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  1. He was my best friend. Thanks for posting this.
  2. Saw "the scene" and... I'm on the verge of tears. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!
  3. The Amazing Spider Man 2 - B- Still confused as to just why Jamie Foxx turned into a bad guy.
  4. Sinister - B+ Taken 2 - C Looper - A Dredd 3D - A- End of Watch - B-
  5. Now that I'm on a desktop and not typing on a small phone, I can expound somewhat. One, the actual death of Jesus is the only thing that fits the timeline. The Old Testament would have been around during their previous visits. Two, Christianity as an organized religion that the Engineers wanted to wipe out would have been far closer to "1500 years" instead of "2000 years." For it to grow to a point that the Engineers would want to wipe out all life on the planet and start over due to the amount of people believing in it, it would be closer to "1000 years." I believe it's a given that C
  6. I think its safe to assume that Jesus was an Engineer, and the fact that he was killed was what set the Engineers off on a reset button path. The "we started worshipping another creator" doesn't make sense timewise. Jesus' death, not the preceding religion or the result of Christianity doesn't fit the timeline.
  7. Saw it at midnight show. Only disappointed at the lack of suspense, dread, fear, and scares. As a straight sci-fi film, I guess it worked.
  8. Or, somebody went into the Jedi Archives and erased the planet... Or changed its name. Didn't the Younglings teach us anything?
  9. Man on a Ledge - C+ - plot hole after plot hole. Just a ridiculous movie that could have been a Phone Booth level treat. Chronicle - A- - It was the best "found-footage" style movie I've seen. I hate those types of movies, but this one was entertaining. Very good acting all around, and an awesome story with great character development. Act of Valor - B+ - For what it was, it was very good. Gets dragged down by the "acting."
  10. Drive - B+ - I like Ryan Gosling. I don't buy him as a badass, though. Any of the long shots where he looks like a slender Guess model in his skinny jeans almost made me laugh. If Tom Hardy was in this role, A. One for the Money - Wife loves the books. I love my wife. Grade: Incomplete. The Phantom Menace 3D - F+ The + is for the 3D effects, which weren't that great. Too many things left just plain 2D. Any time people talk about the "subtle" 3D? Yeah, they probably don't realize that the whole movie isn't transferred to 3D. I watched about 25 minutes of this film with the glasse
  11. The Woman in Black - A I love supernatural horror movies. This was, honestly, one of the best I've ever seen. Definitely the best I've seen in the "Saw Era." Excellent use of atmosphere and lighting to achieve the scares. Several "Why is this shot lingering?" thoughts then noticing something on the periphery like a reflection in a mirror or a shadow moving. It creeped the hell out of me, in a good way.
  12. Sorry for the lengthy post. I've got some catching up to do: This week: The Descendants - A+ Just a good film. It told a touching story, had impressive acting, and it was emotionally compelling. Bad Teacher - B+ I can appreciate an over-the-top comedy as much as anyone. This one delivered the lulz. Would have been an A if it starred anyone other than Cameron Diaz. I'm sorry, but she's 40 years old, folks. She's done playing the ditzy, superficial hottie. Straw Dogs (2011) - C Ugh. My wife said it best. "That was just a horrible movie." Really, we're supposed to believe Cyclops i
  13. Yeah, I haven't played an MMO since FFXI, and after that horrendous experience, I have no intention of getting back into it. I barely have enough time for offline gaming anymore.
  14. See, it's funny because you have to click it to see the snide comment! Jokes within jokes, it's what my pappy always taught me.
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