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  1. Aren't you supposed to when reading these?
  2. LOL! ROFL!How did you do the split quote?! Whenever I try, half my post ends up as part of it!
  3. Olivia Wilde is returning! http://www.slashfilm.com/olivia-wilde-tron-3/ So glad they have her and Garrett Hedlund for the next one, I would have been bummed if they had to recast anyone.
  4. Starts tomorrow! Everyone going to binge or try to space them out? I would normally watch them over a week or so but then there is the risk of spoilers before I've finished!
  5. Hey, that show doesn't sound bad! It does seem a bit like The Wicked + The Divine comic that is out.
  6. I have an uncle who was in San Fran during the one in 1989. I guess that one was pretty scary from what he told me. Regardless, I would still live in SoCal if I could afford it, possible earthquakes be damned! If you actually look like Avril Lavigne you can stay in my guest house. I am not blonde! But I do look better than her when dressed like a punk!
  7. I've been to NYC twice, had tons of fun both times! I don't think I would want to live there but damn the place is energizing! So much to do and see, I loved Times Square at night, you really have to go there and see it, pictures and video don't compare to how overwhelming it is. I felt like Cap America when he ran out onto the streets of NYC at the end of First Avenger! But I'm a westerner, I wouldn't want to put up with those months of cold weather they have to deal with every year. I'll take the heat, thanks.
  8. I have an uncle who was in San Fran during the one in 1989. I guess that one was pretty scary from what he told me. Regardless, I would still live in SoCal if I could afford it, possible earthquakes be damned!
  9. Decided to bust out the Big Willie Style album by Will Smith! Miami! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwBS6QGsH_4
  10. Me, neither! Less than a week now! Squeee!
  11. CoLA

    It Follows

    The trailer has me intrigued!
  12. So much hype right now! Why must we wait an extra week?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tpi1XkW8dFc
  13. My inner cynic says there's not a chance (they gave Lockjaw's powers to a boring Cyclops ripoff!) but something in me is still hoping for Gorgon or Karnak or an Alpha Primitive or two. We know it won't be Vinbolt Dieselgon! I hadn't thought about that character having Lockjaw's power. I want the big dog to show up in the movie!
  14. A bit more exciting this last episode! Will we get a cameo of a recognizable Inhuman now that Sky was taken away to wherever the others are?
  15. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-planning-live-action-winnie-786052 Please don't screw this up! I like the premise of Christopher Robin returning to the HAW as an adult, since the book ended with him leaving. I'll cry right in the theater if the movie opens with this scene:
  16. I don't see Fox doing the same as Sony but one can always hope!
  17. That seems right. Glen and Tyreese were the ones who never killed people, even when you expected them to.
  18. I'm used to that from trailers now. They're almost like 2 and 1/2 minute summaries of the movies.
  19. It would be killer to see the Surfer show up in either Avengers or GOTG! If only Marvel owned the rights to all their characters, Galactus could have been the Big Bad for Avengers 4!
  20. "I am your father!" LOL, awesome! Poor Real Wells! Eddie knows! Barry may as well start pulling a Wally West and just give up his secret ID completely.
  21. He does have experience travelling through time! Can't wait for that spinoff series, first Hawkgirl and now Rip Hunter!
  22. Holy crap, that looks so deliciously over the top! Come on, May, get here!
  23. I've been wondering that as I don't read either of those titles. When did Galactus come back from the Ultimate verse? Shouldn't UThor have come with him, then? I flipped through a Squirrel Girl issue before, wasn't sure what to make of it since it seems overly silly. It felt more like reading an issue of What The?! :|
  24. Regarding this...I think there were two reasons for her immediate turn at the end of the episode. There were still a lot of questions regarding the circumstances in Aiden's death that she was still trying to work out. Like despite what Nicholas told her about Glenn's so-called distracting Aiden and actively trying to get him killed while escaping, yet they brought him back with them. And then there's her husband being murdered right in front of her by the town wifebeater at that moment! She was acting out of grief and rage right there. I wasn't surprised she told Rick to do it. I'm not tou
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