. I'm onto book 3 of the Riverworld series - The Dark Design I'm starting to hanker after a good historical biography though...
  5. I'm on to book 2 of the Riverworld series - The Fabulous Riverboat Sam Clemens and Joe Miller have just met Lothar Von Richtofen after a tsunami caused by a meteor wipes out the viking boat, I love this series
  6. Stick a fork in me I'm done - with the Wheel of Time Series. I've just dragged my tortured eyeballs through book 11 and there are another 3 to go, God how much longer can they drag this thing out???? *screams*
  7. my furbaby is really showing his appreciation this week with yet another dead mouse on the loungeroom floor, awww!
  8. Kitteh yoga with Bob: position #1, the leaping gazelle: position#2, the upward cat:
  9. going by the naughty kitteh stories posted here I think they have
  10. busted in the trees, after some birds:
  11. yes he does he snuggled up to me this morning while I was being lazy in bed then I discovered another corpse on the patio Destiny your Isis is soooo cute! lookit that 'lil doggy face
  12. OMG she's gorgeous! good on you for feeding her Daggy
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