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  1. As soon as D+ came out and they announced the series, I knew this would be a thing. It does kind of suck if you do not watch the shows since now it will feel like you're missing out. On the other hand, I do recommend the series because they've all been entertaining!
  2. If there was, I missed it, too! And I've seen NWH. :P
  3. There wasn't a lot of Fett/Bane even in CW. In fact, I don't think they were even shown working together! There were some episodes with Fett hanging with Aurra Sing and Bossk when he was starting out. I think all the Fett/Bane stuff is from books and comics. I think it's because the SW shows are like the Marvel ones now. At some point, I'm sure Kate Bishop will appear in a movie and fans will be excited to see her. Obviously you would have to watch Hawkeye for her introduction, otherwise she's just another random hero showing up. Same with Sylvie and Kang from Loki. Since all the movies, shows, books and comics going forward are now supposed to be canon, this kind of thing is going to come up. I've read plenty of comics so I'm used to random characters showing up from other titles. Now we're getting this with the movies and shows. I know I wasn't happy to hear Ventress was killed off in a book, I'd rather she appear in a series or movie instead since I'm not really into the books. We just need to accept that all of this is integrated and if you want the whole story, you gotta keep up with it all. And if you don't, there's always Google and Wookiepedia!
  4. Maybe they'll pull another Boehner!
  5. I go barefoot unless I need to go somewhere or I'm exercising. I could definitely take a hamster, at least! I still have the scar on my hand from the one that bit me when I was 12 but I'm bigger now.
  6. I would disagree because Boba really didn't have a badass intro! He just..looked cool, I guess? But then he gets his bounty hand delivered to him and later gets killed by the same bounty in an accident the next movie. :P To me, Bane is just another generic villain. He's been seen a bunch of times and tangled with the heroes over the decades but there really isn't anything to him. In CW, he's introduced and there is some mention of his reputation but that's it. The presentation is just for the CW fans. It's like a certain character showing up in Spider-Man: NWH. If you haven't seen previous related material, the reaction will be "It's just some guy." And I mean, that's fine. The appearance is for the diehard fans, not the casuals.
  7. It's crazy to think we're at a point that they could introduce actual comic book characters in the MCU now. Like, not just adaptations but a character directly from the comics could make an appearance in a movie!
  8. Yeah, I think it's dumb they tied some big plot points from Mando to this. I mean, I thought those were the best episodes but if you're making a Boba Fett show, make it all about him!
  9. Well yeah but he was introduced as just a villain in CW. I mean, he is very much a what you see is what you get type of character. Watching CW wouldn't give you anything more about him. I just don't see anything being added about him by watching the animated show before BOBF. We know Bane and Boba knew each other already but we've seen this in SW before. Plus! Comics do the "new villain beats hero easily/beats or kills old villain" all the time as a way to establish they're a bigger threat. Movies and cartoons do it, too but probably not as much as comics do. Kind of like horror movies killing off survivors in the next installment to give the sense no one is safe.
  10. But you don't need to know much about Bane beyond what you get in this series. Even Clone Wars never gives you any backstory about him, he's just a bounty hunter that shows up and tangles with the heroes. I mean, you don't learn that much about Obi-Wan and Vader in ANH other than they knew each other before. Boba was supposed to be a badass yet never does anything badass in the movies! :P We just hear it second hand and are expected to accept that events occurred involving them before the chapter we are watching. Watching CW isn't going to give you anything about Bane than a familiarity with the character.
  11. If any X people show up, I'm gonna freak!
  12. Movie's lookin' good! I have faith Raimi should give us a great take on the character here.
  13. So like Obi-Wan and Vader in ANH? :P I think some are making too much out of this, you don't need to know much about Cad Bane other than he is a bad dude working for bad dudes. It's just like when we first saw Boba in ESB, we only knew he was a bounty hunter and he sometimes disintegrated people. I've seen all of the CW show and there really isn't much more to know about Bane other than he and Fett knew each other before. Same with Ahsoka, if you know her backstory, cool! If you don't, you just know she was a Jedi who knew Anakin before.
  14. People who are driving under the speed limit until you pass them, then suddenly they're in the Grand Prix!
  15. I was annoyed they kept having a conversation while the big droid is like RIGHT THERE trying to kill them LOL.
  16. I never paid for Spotify, so no change for me! I either listen to it in the browser with an adblocker or I use BlockTheSpot on the client.
  17. Still my favorite Doctor!
  18. With a lightsaber hand!
  19. There is some more sex stuff in the later seasons, I know she gets with some dude in a bar for a quickie. That might be season 2? There's a couple other love interests, too but I won't say more.
  20. Starts filming next month! But we have to wait until 2023 for it to come out.
  21. Yes! I hate the new ship! He needs a bigger one with space to at least hold a prisoner...or a body. :P
  22. Agreed! Not a fan at all of Luke repeating the same mistakes the old Jedi did, especially since he proved them wrong by turning Vader at the end. Luke at the end of ROTJ seems like he is all about keeping his connections with friends and family. The whole "It's Mando or the lightsaber" thing just feels all wrong. But I hated TLJ, sooo...
  23. And I saw that episode! I'm chalking that up to my crap memory.
  24. "Your name is what? Gingko beloba? Speak up, son, I can't hear you under that helmet!"
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