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  1. I was kinda underwhelmed at the ending. Episode 9 was a bit over the top, especially the first person perspective disemboweling. Eeuugh! 10 was a nice enough wrap up but it felt like not a lot happened other than to have a character from season 2 show up and tie up Lee's story. Overall the season was okay but I thought they killed everyone off too fast on the second trip to the house and there was no real resolution to it all.
  2. I see it has been 2 years since this thread was updated so I will add mine! I have a PS4 and my username is TheGloomCookie. I will scare you with my creepy online voice!
  3. CoLA


    Stop doing all the things!
  4. New Wonder Woman trailer! I love that shot of her diving into the ocean, it's beautiful!
  5. It felt like he was Draco in this episode, except if he had been born a muggle. Well, Elsa did have it all figured out.
  6. That was my prediction, too! I thought he would end up being saved by the witch after everyone else was killed. I guess she's not that tough to get scared away by Shelby. I was thinking she was already dead but we know the Polks like to keep them alive as long as possible...*barf*...so she could be. There are only 5 left now (or 4, if Lee is a goner). She does seem like the one who would make it out of the 5. Me, neither. O_O That could be...interesting? I think I would rather see a Hotel/Coven crossover, they could go to find out what happened to Queenie.
  7. That was my first thought, too! She may as well shave her head if she's going that route, LOL.
  8. CoLA

    CBS Supergirl

    Now that they've cast Superman, maybe they'll want to be progressive and go another direction...or would that be regressive?
  9. I feel like there is a post missing...which is weird as there was a double post. But if Black Mesa is not being sold, why is $20 on Steam?
  10. It was a tough watch but I knew what to expect since I've been keeping up with the comic through the trades. It was a lot more brutal than I was expecting and being spoiler-free for the episode I was surprised when Negan If it's like the comics, he But I guess the show may do something different.
  11. CoLA

    CBS Supergirl

    I loved him as Superman! Such a nice change from the other dark and broody live action version out there. <_<
  12. CoLA

    Luke Cage!

    The other reason I'm bummed about that is not only because but because I don't like .
  13. CoLA

    Luke Cage!

    I'm up to episode 10! I was kinda bummed that they . Does this take place after the CW movie? If so, it seems weird that a bulletproof guy is out there walking around and there hasn't been any mention from anyone about the Sokovia Accords.
  14. CoLA

    Luke Cage!

    The music is great! I just watched eps 5 and 6 last night, trying to get through it quick as I can. Loved how Anyone else think Cottonmouth's laugh is awesome?
  15. CoLA

    Luke Cage!

    Series hits Netflix tomorrow! Bring your popcorn, headbands and yellow disco shirts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snJ-nRgx8o0
  16. Nope! I thought Robbie's brother looked familiar!
  17. I'll always think of her as the actress who should have played Storm! She was such a badass in Strange Days.
  18. CoLA

    She-Hulk Series

    This printer keeps on jammin'!
  19. I'm a little mmmmm about it after the first episode. I didn't think it was bad, I'll wait for a few more eps before I decide how I feel about it. There was one part I thought was funny, one of the parts with Lily Rabe, after she was done talking in one of her segments, she just kind of made this funny face for a few seconds until it cut away.
  20. I don't know how I never heard of this band! Love their whole album! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQCDvKg9ZII&index=10&list=PLWLjVTxJ6z4gBAQB0rs9K2LYojAev3B18
  21. Sho nuff! I still have about $100 in store credit for Bookmans. I've gotten some pretty good book and video game purchases there.
  22. They wouldn't take some VHS cassettes I tried to unload at the Ina Road store. My step-dad had a bunch of crap we couldn't even throw out. I think out of all the VHS tapes we only got money for the Hunt for Red October. LOL, yeah, they are really picky about what they take. I was looking to unload a bunch of DVDs at that same one and they only ended up taking a couple of them. I think I brought about 30 with me. They just ended up going to the Goodwill down the street.
  23. I forgot this was starting already!
  24. CoLA

    She-Hulk Series

    Pork chop sandwiches!
  25. They have a place here in Tucson called Bookmans that take all kinds of stuff off of your hands. They can be pretty picky sometimes but you can trade things in for money or store credit. I've traded in bunches of stuff there.
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