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  1. It was pretty entertaining but nothing great. I don't understand the negative reviews, it's at least a fun comic book movie and was a heck of a lot better than BvS! I did not like Leto's Joker, he just came across as too generic or something to me. Still don't like the tattoos and the bling look for him, either.
  2. Wreck-It Ralph has been my favorite since I saw it! Probably because of my love of video games, but I just really enjoy the main characters and the story. I even have the Disney Infinity characters on my desk! And skimming through this thread...what a downer that that violence guy doesn't post here anymore, LOL. Or does he?! o_O Oh, and I found an animated soulmate! Another lover of Pirates of Dark Water! Yes! Andorus, my dude, high five!
  3. LOL, and WB owns the site, don't they? I don't get the rivalry between Marvel and DC fans, either, I just like super-hero movies...Well, good ones, I mean. I'm still going to see this since the trailers do look good! I'm hoping it's at least better than both MoS and BvS, both of which were pretty lame. This does worry me, though, because it seems like WB just has no idea how to make a good movie universe for their characters.
  4. I would play but my 4 year old phone doesn't support it. :|
  5. Cool! What would you have been doing, if I may ask?
  6. My first thought is that the Perez Hilton site makes me want to stab my eyes! But about the show, I'm all for scary farmhouse Children of the Corn type stories.
  7. Drop him like a rock, I hope! I haven't been too wowed by anything he's done. I mean, his movies have great visuals but the stories and characters have been pretty blah. And can he please tone it down with the slo-mo? Serioulsy, sometimes it feels like he could trim his movies down a bit by leaving it out altogether.
  8. Felt like they leaned more toward the platforming side of things this time over the action. I do like the new rope swing feature and the multiplayer is fun even though I get killed all the time. I really liked the ending of the game and that I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Chloe or Cutter one more time. Chloe seemed like she had become an important character to the series and I had liked the banter between Nate and Cutter in U3. I guess they figured there were already enough main characters in the game as it was and it probably would have been too crowded. Highly rec
  9. I can't compare to the Mario games since I haven't played any but the R&C series has always been top notch for me! Wait, no, I wasn't too impressed with All 4 One, I never even finished that one.
  10. ? I've been let down by both MoS and BvS but this movie looks like it will be really entertaining! Between this and the WW trailer, the DC movies could be looking up!
  11. CoLA


    In fact they made Thor worse than Janine Melnitz. Janine could answer a phone ffs. Janine had a backbone, too! Always liked her response to Venkman's reply about how she could always get a job somewhere else ("I've quit better jobs than this...Ghostbusters, whattaya want?!").
  12. CoLA


    I wonder if they will have another one! Looks like it is doing really poorly so far, it had a big drop the second weekend. Most people I know have the same indifferent attitude towards it that I have have. Like, I have nothing against it, but I don't have any real desire to bother watching it, either.
  13. "Now who's the villain, Flash?! Now who's the villain?!" Awesome!
  14. Updating with new trailer! I love that casual cape toss!
  15. Not sure about JL, looks...ehhhhh so far. But it's all recruiting scenes, so who knows? WW looks hella good, though! Some of the slow-mo stuff looks lame, like that part where she's sliding across the floor but damn how can you not get pumped up after showing her kick ass and it goes into her awesome theme song?!
  16. I hope that's not the big bad, we need some more non-speedster villains!
  17. CoLA


    The hotel fight scene in the opening of the last episode was great!
  18. CoLA


    Yay! I don't care what anyone says, I'm liking it! But I never read the comic it was based on, so maybe my opinion would've been different if I had.
  19. Arrow's been pretty boring lately. They need to stop focusing so much on the Ollie/Felicity crap!
  20. Looks like we're gearing up for the end next year! http://io9.gizmodo.com/game-of-thrones-showrunners-confirm-there-are-only-15-e-1782731578
  21. CoLA

    CBS Supergirl

    I hope we get a good amount of him this season, too! I know he's only supposed to be in the first few of the season but I'd like him to keep popping in as a side character. Please let him team up with the others during that crossover with the Flash/Arrow/LoT series!
  22. CoLA

    CBS Supergirl

    You need to at least say who it is! But I applaud their choice, he has a good look for Superman! Tyler Hoechlin, people!
  23. This reminds me that of all the hours I've put into Skyrim on PC, I still haven't finished the story. :|
  24. Looks neat! Not sure about the mods, though? I mean, on PC they're easy to keep track of with the Nexus Mod Manager. Will they have that for the console version?
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