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  1. I love board games! But no one I know ever wants to play them. Favorites are Clue, Monopoly and Life but none of them hold a card to an old board game I inherited called Cloak & Dagger, based off of an old movie from the 80's! I kill at that game!
  2. That's it! I need one of those! *swoon* To drop some friends off at the pool, of course!
  3. Science fact...where's my self-drying jacket and hoverboard?!
  4. I really want one of those toilets that spray your butt after you've gone.
  5. It really did. I found the rest of it to be kinda cringey. :/
  6. Yeah, just look at what Marvel did to poor Spider-Man and MJ. I mean, was anyone actually calling for them to be split up? Besides the Marvel writers, that is. Then DC followed suit by doing yet another reboot and making Superman and Flash single again. I don't know why a lot of writers don't like steady couples.
  7. For reals, why would you just go and tell one of your friends they're gay? Even if you saw it in their minds, why confront them about it? Just leave it be until the person is ready! Which leaves me to wonder what he was thinking...was he imagining getting pounded by Beast or something? o_O Why didn't I get that memo?! Well, if you think about it, every single relationship ends one of two ways ... you break up or one of you dies. Those are the only two possible outcomes. Doesn't mean relationships can't be happy, obviously, but it does mean that every single romantic relationship in a pe
  8. Yeah, they lost the rights to Magnus and Solar. I never read original Valiant, so I don't have any opinion on them.
  9. I don't see it as shoehorning since it was speculated on for so long. They did the same thing to Shatterstar after years of fans saying that him and Rictor were pretty...friendly.
  10. CoLA


    Was there ever any doubt?! And we still have Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones to look forward to!
  11. I just see it as Bendis just straight out stating what had been speculated for years. CBR once had a really long thread with tons of examples. The weird thing is this same issue says that while young Bobby is gay the older one isn't! o_O I don't know what Bendis is thinking by throwing that out there.
  12. And I don't mean over to the Hellfire Club! Ho! Turns out Iceman has been in denial the last 50 years!
  13. They just had a revival a few years ago. They've mostly been really good, the only ones I probably wouldn't recommend are Shadowman and Rai. They'rte both rather boring and don't have much to do with the other titles. Harbinger, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar have crossed over the most. My top recs would be Archer & Armstrong and Harbinger if you are thinking of checking them out!
  14. Looks like they'll be going with Bloodshot and Harbinger and then bringing them together in one crossover film! I so hope these do well, because I want an Archer & Armstrong movie, too! http://badassdigest.com/2015/04/21/valiant-comics-announces-5-picture-deal-with-sony-john-wick-directors-to-ta/
  15. Well, I'll say it! Thankee sai!
  16. It's only in the Superheroes forum. :|
  17. Or in my case, 4 at a time! I couldn't resist getting them early, I'm weak.
  18. Wouldn't He already know?
  19. Come in with the milk, come in with the milk, come in with the milk, come in with the milk...
  20. CoLA


    I am watching as fast as I am able! Six more left for me!
  21. New trailer! Best trailer yet, by far, but it's still not something I want to see that badly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rRoD28-WgU&feature=youtu.be
  22. CoLA


    So no more Arsenal! :| That sucks but I guess now Thea will have to take his place as Speedy...if she survives, that is.
  23. I thought we were getting another season and this was posted in the wrong forum.
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