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  1. CoLA

    Moon Knight

    Hey, fellow Downton Abbey fan! I loved that show when it was on, something about late 1800s-early 1900s time period has always been appealing to me in some way, even though I know I would hate living back then LOL. Same for me on Batman, but that's because I'm just tired of Batman movies. So many other great characters in DC and Batman has like 12 movies now.
  2. I'm just catching that now!
  3. Have you tried Dead by Daylight? Gameplay is similar to the F13 game and it's updated frequently. It also has two chainsaw wielding killers if that's your preference!
  4. CoLA

    Moon Knight

    Anyone watch ep 2? Getting really good, I liked how they incorporated the Moon Knight in a suit look for the MCU. Interesting take since that means the outfit can have different variations depending on how the avatar envisions it. At first I thought they were going to keep the "is it in his head or not" going for a while longer with the cameras not showing anything but it turns out the jackal things are not visible.
  5. I want the Scottish guy "Get off of my ice, you little wanker!"
  6. Another thing that bothered me about Squadrons and the X-Wing demo on Battlefront, is your ship doesn't go fast enough! It always feels like I'm flying slowly toward everything, even at top speed.
  7. I played Control! That was very Force-ish, too, one of the outfits you unlock even looks like a SW one. Too bad I played on a PS4, the game would experience big slowdowns on some of the fight parts. And it's funny, as fun as I found Squadrons, I still haven't completed the story mode. But it taught me that I would be a really crap pilot!
  8. I don't think I've played enough SW games to have a top ten! The KOTOR games were really good and Fallen Order was fun. SW: Squadrons in VR is awesome! One of my favorite SW games wasn't even Star Wars! It was called Psi-Ops and your character was basically a Jedi throwing stuff and enemies around with TK! Only thing missing was a lightsaber.
  9. CoLA

    Moon Knight

    Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the rest and seeing more of MK. Isaacs is great in it so far!
  10. They came close with the Crisis but still messed it up by keeping certain things the same, like Superboy and the Legion. So then they had to come up with Pocket Universe Superboy which led to alternate Earth Supergirl who became Matrix and then merged with a woman named Linda Danvers and I think died and went to Hell after Kara Zor-El was reintroduced...getting a headache just typing this!
  11. Maybe they should try out periodic reboots. Like, they sort of have already with DC multiple times (and they never get it right!) and Marvel with Ultimate. Say like, every 20 years they just restart everything fresh. You could have the characters age in real time and have definite endings for all of them. Then after that run is finished they start again but with different stories and new takes on characters. Basically like the MCU is!
  12. CoLA

    Scream (2022)

    Don't even rank season 3! t was so bad I only watched the first episode. Replace it with Scream Queens, a better show! But it would be higher on the list, then.
  13. And what even is shocking anymore in comics? Death? Been done. Hero going villain? Yawn. Villain going hero? Seen it. Character changes their sexual preference? Old hat. It's true, there really isn't anything new to do. One of the biggest problems, or at least for me, was the abundance of big events that they kept doing. It just got boring.
  14. The joke was dumb and crass but Smith should have just yelled at Rock afterwards. Everyone would have forgotten about it like 10 minutes after but now it's immortalized by the slap.
  15. LOL yeah, like does Miles remember being in the Ultimate U or is it like he was always in the main uni? And they kept the younger X-Men in the present? That seemed like a decent idea for a storyline but not indefinitely.
  16. CoLA


    Watched the first episode, pretty brutal opening with the Covenant taking out a settlement. It feels low budget, though? And ugh to MC taking off his helmet in the first episode. At least Mandalorian waited until the end of the season!
  17. Hopefully they keep it like Marvel always has. They have alternate universes but still stick with the main one where everything happens. Still gets a little confusing when you have characters like Rachel Summers, Cable and Bishop around! But who can keep up with that crazy Summers family.
  18. CoLA

    Jedi Fallen Order

    They're console exclusives so far. Sony has released a few exclusives for PC recently like Horizon and Uncharted but no talk of Last of Us.
  19. CoLA

    Jedi Fallen Order

    You really should! Fantastic sequel!
  20. CoLA

    Jedi Fallen Order

    I really liked this one, too, hoping for a sequel in the future. Since you're playing on PC, you should check out some mods! My second playthrough I played as Ahsoka.
  21. At least he kept the original of E.T. available! You can still get the one with the cops with guns, unlike Lucas who tries to disregard the original copies entirely. :|
  22. CoLA


    Series starts this Thursday! Anyone interested enough to check it out? I don't have Paramount+ but I will be watching through ah, other means. *cough*
  23. Didn't Spielberg once say he would have changed the ending of Close Encounters because he no longer likes Dreyfuss's character leaving? That type of thing says a lot, I'm glad he never tried to pull a Lucas and redo it.
  24. CoLA


    Just watched this on Saturday. Has Sebastian Stan of MCU fame (Bucky!). About a woman frustrated with not meeting a decent guy until she finally does. But after dating for a while, she finds out he is not exactly what he seems to be. It was pretty good, not sure I want to spoil what Stan's character is really about but it's rather disturbing!
  25. You've qualified for an official MCU No-Prize!
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