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  1. Hey, thanks for the look in. Wow, things have changed...been thinking about coming back, but I've changed quite a bit, and to be honest with you, not sure if I'd fit in anywhere on here any more *shrugs* still, nice to see some of the old gang are still around. Hope you and the family are all well.

  2. Don't forget to ask your mum, cyare :)

  3. Welcome to Nightly :) Just be sure to keep out of Lando.

    Uhh, too late ;)

  4. So yeh, all the meats on my pizza please... ;)

  5. Ja meine Liebe, wenn Sie wollen ;)

  6. Ja! Ja! Ja! Es war so gutes, ja! Mein Gott, Ja!!


  7. Goo doon!!

    Just thought I'd leave you a comment, say hi, hope school's OK today and that things go well with your teacher :)

    Love you loads, cyare :)

  8. Yay, Jade!

    **does the Funky Wookiee**

  9. I'm waiting for a PM from Little Miss Metal here so we can continue, Virul...

  10. Your face makes me want to run and scream.


    OK, not really, you're too pretty :(

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