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  1. Durant to the Warriors! Got to say I am disappointed with this decision, especially after Durant ripped LeBron on going to Miami a few years back
  2. saw it tonight, the airport scene was amazing! plus spider-man is absolutely perfect i'm really looking forward to Homecoming next year now! Zero was great too
  3. and at least we finally had the supergirl episode explanation too! it seems like all the heroes on these shows want to take the complicated route to answer simple solution
  4. i'm liking the looks of it so far
  5. time travel is always fun, ignoring the paradox issues of course! when was the link to how barry ended up on supergirl? or is it from a future episode?
  6. Loved it but boy that scene has really crushed me despite it being quite telegraphed to happen Will see it again in the next day or so
  7. another one of my practice squad has been picked up by a team - Sammy Watkins is one of mine so he needs to be dropped by Team Carr before this weekend's matches
  8. hmmmm UK, Duke Johnson is on my practice squad
  9. Kyrie Irving, Cle PG, SG
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