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  1. Is this...the after credits scene?! Possible spoilers here, people! If this is fake, it's very well done!
  2. I'm guessing people who are against Superman will change their minds, or at least their focus, once other "god-like" beings start showing up. Why bother focusing on him when you have Wonder Woman and Aquaman running around? The statue thing is okay, I think, there was one in the comics, too. Pre-Flashpoint, anyway. But you'd think they would have waited until he had been around longer or at least died once!
  3. Yeah, I wish they had wrapped up the season 2 finale with one or two more episodes. And how mad do you think Cersei Lannister is for Daenerys Targaryen stealing her role as Sarah Conner? LOL, didn't even think of that!
  4. Yeah, I really don't like that line at all. C'mon, Bats, at least make some sense. First you ask if he bleeds and then you say he will. Wha?! Maybe he doesn't!* *Obviously he does but still...what a stupid line.
  5. I'm not really feeling this so far. Sorry, I know some fans like to think Batman can beat Superman (OMG! TDKR!) but seriously, he just wouldn't. Especially in these movies! Does he even have Kryptonite? I don't remember there being any in MoS. And why do they have to fight? Superman did end up saving the city at the end and he looked to be on friendly terms with the military even though they were trying to track him. I think my hype for this actually dropped instead.
  6. Ehrm...no. And ew! I must have been trained well, wiping and washing my hands is an automatic thing for me.
  7. CoLA

    New Trailer!

    "Chewie...we're home." Me: *cries tears of joy* Between this and Avengers 2 I am in hype overload!
  8. So can Iris get anymore irritating? I guess it's hard to believe that your COP fiance might not be able to talk to you about something!
  9. CoLA


    Four episodes in...damn, Fisk is a scary man. O_O
  10. Well, she's hot. That always works.
  11. That reminds me that I'm still pissed they cancelled the SCC.
  12. What to do when you have a character who is an English woman in an Asian body? Cast a Eurasian to cover both bases!
  13. CoLA


    LOL, that train scene was gold! Movie is really looking better and better!
  14. Seriously...died saving a dog and then not letting Kal save him? Superspeed, Jonathan! Do you know it?! OG movies did it better, have him die from something Superman cannot save someone from.
  15. CoLA


    Yeah, I feel like even though he had been training (maybe to get back at the guys who killed his dad?), the Incident and various heroes popping up convinced him to get out there and start busting heads. Agree about the SFX, I cringed at the end of episode 2 and the scene in ep. 3 when the guy !
  16. I got the first four once I saw they were available. Damn this impatience!
  17. CoLA


    Only had time to watch the first episode before going to sleep but so far it's living up to the hype for me! I like how they refer to events of Avengers as The Incident. Did that inspire Matt to go vigilante?
  18. CoLA


    That suit is badass! Love the insect look to the mask!
  19. I tried that but it just added that to the quote... Like so...
  20. CoLA


    I have hope for Atom to finally get the shrinking powers! The last episode of Arrow, they used the nanites to shrink the blood clot in his brain. This may lead to his comic powers at some point! And really, if you're going to have a DC armored hero, at least have it be Steel or Rocket Red. :|
  21. CoLA


    Just added it to my list! Watching it tonight!
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