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  1. I remember there used to be an Animals forum. Let that sink in for just a moment.


    Also, the site actually goes back further than those wayback machine screen grabs will show you. 99!



    Edit: Looking at the classic Lando Red color scheme reaallllly makes me miss it.

    That sounds keen, but I don't see the tred scheme. The Wayback only goes to 2001. :(

  2. Still have to disagree! Rick and co. don't do what the Governor or the cannibals did. Those were people who went out of their way to kill them, Rick's group only kills when they feel they have to. He did warn Lamson first!

    Rick tried to talk things over with the Governor and that went nowhere due to the Gov being a nut. As for the cannibals, these guys had almost slaughtered them like animals and then tracked them down after Rick's people escaped. Yeah, it was revenge but I wouldn't blame them at all. They did set a trpa but that was only because they had mutilated Bob and they were planning on them attacking the church after they "left".

  3. Iris has been getting on my nerves since they started having her have second thoughts about Barry. I mean, they had agreed to be friends after Barry revealed how he felt and then she flat out tells Linda that Barry was pining after her? WTF, girl.

  4. I agree their time on the road and being attacked has changed who they are as people but I still think they are decent at their cores. Sure, that was pretty brutal when they killed the cannibals but these were the same people who had them lined up to get their throats slit and slaughtered. Then they followed them after they escaped and mutilated one of their own!

    I can see a bit of...satisfaction, maybe?...when they beat them to death but I couldn't honesly say it wasn't justified. Rick's crew are survivors and will only kill when threatened. That's what separates them from some of the other nuts they have come across.

  5. I agree, I think he's questioning himself, too, and along with seeing what these people have had to do to survive since he met them, he probably isn't thinking too straight. I think individuals like him are still trying to hang onto a world that no longer exists and that's also why Rick and co. are a bit wary around the new crowd they find themselves among. There really isn't one set of laws anymore, the world as it is in the show now is groups of people who make their own rules based on what works for them. When one group runs into another, you get the Governor, the Claimers and the cannibals conflicts.

    Rick's crew at this point are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  6. Yes! I was kind of irked by that, too. Why does Iris decide now she has to have feelings for him? Worst part about that is, if/when everything gets reset, that moment probably won't happen but Barry will still remember it.

  7. I agree with you, 'dog, that Flash episode was excellent! DK, you're probably better off, AoS does seem like a slow burn. I think I would like it more if I didn't have to wait week to week. Is it weird that I keep imagining Mac is Luke Cage?

  8. That's the only thing that bummed me out about it, the obviousness that it's all or mostly going to be erased due to time travel. They can't let Cisco stay dead! What a great scene when Wells came clean to him, them feels!


    I'm not sure obviousness is a word, actually...

  9. Can't agree since it boils down to self defense and they've been through one crap situation after another. Saving bullets is a practical thing in their case, never know when you're going to run out on the road! They even let a stranger die because they didn't want to use the ammo to save him last season.

    And let's be real here, these guys had just mutilated one of their own and planned to do the same to them...even a baby! From the Governor attack, to Glenn's claiming buddies that were going to kill them, to the cannibals at Terminus who followed them...these were some strung out peeps who just couldn't catch a break!

    And now Mr. I'm locking people out of my church to die wants to get judgemental and poison a new friend against them? Oh heck no. Aaaaahhh, Gabriel, fall down an elevator shaft, please.

  10. Not a post since it began! Good ness!

    Latest episode was awesome! Wells revealed as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash! Cisco dead! Iris knows Barry is Flash! Barry runs fast enough to bust through the time barrier for the first time! And it's not even the season finale yet!

    Another sentence ending with an exclamation point!

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