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  1. Everything I've heard, in interviews, and even in the Gallery series, points to Pascal only ever being in the suit maybe once during S1, and that was for the helmet off face reveal. Every other time, it was either John Wayne's grand-son for the general walking and gunplay, and Lateef Crowder for the leaping, jumping, diving and hand-to-hand combat.
  2. I was born in 1986 and I have grey hairs.
  3. Weren't you working last time? I was working nights then, but I'm working days this time, so I'll be asleep between shifts when the call takes place
  4. I wasn't talking to you, bud, I was talking to Choc, sorry
  5. I have 3 cats, one tortie, one semi-feral tabbie, and a long-hair chonker who loves to whinge and try and play with the other two but they hate him and will hiss and attack when he tries to play. Poor bastard. As someone from South London, nah bruv. Essex ain't Cockney. Do one. Or, as they say norf of the border, git tae fook.
  6. I have been to: New York Pennsylvania Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida California Live in England, been to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland Turkey France Australia Kenya Canada The Netherlands Think that's it
  7. Kinda weird that you're equating liking Boba Fett with being a culty toxic gatekeeping "fan". People can be just shitty without having to be part of a niche.
  8. I won't be able to make that as I'm working. Have fun guys
  9. Yeah...everyone I know who knows Star Wars enough to know the names of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and Vader, all know who Boba Fett is. Even my non-SW fan partner knows who he is, and I don't talk about him all that often. Sounds to me like you've just had bad experiences with the fandom.
  10. Oh, well, you know, I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe, oh ya
  11. My respect for Jango is based on what he managed to actually do on screen. Boba followed Han Solo, watched as he got frozen, then took him Jabba, and when they were trying to bust him out, flew over to Luke, managed to grapple him, but when got taken out by accident and was eaten by a stationary squid. All in two movies. Jango followed and sniped Zam Wessell, took on Obi-Wan Kenobi in single combat and arguably came out on top, bombed the shit out of an asteroid field to get rid of pursuit, helped capture Anakin and Padme, straight up shot the shit out of a Jedi that tried to surprised Dooku
  12. I used to play the trumpet when I was in school. I was in the school orchestra, as well as two different youth orchestras in my town, one of which was supposed to be quite famous (I performed at a famous local venue a whole bunch of times), but I got sick of how much of my time it took up, and ended up quitting it completely just before I left for university and I haven't picked up a trumpet since. Probably wouldn't last five minutes if I tried to play again, lip stamina is a real thing for brass players, and was another reason I stopped playing (the third big one being that I just was nowhere
  13. I have lots of t-shirts, action figures, and Star Wars miniature games. I've been told to curtail my collection of two of those, but SORRY JULI IT'S MY MONEY TO WASTE ON WHAT I WANT FIGHT ME i'm sorry yes I would like to sleep in the bed tonight thank you for putting up with me
  14. Not here there aren't. There are no women on the internet, only FBI agents and perverts pretending to be women.
  15. Ever since ROTS, I've always maintained that Jango is far cooler than Boba ever was. I actively dislike the Boba fanboys, yet I'm very much a Mandalorian fanboy myself. The Mandalorian fandom itself has been growing steadily for years now, and it kinda feels like vindication/validation that LFL saw that part of the fandom growing and decided to give us something. Filoni himself is a part of the Mando fandom, because he was the one that helped bring it to life with his TCW and Rebels episodes based on Mandalore, a lot of which helped bring Mandalorian history back in canon after the Disney Lege
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