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  1. the best cgi movie ever is teh simpsons movie.
  2. that's one of your favorite interent videos? there's nothing funny about it really. plus there's already a thread about it. <3, bonnie
  3. nay nay tiddy. lol idk. now i want to watch the movie in dutch.
  4. and this video is for dexter this video creeps me the **** out.
  5. Learn to Speak Body the last 2 minutes are worth the build up
  6. I wanna put my thing into your thing where ever my thing could possibly fit into your thing.

  7. THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK I didn't want to start a new thread so I bumped this one again. I ****ing can't believe this. This guy is making a commercial to sell RV's, and he can't stop runing his mouth. This is funny as hell, but get the young children away from the computer. And it's not porn.
  8. I just blew a load all over your comment box!

  9. AHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAAH!!!!11! this is what's wrong with kids these days. i hope she never has kids. the best thing is all the comments about the video. "smart? thats why she walked the wrong way when she entered the studio" "haha "you are my everything" haha - chicken is tuna from the sea thats a fish but has wings and its chicken fish."
  10. this is too ******* funny. richard simmons on the late show
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