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  1. Yeah, I'm not really feeling Marvel's Inhumans push they have been doing lately. I mean, they even have an Uncanny Inhuman title coming out after SW with the tagline "Hope you survive the experience!" on the cover! Argh, stop it, Marvel! Inhumans are not going to replace the X-Men!
  2. Listening to the Dive album by Tycho! Nice music to work to! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuGO6WHcruU
  3. Deadpool's retcons are okay, as he is sort of "outside" of comics. That is, he knows that he's in one. She-Hulk knows (knew?) this, too, as well as Animal Man over at DC. That and writers are always retconning things later into characters histories for the sake of whatever story they have planned. Granted, this isn't always a good thing! Sins Past, anyone? Bleah! I can't wait to see how SW turns out, there's been so much build up and crazy stuff happening in the Avengers titles. I liked the Rabum reveal, c'mon, it's Doom! Who better to save the universe? And you know, I was thinking for a w
  4. I need to get a shirt made up stating "Rick was right!" Morgan...does that stick he's carrying have Bad Ass Mofo carved into it?! The way he owned those two at the start was hella cool. I liked how Michonne knocking out Rick was to protect him and not the townspeople. Woo Michonne! Props to Glen for sticking to the moral high ground and not killing Nicholas! For as much as I think he is more than justified for killing him at this point, I appreciated that he didn't. Abraham and Eugene making up! Awww, you guys. Sasha...Okay, you're getting weird now. Did those walkers look that comfortable? H
  5. CoLA


    Heck yeah, I've read that series! Too bad the mini tribe he lived with ended up all dying later.
  6. CoLA


    Atom is supposed to be like Ant-Man, except without the insect control and wife-smacking. I think he can shrink much more, down to subatomic levels. Don't remember him ever flying around and having laser blasts. :|
  7. CoLA


    It does look interesting but it's sounding more like a lesson in frustration than the relaxing gaming that I'm used to. :|
  8. Got the Pixies on! I love this track! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPgf_btTFlc
  9. CoLA


    Guess I'll resurrect this thread, too! Anyone else bummed that the Atom is basically just Iron Man lite? Where's the shrinking powers?!
  10. CoLA


    That reminds me of when I played Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. So hard I had to give it up!
  11. There is an X-Files Season 10 comic where they are shown to have survived! I doubt this series will ackowledge the comic.
  12. If Abraham does go, I hope it isn't like !
  13. CoLA


    My body...is ready for this.
  14. I would go if I had the time! Also, I was in LA last month and was instantly reminded how much I hate the traffic in that area. But I've never been to a SW celebration before, so I may go to one in the future.
  15. I'm sure if someone looks hard enough, they will spot a Howard the Duck cameo in one of the prequels!
  16. I worked with someone who used to put communion wafers in their salads every day. I don't even think they were religious, so those wafers must be really good. :|
  17. I think he looks good as Lex so far. Lex doesn't need to be a big or intimidating guy, just smart and ruthless!
  18. Got the Lost Boys soundtrack on! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiUX0cKEEXc
  19. That's funny, the only thing I remember about the second movie was that I saw it, too! I do remember a few scenes from the first one, like John Locke sitting in front of the bomb before it explodes and the ending but not much else. It's been a while.
  20. My two biggest gripes about Legacy were: 1. So Clu was trying to lead an army of programs to the real world...to do what? To make the world outside a perfect system, too? I understood why he took over the Grid but not why that translated to wanting to get out of it. And how would that even work? Imagine an army of programs with tanks and recognizers flooding out of the basement of Flynn's old arcade! Heck, Clu didn't even know if they could exist outside the Grid! 2. Flynn was trapped for about the equivalent of hundreds of years, we know he can create programs pretty easily since we see h
  21. I've never thought about that. What are the views on the afterlife in SW? There are Force ghosts but it doesn't seem like anyone knew about those until Qui-Gon started doing it.
  22. I used to think I hated religion and then I realized I just didn't care. Like, I've had people ask me if I believe or not and I explained that it made no difference either way to me. I would live my life day to day the same way whether I found out tomorrow there was a god or that there wasn't. Am I Athiest? Agnostic? Something else? I don't know, but I do know that it doesn't matter to me.
  23. Let's get a young Lando show! He would be out cruising the galaxy in the Falcon! They could throw in some young Han and Chewie cameos, too.
  24. Ooohh, you're good, then. The spoiler only related to the season 2 finale. Nothing to do with season 3 since I haven't looked those up, either!
  25. LOL, I take it you have not watched season 2 yet?
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