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  1. I hope Han doesn't die. I hope he's just a secondary character in the movie. If any of the original 3 die, I would think it would be Luke. Not just because they can cheat and bring him back as a ghost, but specifically he might die battling Kylo Ren as a way of establishing just how much of a threat Kylo Ren is. I would think that Ep 7 would be bringing everyone together (so Luke and whoever the new Jedi is going to be -- my money is on Daisy Ridley). Episode 8 would be Luke training the new young Jedi, and then at the end they fight Ren, and Luke is killed.
  2. I do want them to redo the prequels, but I want them to wait another 30 years and then redo all of them. I want them to redo the prequels, but then redo the OT with the same actors from the redone prequels for continuity, then at that point they'd have to redo 7 - 9 even though it would have only been 25 or so years since Ep 9. I agree they can just drop TPM completely and start with AOTC. Maybe add an opening 5 - 10 minutes where Obi-Wan discovers Anakin as a young hotshot republic pilot and then skip ahead 5 years or so where we see Anakin as Obi Wan's apprentice. Most of the first movie
  3. I'm waiting on the names (resistance, first order, etc.) to hear more. First Order sounds legit to me, and like a special wing of stormtroopers (like an SS Nazi soldier). Resistance sounds weird (why wouldn't they just keep the name rebels?), but maybe there will be a good reason. New Republic sounds correct and really the only name the rebels would call themselves once they had won the war.
  4. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I love the idea, but it all comes down to who they cast. It's very hard to get super cocky but yet super likable right, and very few actors can pull it off. My first thought was Andrew Garfield. I'm not much of a comic book guy, but I've heard that the big complaint of him being cast as Spiderman was his Peter Parker. Apparently Peter Parker is supposed to be dorky and someone who normally doesn't get the girl, and they said Andrew Garfield was too self confident and would get the girl most of the time. To me that's Han Solo. He's a little small so
  5. Okay, so I have to admit, this trailer got me. I had been trying so hard not to get too excited about Episode 7 after being burned so badly by the prequels, but I genuinely believe now that we're in good hands and that we're going to get an awesome movie that feels like a Star Wars movie. Here were my observations: 1. Vader's mask -- It seems like the theory of Kylo Ren being a collector of Sith relics is probably true. The melted Vader mask looks like it's on display, so I'm guessing it's one of many things he has displayed in a secret room somewhere. I was leaning toward the theory tha
  6. I was there with a large group of people on opening night at the Mann's Chinese Theater for Episode 1. It was actually a really fun experience despite the fact that the movie sucked. However, I'm not willing to camp out to get tickets, so I'll probably try to go to the AMC at Downtown Disney. They have a pretty awesome main theater (saw Episode 2 and 3 there, along with all three LOTR films) that has assigned seating. I normally don't like crowds and I hate the idea of the audience cheering at every "I have a bad feeling about this" line (which is why I never see a Marvel movie on opening
  7. I think I'm with you on that one. It's probably because I've been wondering for 38 years just how the rebels managed to steal the plans to the Death Star, and we still don't know all that much about Episode 7. I'm hoping that Rogue One is a code name for the people who actually steal the plans (I'm thinking either bounty hunters or Bothans), and I'm looking forward to going back into the universe right before Episode 4. I'm hoping it's very dark, very gritty, and that it has some really vicious stormtroopers that can actually shoot, and that a LOT of rebels die in the process of stealing th
  8. Well, I was all over the Nightly boards back during the prequels, so I remember very well watching ROTS in theaters. I don't have my original review (not sure I even wrote one, I might have just quit all Star Wars forums after seeing the movie and never looked back), but I more or less remember thinking that this was their last chance, and they ruined it. Although I do like some of the lightsaber duels (I'd say Obi-Wan vs. Anakin is my 2nd favorite behind Darth Maul from TPM and just slightly above Luke vs. Vader in ROTJ), this was the film that was supposed to show us how Anakin turned to t
  9. I'm a fan of Kevin Smith so I'll chime in here. He is very enthusiastic about a lot of different things (but genuinely so) and sometimes oversells stuff, but part of his appeal is that he has kind of that childlike wonder about movies still even though (or because) he's seen behind the curtain and knows how they are made. Having said that, I've NEVER heard him this excited for anything, so I take that as a very good sign. He also said that he thought prequels were good because kids liked them and he figured that they were aimed primarily at kids the same way that he liked the OT when he
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